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Why I Have a Problem with Nestle's Cerelac

A popular question you might get asked if you have a 4-6 month old baby is: “has she started solids yet?”

In Pakistan, however, you’d be asked “has she started Cerelac yet?” 1,716 more words


You and me against the world; Personally I think we're gonna get creamed!

The more I hear about Maggi, the two-minute instant noodles under threat of a ban, the more I fall in love with our favorite comfort food. 1,138 more words

For A Thought....

Deciphering the Code: An Easier Way to Read Nutrition Labels

If you buy a supermarket own-brand breakfast cereal then chances are you’ll see something like the photo on the left on the front of the packet. 1,029 more words


Breakfast Cereal: My Wake-Up Call
This article started life as a short 300 word blog post that I was meant to publish two weeks ago. I’d read some particularly negative reports and articles about how breakfast cereals contained high levels of fat, sugar and salt despite claiming to be healthy. 1,053 more words


ITC Limited v. Nestle India Ltd. - Curious case of 'The Magic Noodles'

ITC Limited v. Nestle India Ltd.

Decided on: 29.04.2015

In the High Court of Madras

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Plaintiff, being India’s foremost private Sector Companies, entered the Indian instant noodles market with Sunfeast Yippee! 1,818 more words

Intellectual Property Rights

LUCKNOW: Food inspectors in Uttar Pradesh have sent fresh Maggi noodle samples for further testing as Nestle India took issue with an order to recall a batch of noodles on the grounds that it contained dangerous levels of lead. 270 more words


How to Be Wrong

KBOO is a community radio station here in Portland that has occupied the far left politically and on the radio dial for almost 50 years.  I conduct interviews for KBOO’s news and public affairs.  318 more words