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How do you pronounce Nike?

How does one pronounce the brand of running shoes, Nike? When this brand first appeared it was definitely pronounced Nye-key, after the Greek goddess of the same name (she was the goddess of victory, and her Roman equivalent was Victoria). 72 more words

US Forest Service Ignores Nestlé’s Illegal Take Over of Water Supply

Talk about being asleep at the wheel

by Christina Sarich
Posted on April 28, 2015

That’s right, the US Forest Service has been turning their heads while a multinational corporation, whose former CEO thinks water is not a human right, and should be privatized, has been stealing our water. 324 more words


Counting the days to Armani Silos

The time has come, and not only for the much anticipated Expo that is happening in Milan. In two days Armani Silos will open its doors to the city as well. 277 more words


No More Nespresso - How I broke free from evil!

Hooray!  I did it!  I finally broke free from the evil cycle of convenience provided by my Nespresso machine.  After 6 years of owning this very aesthetically pleasing and simple to use piece of equipment I decided to give poor old Nessie the boot in favour of a proper semi-automatic espresso machine.   856 more words



There’s a province down in Canada known as BC,

British Columbia,

the west coast of the true north strong and free.

Mountains loom like gods on the lion’s gate, 267 more words


Butterfinger BB's

Butterfinger BB’s (Nestle, 1992)

Currently produced by Nestle (they were previously produced by Nabisco), Butterfinger is a candy bar created in 1923 in Chicago. The bar has a flaky, crisp, peanut butter center covered in chocolate. 37 more words


Swiss Perkuat Kerja Sama

Peningkatan Mutu Kakao

Kamis , 23 April 2015 07:27

MAMUJU, FAJARONLINE  — Pemerintah Swiss komitmen untuk lebih memperkuat kerja sama yang telah dijalin dengan Pemprov Sulbar, terkait peningkatan mutu kakao. 104 more words

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