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Packaging Unity3D MonoBehaviour script into DLL

You might have dozens or even hundreds of MonoBehaviour based scripts in your typical Unity3D projects.

For some reasons, either you want to protect your source code from direct access by others, or you might want to put stable helper utility functions in a separate assembly, it is likely that you would like to package all these scripts into a .net assembly in the form of a DLL. 261 more words


C# Settings reminder

As a reminder to self: Settings are nice (too bad they advertise them as Windows Forms Application Settings, as they are just as useful for other assemblies), but be aware… 55 more words


Raise specific exceptions like InvalidOperationException, not generic ones like ApplicationException.

Code Analysis in Visual Studio objects against using very generic exception types:

CA2201 Do not raise reserved exception types

‘BusinessClass<T>.StopProcessing()’ creates an exception of type ‘ApplicationException’, an exception type that is not sufficiently specific and should never be raised by user code.

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Convert List/Enumerable of Enums to CSV - via Stack Overflow

I like simple solutions, thanks vcsjones for answering this:

Perhaps this:

var str = String.Join(", ", SupportedNotificationMethods.Select(s => s.ToString()));

You can read more about the…

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MS SQL Server 2014 installation and .NET 3.5 problem.

I was installing MS SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2012, and when running installation wizard I ran into following error:

So, my first thought was: 363 more words

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