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DynamicExpresso: a C# expressions interpreter

Interesting solution discovered when digging into SO questions: davideicardi/DynamicExpresso.

Textual expressions are evaluated to lambda, global variables can be access from interpreter context, parameters can be set during lambda generation. 7 more words

.Net 4.0

winforms - Where is the Tab Order Assignment dialog in Visual Studio 2012+? - via: Stack Overflow

Duh: same for VS2013

It is still available, you just need to add it back to the View menu. Tools + Customize, Commands tab, Menu bar = View.

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.NET/C#: PasteText command line tool as reverse of Clip.exe

Quite a while ago I learned about the clip.exe tool.

clip.exe is a nifty tool that allows you to copy console text output to the clipboard. 281 more words


How to access internal string cache: String.Intern

In .Net , each literal string value is garantee to exist only once in memory. Cache used to implement this can be access and used through String.Intern(String) static method ( 6 more words

.Net 4.0

C# Settings reminder

As a reminder to self: Settings are nice (too bad they advertise them as Windows Forms Application Settings, as they are just as useful for other assemblies), but be aware… 55 more words


Raise specific exceptions like InvalidOperationException, not generic ones like ApplicationException.

Code Analysis in Visual Studio objects against using very generic exception types:

CA2201 Do not raise reserved exception types

‘BusinessClass<T>.StopProcessing()’ creates an exception of type ‘ApplicationException’, an exception type that is not sufficiently specific and should never be raised by user code.

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The curse of "ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error"

Today it is about the curse of

ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

Don’t you love the overly generic error messages you often get, especially from Oracle.

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