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Comment : NET 4.0 Indonesia Choice Awards

21 Mei 2017, NET. sebagai salah satu TV swasta di Indonesia baru saja menggelar acara ulang tahunnya yang ke 4. Acara ulang tahun yang sekaligus menjadi acara penghargaan. 648 more words


protobuf-net: on the road to break size limits and much more

On the road to breaking size limits, the futur of protobuf-net could be using Utf8String, Span<T>,ValueTask<T> when usefull and “Channels” (from corefxlab): Code, code and more code.: protobuf-net: large data, and the future

.Net 4.0

How to secure memory? – Medo's Home Page

Sometime you might want to protect your data in memory – the greatest example is when dealing with anything related to passwords. It is simply not smart to keep that data around in a plain-text.

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Visual Studio Can't Find .NET

The new definition of insanity: Trying to figure out why the heck Visual Studio can’t find a version of .NET that is installed on your computer. 277 more words

.NET 4.0