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You write code and build amazing software. You’re a whizz at the latest and greatest technology producing smooth asynchronous interfaces, fantastic algorithms that perform searches of millions of documents in under a second. 1,356 more words


"The Site Is Down"

If you are new to a company, have just commenced a contract working on a new system, or have been left in charge of a system that you are unfamiliar with due to holidays, sickness or any other reason that has meant you’re the “go to” dev for the day, you’ll likely be dreading when an email or phone call comes in saying “feature X isn’t working properly, can you fix it?”. 1,373 more words


404s: Return A "Page Not Found"

I recently came across a situation where we wanted to return a 404 to the client manually. The page requested exists, however it is simply page that accepts a query string parameter which translates this into a filepath and returns the file back to the client via a stream. 311 more words


Windows Microsoft .NET Framework Problems


  • While installing games or softwares you might have faced this problem.
  • Once you start installing Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 or 4.0 using software or by Command Prompt, you might have faced this message like                                    “
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Comment : NET 4.0 Indonesia Choice Awards

21 Mei 2017, NET. sebagai salah satu TV swasta di Indonesia baru saja menggelar acara ulang tahunnya yang ke 4. Acara ulang tahun yang sekaligus menjadi acara penghargaan. 658 more words

Teman Nonton

protobuf-net: on the road to break size limits and much more

On the road to breaking size limits, the futur of protobuf-net could be using Utf8String, Span<T>,ValueTask<T> when usefull and “Channels” (from corefxlab): Code, code and more code.: protobuf-net: large data, and the future

.Net 4.0