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Visual Studio 2015 Frequently Asked Questions - install size

Visual Studio is a pretty big product and will take over 30GB of disk space after installation

Source: Visual Studio Frequently Asked Questions

LOL. It’s about half the size of recent Delphi versions.



Difference in memory management in different .NET versions

Writing tests for memory issues, I came across a strange behavior. There is a minimal piece of code reproducing the case:

public void LocalVariableTest()
  var foo = new Foo();
  foo = null;

  // assert that there is no Foo instances in the memory
  dotMemory.Check(memory =>
        where => where.Type.Is<Foo>()).ObjectsCount,
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DynamicExpresso: a C# expressions interpreter

Interesting solution discovered when digging into SO questions: davideicardi/DynamicExpresso.

Textual expressions are evaluated to lambda, global variables can be access from interpreter context, parameters can be set during lambda generation. 7 more words

.Net 4.0

winforms - Where is the Tab Order Assignment dialog in Visual Studio 2012+? - via: Stack Overflow

Duh: same for VS2013

It is still available, you just need to add it back to the View menu. Tools + Customize, Commands tab, Menu bar = View.

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How to access internal string cache: String.Intern

In .Net , each literal string value is garantee to exist only once in memory. Cache used to implement this can be access and used through String.Intern(String) static method ( 6 more words

.Net 4.0