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Supporting only json in Web API

How to either replace every formatter by a single one or to replace IContentNegotiator with a non negociating one (better solution). Supporting only JSON in ASP.NET Web API – the right way – StrathWeb StrathWeb… 18 more words

.Net 4.5

Bridges between Win runtime APIs and managed desktop apps

How to use WinRT APIs from managed desktop apps: Managed desktop apps and Windows Runtime – Windows app development. This way is simple. Some available API are packaged in facade assemblies that can be consumed from desktop apps as reference. 130 more words

.Net 4.5

Quick and Easy localization with Xamarin

Localization is a very good option an app can provide to users to increase the UX. Most apps from enterprise level to the very basic level, localization is very impotent if we need to target more audience with variety of cultures. 508 more words


Using HTTPS with basicHttpBinding in WCF Gateway

WCF can work as gateway and in this case you need to configure the service endpoint and client endpoint.

In some cases your client endpoint is HTTPS  and you are using basicHttpBinding.  68 more words

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.NET threading: native and managed thread IDs do not per se correlate

Next time I run into .NET and native threading issues:

Main UI threads often have a correlation between managed and native thread IDs.

But for other threads, you cannot be really sure.

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Why is there no such thing as char.Empty?

Woah, it’s been years since the last time I wrote in this blog. I plan to write and update more this year.

For a quick blog, I was working in a textbox mask using devexpress today and I want to explicitly assign an empty character to the PromptChar. 248 more words

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Delegates in C#, simplified.

Delegates, a main question when it comes to C# interviews. When I faced the internship interview at IFS last October I was asked a question “What is a delegate” I said “It is a way to achieve thread safety”, actually I used delegates in my Imagine cup project in 2013 but when I faced that interviews, I really had a good clear concept of it. 397 more words