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Raise specific exceptions like InvalidOperationException, not generic ones like ApplicationException.

Code Analysis in Visual Studio objects against using very generic exception types:

CA2201 Do not raise reserved exception types

‘BusinessClass<T>.StopProcessing()’ creates an exception of type ‘ApplicationException’, an exception type that is not sufficiently specific and should never be raised by user code.

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The curse of "ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error"

Today it is about the curse of

ORA-12560: TNS:protocol adapter error

Don’t you love the overly generic error messages you often get, especially from Oracle.

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C#: a = a + b; and a += b; Are Two Different Things

After this post, someone contacted me personally and said he is very impressed with this article personally this is the first time someone call or email me for one of my blog post it sounds great right. 624 more words


C#: Casting and Type Checking

We all know and have experienced the importance we have for castings in C#. Its just essential if you want to build any system that takes inputs, process and give output. 952 more words


Convert List/Enumerable of Enums to CSV - via Stack Overflow

I like simple solutions, thanks vcsjones for answering this:

Perhaps this:

var str = String.Join(", ", SupportedNotificationMethods.Select(s => s.ToString()));

You can read more about the…

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Berkeley Db Extension Library

Recent times I got an opportunity to explore one of the open source technologies “Berkeley Db”. At work we would like to increase application performance by pre-computing and caching common data. 646 more words