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JSON Patch

I don’t know JsonPatch before reading this post from Ben Foster.

It’s a normalized way (RFC 6902) of specifying, in json format, patch to a json document. 130 more words

.Net 4.5

Visual Studio 2015 Frequently Asked Questions - install size

Visual Studio is a pretty big product and will take over 30GB of disk space after installation

Source: Visual Studio Frequently Asked Questions

LOL. It’s about half the size of recent Delphi versions.



Installing SharePoint 2013 with .NET 4.6 Installed

PLEASE NOTE:  Editing the registry as described in this post is not recommended for anyone who is not familiar with registry permissions and entries.  Backup all your keys before making any changes. 381 more words


C# : Understanding Threads and ThreadPools

Real world software uses concurrency. As you know concurrency has several advantages, main thing is it simulates several things in one time concept. .NET gives three ways for the developers to achieve concurrency while we write code. 740 more words


Async-friendly format for stack traces and exceptions

AsyncFriendlyStackTrace try to remove async related stuff from stack traces generated by async code: aelij/AsyncFriendlyStackTrace.

.Net 4.5

Get a Windows 10 development environment - Windows app development

When you own the full stack:

virtual machine (Build 201602)

These installs contain:

  • Windows 10 Enterprise Evaluation, Version 1511
  • Visual Studio 2015 Community Update 1…
72 more words