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How to secure memory? – Medo's Home Page

Sometime you might want to protect your data in memory – the greatest example is when dealing with anything related to passwords. It is simply not smart to keep that data around in a plain-text.

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Connect IoT Devices by using RabbitMQ and MQTT.

There is a growing change in the software world these days, due to increase of IoT devices. We live in a world where real time information is important, and one of the challenges that software projects dealing with is how to connect IoT devices together and send messages between them (publish subscribe notifications). 628 more words

.NET 4.5

Impacts of new() contraint in C#

“Disecting the new() constraint” is very instructive: new() constraint has a big performance impact and we must know its implementation to understand why ctor exceptions are wrapped to a TargetInvocationException. 85 more words


Starting from .Net 4.5 (but I was not aware):

Starting from .NET 4.5 you can use ExceptionDispatchInfo class to rethrow an arbitrary exception object (an inner exception in this case) without altering the exception’s stack trace…

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For those lock down with plain old .Net 4.x, a MemorySteam replacement for reducing GC pressure:

A library to provide pooling for .NET MemoryStream objects to improve application performance.

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Small library for recording histograms

This is a small (55 KB) library (.Net 4.5.2) for recording histograms and displaying them as Console tabular date or as .hgrm files (html viewable or at… 14 more words