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Code Contracts in .Net

Se ne parla da un po’, ormai qualcuno se li è pure dimenticati, ma i code contracts sono sempre lì in attesa di essere utilizzati…già…ma da chi?? 871 more words

Super fast way to extract width/height dimensions of PNG and JPEG images

Turns out that getting the width and height of an image file can be quite tricky if you don’t want to read the whole file into memory. 833 more words

.NET Framework

Super skinny XML document generation with F#

I needed to generate some simple XML documents, in memory, from some F# script. From my C# days I was already familiar with the System.Xml.Linq… 501 more words

.NET Framework

Gotchas encountered when working with Lightning Connect and SQL Server Azure Databases

I recently published my first article for DeveloperForce about Accessing a SQL Server Azure Database with Lightning Connect. I had a lot of fun creating the database and application, but I did encounter several gotchas as I was working with this fairly new technology. 516 more words

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One step for a framework, a giant leap toward the community

These days, we, those who stuck with ASP.NET and Windows servers, are getting a shocking yet exciting news of our ‘future': .NET is being open sourced… 846 more words

Automatic code formatter released to GitHub

We have just released the code formatting tool we use to automatically format our code to the prescribed coding guidelines. This tool is based on Roslyn and will work on any C# project. 156 more words

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