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How do I reduce CSS/HTML/JavaScript footprint in Visual Studio?

Creating SPAs, AJAX enabled apps definitely speeds up web applications. If you want to take performance to next level then you can reduce the CSS/HTML/JavaScript footprint. 147 more words

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How can I speed up Visual Studio 2015 IDE?

After jumping from Visual Studio 2013 to Visual Studio 2015 you might have experienced a big difference in time it takes for the 2015 IDE to open up. 120 more words

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How Many Ways Can You Add Entity Framework Model To Your Project?

Let me count the ways. 3? Well there are at least 3 ways you can add Entity Framework (EF) model to your .NET project, that I know of. 531 more words

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HowTo: Send Notifications from SQL Server using SignalR


In our current project we’ve to push some notifications directly from the database server (SQL Server 2014) to different apps. For example, we’ve scheduled some SSIS (SQL Server Integration Services) projects that pre-calculates large amounts of data. 789 more words


When .NET wants to be 4.5.2

Someone in the application group said that they wanted .NET downgraded from 4.5.2 to 4.51. I did as I was asked and then in the next few days, I got another call telling me that 4.5.2 was back.  92 more words

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.NET C# Generic List changing data inside a list member not working as expected and a work around.

OK so this is a very weird problem. I spent hours debugging this one. Basically the problem is as follows:

You have generic list like this one: 434 more words