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How to fix Windows 10 error 0x800F081F

Windows 10 error 0x800F081F usually appears in recent upgrades or installs where the .NET framework 4.5 is installed by Windows but programs you later install require version 3.5. 188 more words

Windows 10

First open-source experience.

Finally I pushed sources of an almost 9-month old solution to my github. That’s WPF application to work with Upwork API. For now it does fast nothing except of receiving job offers. 293 more words

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Sviluppo nel mondo MS (aprile 2017)

Disclaimer: non ho idea di cosa sto parlando, sono in una fase di brainstorming e potrei dire le più alte stupidaggini.

Quindi se io volessi sviluppare un’app partendo da foglio bianco nel 2017 restando nell’ecosistema degli strumenti Microsoft posso scegliere tra:

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Literal Improvement in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 now allows using underscore _ to be used a digit separator.

This adds more readability.

Similarly, we now have Binary Literals, so instead of specifying hexadecimal pattern we can specify bit patterns.

Hope it helps..


Using Out Variables (C# 7.0) instead of Out Parameters

Out Parameters must need to declared before they are used in the method which doesn’t seem intuitive.

Now with C# 7.0 we can now make use of Out variable. 28 more words


Tuple Types and Tuple Literals in C# 7.0

Tuple are used when we need to get more than one value returned from the method.

C# 7.0 introduces Tuple Types and Tuple Literals to Tuples… 87 more words


New Feature - Local Functions in C# 7.0

C# 7.0 adds a new feature called local functions.

Local functions allow us to define function within a function. It can be used to write helper methods that we need to use inside that function’s scope. 40 more words