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Writing to an output text file and finding out extra characters or lines in it?

If you’re using File.OpenWrite() to create the output file, make sure the output file does not exist.  This MSDN article explains what happens if output file exists: 64 more words

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Diving into Visual Studio 2015 (Day #5): Debugging Improvements in Visual Studio 2015 (Part 1)

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Visual Studio has always been a great IDE for code debugging.It provides a numerous features for debugging and configuring the code.Being a developer we always spend a lot of time spend time in running and debugging the code, therefore improvements to debugging features can have a big impact on our productivity. 2,398 more words

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.NET Framework history - Quick Reference

.Net Framework 2.0 Features

ASP.NET 2.0 : New Web Controls, Data Controls, Caching Concepts, cache dependency with SQL Server tables.

ADO.NET 2.0 : support for user-defined types (UDT), asynchronous database operations, XML data types, large value types, snapshot isolation, and new attributes that allow applications to support multiple active result sets (MARS) with SQL Server… 1,691 more words

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Beware: The Updates for Dot Net that can blow our Lync or Skype Deployment: Block DOTNET (.net) 4.6.1

Good day, Happy Friday to all. I wanted to put out two warnings about updates that may cause significant problems to Skype For Business Server. 232 more words


DNX and .NET Core

The .NET Execution Environment (DNX) provides a cross-platform runtime to build .NET Core based applications that can run on Windows, Mac and Linux.


Application running on DNX can target the .NET Framework or .NET Core. 588 more words

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Why Web API

The .NET framework has a number of technologies that allow you to create HTTP services such as Web Service, WCF and now Web API. 347 more words


What part of Windows is written in .Net/WPF/Silverlight?

user 曹一聪 on zhihu is curious how widely .Net is used within Windows components.

Obviously an operating system component cannot depend on something that isn’t in the operating system, so nothing uses Silverlight in the desktop version Windows.  352 more words