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.NET Framework Extension Methods

Going over the Design Patterns coined by the Gang of Four (GoF), and working with the Decorator pattern quite a bit recently, I did a comparison of this pattern and the… 50 more words


.NET Framework - Tất cả các phiên bản

.NET Framework là một phần mềm của Microsoft, khi bạn cài đặt một phần mềm mà yêu cầu có NET Framework mà bạn không có thì chắc chắn là không thể cài được, thay vì phải đi kiếm lẻ tẻ, mình tổng hợp tất cả các phiên bản tại bài viết này, bạn chỉ cần tải về phiên bản mà mình đang cần. 39 more words

Installing .Net Core 2 on a Raspberry Pi

Recently I’ve been back experimenting with cryptocurrencies.  I was interested in whether or not I could use a Raspberry Pi to help me – in particular I wondered whether it would be of any use for CPU or hard disk mining.   1,123 more words


Fun fact: MSOffice 2013+ documents are compressed archives, a.k.a. zip files. They’re built and manipulated using the same System.IO.Packaging namespace that’s used by SQL Server Data Tools to make dacpacs.

.NET Framework

Unit testing NHibernate mappings

When one starts to learn NHibernate, a question that is very popular is which approach you should use to map your domain classes to the database. 597 more words

.NET Framework

C# Singleton

There are a number of ways to implement the Singleton pattern, and most will work well. This is the easiest implementation I can think of, making use of the various language features and the .NET Framework. 211 more words


Blocking the latest Microsoft .net Framework in Windows

There is the occasional time where you want to disable Windows from upgrading to the latest .net Framework from Microsoft. As of this time, the latest version is version 4.7. 225 more words