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Scheduling a Web Job (console application) using Azure Scheduler

Let us a create a simple console application that writes Hello World to the console which we would be scheduling using Azure Scheduler.

Have kept the example simple so that we can understand the configuration part. 345 more words

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Regular Expression Tool

The best regular expression tool I’ve ever found: Regex Hero.  It’s specifically .NET-oriented.

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System.Data.SQLite design-time components not supported in VS2017 Yet

In VS2015, if you want System.Data.SQLite design-time components, you should install the following:


But the above package does not work in VS2017. Here is the official statement: 10 more words

Achieving SOLID principles using C#

To start on with SOLID principles, first of all, what does it stand for…?

Single Responsibility, 

Open-Closed Principle, 

Liskov substitution,

Interface segregation and 

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.Net Framework basic Concepts

If you are new to .net technology or even though you are working with .net technology, but you are not knowing the basic of .net technology then this article will help you to understand the all basic concept of .net technology. 864 more words

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.NET Assembly Binding

99.999% of the time the framework loads assemblies seamlessly and transparently.  The other 0.001% of the time is so painful that it more than makes up for the rest.  434 more words

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Handy C# Shortcuts

Rather than walking down an object model validating that each level is not null, like this:

if ((this.MyThing != null) && (this.MyThing.MySubThing != null))
    // do stuff
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