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Managed code and unmanaged code in .NET

In this article I will try to explain you managed code and unmanaged code in .NET with help of diagram and its execution process.

.NET supports two kind of coding… 229 more words

What’s with .NET nowadays?

I was a bit confused about the current state of .NET. So I put together this very simplified overview.

.NET Standard Library
The formal specification for .NET. 146 more words


DataAdapter vs. DataReader

Every .NET developer is familiar with DataAdapter and DataReader classes. These two classes are present since the very first version .NET Framework. However, many of us get confused sometimes while choosing… 486 more words

Single vs. First in LINQ

While using LINQ, if you have a collection and you want to return a single item from it, you have following two options if you ignore nulls ( and there are four if you wan to handle nulls). 131 more words

.NET Framework

SharePoint Developer

Experience : 2 year

– Office 365 + sharepoint application

– Infopath Form

– Experience in developing application using SharePoint App Model

– Experience with .NET framework, PowerShell scripting, MVC, HTML5, JQuery, CSS… 26 more words

Features of .NET

Now that we know some basics of .NET, let us see what makes .NET a wonderful platform for developing modern applications•

• Rich Functionality out of the box . 829 more words

.net Framework

Where Is the .NET Framework

When you install Microsoft Visual Studio 2012, the setup process installs the .NET Framework .NET is installed to a folder named%windir%\Microsoft.NET\Framework\4.5.

If you open this folder with Windows Explorer, you see a lot of subfolders, libraries, and executable tools. 163 more words

.net Framework