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[ASP.NET Core 2.0] - dùng VSCode và target .NET Framework

Nếu cảm thấy Visual Studio Community quá nặng nề, nhưng bạn vẫn muốn dev website bằng asp.net, và target .net framework, vậy tại sao bạn không sử dụng VSCode nhỉ? 610 more words


How To: Connect via SFTP using SSH.NET


In these times of APIs-everywhere, it may sound like an anachronism the use SFTP to connect to a remote server and get a list of files for exchanging information, but in the financial world (sadly) it’s more common than you think. 454 more words


Exactly what's following for Microsoft's. Net CLR

Microsoft‘s Typical Language Runtime, the virtual maker that supports the.Net Structure, schedules for a makeover, with the firm revealing strategies to earn the CLR much more reliable and scalable. 319 more words


What's next for Microsoft's. Net CLR

Microsoft‘s Usual Language Runtime, the digital equipment that anchors the.Net Framework, schedules for a remodeling, with the business introducing strategies making the CLR a lot more effective as well as scalable. 311 more words

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Currently you can port code from.Net Framework to.Net Core

Microsoft is seeking to aid designers move code from the Windows-oriented. Internet Framework to cross-platform. Web Core through prolonged API access. Yet whether programmers need to really make the action depends on their affinity for Windows. 264 more words

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10 + 10 = Ouch!!

So, I had some computer issues yesterday (not OpenInsight based I am pleased to confirm) but the end result saw me blowing my machine away and opting for a complete factory reset.  858 more words


How to use DynamicMethod instead of Reflection for optimum performance


DynamicMethod was introduced in .Net 2.0, and in this article I am going to explain how to use DynamicMethod class as an alternative to Reflection for optimum performance. 619 more words

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