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My Notes on Exception Handling

First, I want to thank my good friend Chew Min for introducing the book, “C# 6.0 and the .NET 4.6 Framework” by Andrew Troelsen and Philip Japikse to me. 355 more words


New features of Microsoft .Net Framework 4.6.1

Microsoft recently launched its new version of .NET Framework, providing the competitive platform for the .NET developers by offering them amazing support in terms of user experience, security and seamless communication. 352 more words


It's Back! Python for .NET

IronPython is a implementation that runs on .NET¬†Framework’s¬†Common Language Runtime (CLR) is coming back thanks to the change of hands.

Jeff Hardy, former lead IronPython developer, … 401 more words


Microsoft released the cross platform .net core 1.0

Microsoft recently announced in the Linux conference about its release of the open source platform .NET Core 1.0 and ASP.NET Core 1.0. Microsoft quoted that, .NET Core runtime, libraries and tools all are available for the developers to create more advanced web services. 245 more words

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Standard Pattern for writing Events in C#

In C# usually events implements broadcaster/ subscriber model with help of delegates. The broadcaster is a delegate field which decides to invoke the delegate to broadcast. 394 more words


Incorrect relative binding behavior inside of TabControl

Hey, people! I’m finally back into development of my app.

And right after start I collided with one unpleasant situation. For me it seems like a bug, but maybe it isn’t (let me know in comments if so). 754 more words

.Net Framework

The .NET framework makes it easy to develop web and desktop applications for different organizations

.NET is a framework which makes it easy to develop desktop and web applications. The platform includes Visual Studio IDE as well as other server technologies. 586 more words