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DM Journal Released

Today our company released DM Journal.

DM Journal is program,created by DM Company,for you.You can add your notes in program about your day,and save it on your computer.You can view your created Notes,Delete them,edit them,or delete all your notes.Program is very light,fast,don\’t requires Internet connection and used lightweight DB to save info. 8 more words


Galactic API - v1.2.0.0 Released. Now with a new Role Provider!

Version of the Galactic API is now available.

This release contains a new ASP.NET Role Provider. The Simple Mapping Role Provider uses an encrypted file that contains lists of users mapped to roles as its data store. 74 more words

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Difference between Convert.ToString() and .ToString() in C#

We have two options to convert object to string in C# i.e. Convert.ToString() and .ToString(). Now question is why Microsoft providing two methods for the same purpose. 393 more words

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Directx and .NET framework for win 8/8.1

Hello everyone,

this week we are going to see a basic but most needed software to have after changing your OS to windows 8/8.1,

The first thing is, .NET framework issue… 146 more words

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Extension methods in C#

Extensions methods are user defined methods that we can add to existing types without recompiling and changing the original type. These are special kind of static methods but we can call as if they are instance methods on the extended type. 263 more words

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Galactic API - v1.1.0.65 Released.

Version of the Galactic API is now available.

This release contains a few bug fixes to the Active Directory and Configuration Items libraries.

Check out how to install it into your latest project at: … 6 more words

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using KeyValuePair in c#

While doing c# code, to maintain list of key-value pair collection we can use the .net framework defined structure “KeyValuePair” in the namespace “System.Collections.Generic”

List<KeyValuePair<string, string>> keyValueCollection = new List<KeyValuePair<string, string>>();

keyValueCollection .Add(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("ID", "1"));
keyValueCollection .Add(new KeyValuePair<string, string>("Name", "Chayandip"));
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