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Time for broadband providers and Facebook to call a truce

Americans talk too much. They give up too much information on themselves. Right now, I am writing this post in a Krispy Kreme joint where a worker on break is sitting on my right yacking personal business on her smart phone. 740 more words



BOOST, BOOST, BOOST! Especially if you don’t live in the U.S., because that’s all you can do to help us.

If you DO live here, this post has 5 things you can do; feel free to skip to the bullet points.

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Ajit Pai is delaying the net neutrality repeal he claimed was so urgent

Last fall, Ajit Pai strong-armed net neutrality repeal through the Federal Communications Commission, not stopping to listen to the tens of millions of people who submitted comments, or to hold one single public forum on the issue. 351 more words


Ajit Pai Is Intentionally Delaying His Net Neutrality Repeal and No One Knows Why

Despite claims that net neutrality officially died this week, the FCC has not officially posted the repeal yet.

More than four months after the Trump FCC  219 more words


As the net neutrality CRA deadline in Congress approaches, support continues to grow

When the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) voted last year to dismantle net neutrality rules, internet activists and lawmakers teamed up to tell millions of frustrated supporters that the fight was not over. 114 more words


#TechTuesday with CNET Executive Editor Ian Sherr: Amazon now delivers to your car!

It’s #TechTuesday, so that can only mean one thing. CNET’s Ian Sherr is on the hotline! Ian joins Bill and Wendy over the phone to share the latest in tech news. 68 more words

Bill Leff And Wendy Snyder

Net-neutrality is over. Now Calif., Oregon are stepping in

Net neutrality is dead. Long live Net neutrality.

The longtime hot-button issue — essentially about whether your Internet service provider should be able to block or slow legal traffic, or charge for faster delivery of some content — won’t likely recede any time soon, even though a milestone nears in the national tussle about the topic. 10 more words

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