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How to comment on the FCC's proposal to revoke net neutrality

The FCC has made its initial proposal as to how it intends to do away with net neutrality — and despite what leadership there has said, 884 more words


Net Neutrality - The Internet Is Under Attack

The internet as a concept is often taken for granted. It allows access to an unlimited wealth of information in a split second, connects long estranged loved ones and provides an open platform for any individual, regardless of their background to make their voice heard. 656 more words


FCC Chief Unveils Plan to Scrap Net Neutrality

The head of the Federal Communications Commission on Thursday released a 58-page draft plan to reverse the landmark 2015 “net neutrality” order and disclosed the agency may withdraw “bright line” rules barring internet companies from blocking, throttling or giving “fast lanes” to some websites. 396 more words


FCC Chairman's Net Neutrality Proposal Questions Need for Any Rules at All

FCC Chairman Ajit Pai this week proposed reversing the regulatory framework for net neutrality, leaving vague the question of just what the rules of the road for the internet should be. 678 more words


The FCC's anti-net neutrality proposal is a giant question mark

Yesterday the FCC’s chairman, Ajit Pai, put existing net neutrality rules on notice, saying that the agency would continue to protect consumers — but with a lighter touch. 837 more words