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Net neutrality becomes a battle of the bots

The good news: Bots will probably have little to no real influence in the current battle over net neutrality. They are almost embarrassingly obvious – not ready for the front lines of this kind of conflict. 870 more words


FCC Chairman Ajit Pai will serve a second term despite protests

The confirmation wasn’t surprising, as many expected the vote to be split largely along partisan lines. The 41 “no” votes (all from Democrats) are a record high for a Chairman confirmation hearing, however. 8 more words

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Senate confirms Ajit Pai as FCC Chairman

Ajit Pai has been confirmed by the Senate as the Chairman of the FCC in a 52-41 vote. He has technically only been acting Chairman this whole time, as the process of confirmation generally lags well behind the succession process at the agency; the former Chairman, Tom Wheeler, stepped down shortly before the new Presidential term began, marking Pai’s… 400 more words


Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai Reconfirmed By Senate For 5-Year Term

The U.S. Senate has voted 52-41 along party lines to reconfirm Republican FCC Chairman Ajit Pai for another 5-year term.

The vote will likely be hailed in many corner offices, but critics of Pai consider him to be too much of a rubber-stamper for corporations, on two fronts in particular. 511 more words

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Defend Net Neutrality and Keep the Internet a Level Playing Field for All

Call your members of Congress and tell them to fight any Republican and Trumpian efforts to dismantle net neutrality, which ensures that the Internet remains freely open to all, regardless of how much money you have or the type of content you produce. 561 more words


Call Your Senators TODAY, Monday October 2, And Urge Them To Vote Against Giving Ajit Pai A Five-Year Term at the FCC

Call your senators TODAY, Monday October 2, 2017, and urge them to vote NO on giving Federal Communications Commission chair Ajit Pai a full five-year term. 262 more words

ISPs want Supreme Court to kill Title II net neutrality rules now and forever

The lobby groups want a ruling that the Federal Communications Commission exceeded its statutory authority by reclassifying broadband as a common carrier service. Such a ruling could prevent future FCCs from implementing net neutrality rules as strict as the current ones, which outlaw blocking, throttling, and paid prioritization. 37 more words

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