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FCC repeals US net neutrality in major blow to internet ecosystem

The US telecom regulator voted to undo net neutrality rules that force internet service providers to apply the same standards to all data they transmit. Companies will be able to decide how consumers access the internet. 795 more words

United States

Comcast and Charter want Congress to put net neutrality repeal into law

Not satisfied with yesterday’s landmark repeal of net neutrality provisions in the FCC, Comcast and Charter are now working to set their victory in stone. 243 more words



By Mike Cronin

So, the FCC decided to end Net Neutrality, and now there is an uproar. The main objection seems to be that now internet service providers (ISPs) like Cox, Comcast, and Verizon will be able to charge whatever they want for their services, block whatever sites they like, and throttle unprofitable traffic in favor of profitable traffic.   554 more words

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There's No Net Neutrality

“…and We Made Dystopia a Reality – Welcome to 2018″

by Brad Jones
November 22, 2017
from Futurism Website

Neutral Zone

This week, FCC chairman Ajit Pai issued a proposal to dismantle the  760 more words

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Net Neutrality

Today, the FCC voted along party lines to end Net Neutrality, scrapping regulations meant to keep the Internet fair and open to all. This decision re-categorizes the Internet as an information service instead of a utility. 337 more words


FCC vote won't end net neutrality fight  

The knives are out for the FCC over their vote to kill net neutrality:

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) vote this week to repeal net neutrality won’t end the fight over the regulation.

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