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Net neutrality: Trai to announce its stand on differential pricing today

Times of India — NEW DELHI: Telecom industry regulator Trai is expected to finally announce its stand on key components of net neutrality in India today at a press conference, scheduled to take place at around 3:30 pm. 30 more words


Netflix のサービスが 190カ国に広がった: 世界の国数が 196カ国という現実との対比を、1枚のチャートで!

This map shows why Wall Street is so excited about Netflix’s expansion

Eugene Kim – Jan. 7, 2016



Netflix announced on Wednesday that it would be expanding to 130 new countries, making it available in a total of 190 countries worldwide. 166 more words


U.S. Waffles While India Stands Against Zero-Rated Services

India’s government has decided that net neutrality is so important that it is better for some of its citizens to have no Internet than access only to some services provided by Facebook or others… 466 more words


TRAI releases Regulations enforcing Net Neutrality, prohibits Differential Pricing

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has come out with a set of regulations explicitly prohibiting differential pricing for data services in India.

3. Prohibition of discriminatory tariffs.— (1) No service provider shall offer or charge discriminatory tariffs for data services on the basis of content. 332 more words


Sorry Facebook: India has decided to remain a land of free and open internet

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) today barred differential pricing for internet services in the country, sealing a months-long debate in favour of net neutrality. 648 more words

Net Neutrality Again Puts F.C.C. General Counsel at Center Stage by CECILIA KANG


Jonathan Sallet has had a hand in divisive debates in Washington, and he will draw more attention as decisions are made on net neutrality and the Time Warner Cable-Charter merger. 18 more words


Why Verizon's Free Go90 Net Neutrality Argument Is Weak

Verizon was exempting its own go90 video service from data caps for Verizon users understandably raised immediate red flags among net neutrality advocates. […] “Go90 has decided to take advantage of Verizon’s FreeBee Data 360 service, which allows them to pay for customer’s data usage associated with watching videos on the Go90 app,” a Verizon representative told Re/code. 68 more words

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