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Trickle Down Datanomics


So industry and corporations in Canada can ask for and get away with loopholes and violations technically allowed by intervening governments like designation changes to allow for disposal for mining companies, tax loopholes to buff quarterly profits, subsidies for all manner of improvement that won’t be reflected in prices for products and services, but the people have to fight for years and years to get a break on something that has proven itself to be a benefit to society and people’s lives. 303 more words


Facebook announces new initiatives to improve internet services, from IN

SAN FRANSICO: After India said ‘no’ to Free Basics and opted for net neutrality recently, the social networking giant Facebook has unveiled two new initiatives to improve internet services for the rural population in the developing countries, including India. 9 more words



The elite are trying to shut everybody up and close up all the door the internet opens up for us. Pretty soon our internet may become just like cable packages, limited and more expensive, or worst yet we might have no choice except really slow and limited internet. 98 more words

Exposing Government

Info-graph on Net Neutrality

piktochart.org allows users to create aesthetically pleasing graphs to present information to the viewer. They have options and templates for free for all users; you can also “level-up” to gain more perks (e.g. 237 more words


FCC-Limiting, Net-Neutrality-Scuttling Bill Passes House

The House of Representatives passed a bill this morning that seeks to limit the FCC’s net neutrality authority and could limit the commission’s ability to investigate consumer complaints about unreasonable charges from and behavior by their ISPs. 238 more words

Antik v. UPC - strategic litigation case about net neutrality in Slovakia

In February 2014, EISi, acting as a consumer protection association, intervened in the proceedings between Antik Telecom s.r.o and UPC Broadband Slovakia s.r.o. A short summary of the case follows. 726 more words

Net Neutrality

Net-prejudice: How the FCC is failing net neutrality

Netflix has recently come forward to admit, after a protracted, finger-pointing match with Verizon and AT&T, they have in fact been throttling the speeds of these networks in order to protect customers from overage charges. 739 more words