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Net neutrality (also network neutrality, Internet neutrality, or net equality) is the principle that Internet service providers and governments should treat all data on the… 765 more words


Regulating the Internet: Net Neutrality and the Public Opinion

The inception of the internet brought with it a vast torrent of unregulated and free information available to anyone with a dial-up modem and a computer. 488 more words


Net Neutrality : Our Right

Internet, a virtual world which give access to everyone without any discrimination to quench the thrive of knowing something, and this is all possible due to Net neutrality- set of guidance that concerns with open internet. 205 more words

The pursuit of greater returns on capital resulted in the blurring of telecom, media, and entertainment

Part of the naivete of the net neutrality argument was how it ignored the realities of the broadband industry and the role of capital.  Broadband access to the internet has never been about the democratization of self-expression but about the commercialization of the exchange of information.   110 more words


Why We Should Sympathize With the Exposed Ashley Madison Users

As the news cycle continues to churn out a lively discussion among people infuriated by the millions targeted in the Ashley Madison privacy breach, many commenters seem to call for the accountability of its users. 566 more words


Citizens fight for net neutrality on mygov.in

Times of India — NEW DELHI: There is widespread support for net neutrality on the government’s citizen engagement platform mygov.in where a majority of people have voiced their concerns against zero-rated plans.   41 more words


Last Day To Fight For Net Neutrality On Mygov.in

While today is the last day to drop your voice on Net Neutrality at mygov.in, it looks like nearly 72,000 comments on the website are against the zero-rated plans. 280 more words

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