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... A Profit on T.A.R.P. ?? [#net present value]...

.. according the ObamaCrap Department of Treasury , yes …

.. basically , $442.5 billion – $426 billion disbursed = $15.5 billion profit .. 66 more words

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Capital Budgeting (NPV) Applications

Taking into account Inflation

Only discount nominal cash flows with nominal interest rates and real cash flows with real interest rates. Even if the cash flow grows along side inflation, stick to the rule. 509 more words


NPV with Uncertainty and Error

NPV with uncertainty

To find the NPV of a project that has uncertain outcomes, use the following steps

  • Compute the PV of the project for each outcome scenario…
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Net Present Value (NPV)

Projects and Firms

From a financial perspective, a project is merely a set of flows of money, consisting of cash outflows (investments, expenses, costs) and cash inflows (payoffs, revenues, returns). 557 more words


Cespedes Didn't Take a Discount to Stay With the Mets

The public perception is that by taking the Mets three year, $75 million deal, free agent slugger Yoenis Cespedes gave the Mets a “discount” or was charitable to stay. 1,491 more words


Facing a Big Decision? Math is Your Friend.

How do you make the big financial decisions in life?

Many people, if not most, can make these decisions by trusting their gut.

If that’s you, well, I envy you. 1,002 more words

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