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A Valuation Nightmare

Did you notice the news story that shook the foundations of our global economy last week? Although it didn’t receive much attention in the popular press, one doesn’t need to possess a PhD in Accounting or Finance to appreciate the potential threat that now confronts us. 371 more words

European Union

Buying vs. Leasing - use Net Present Value!

When starting or expanding a business, the decision to either purchase or lease equipment can be tricky.  An important concept called Net Present Value (NPV for short), teaches us that money actually has different values over time (e.g., it has “time value”).   172 more words

Financial Analysis

When Logging is Better at Preventing Tree-Canopy Loss than Protected Areas

Forest concessions, managing forests for commercial forest products, can be more effective in preventing deforestation than “protected area” forest management systems  (i.e; National Parks). This is evident… 425 more words


What would the payback period be for a robotic arm used by McDonald's for food preparation?

A variety of robots were featured at the 2016 National Restaurant Show that could be used for a variety of tasks in restaurants. These robots are being introduced at the same time that we are experiencing an on-going debate in the U.S. 348 more words

Teaching Accounting

When purchasing a batting cage is a good investment

Last fall I met with a financial advisor to discuss future employment at his firm when he began to tell me about the assets he managed for a client. 656 more words


Sustainability And Net Present Value

How can an organization possibly know whether an investment in an economically, environmentally, or socially sustainable project is worthwhile? For instance, how can it place a value on a flex time policy that reduces rush hour traffic? 518 more words


... A Profit on T.A.R.P. ?? [#net present value]...

.. according the ObamaCrap Department of Treasury , yes …

.. basically , $442.5 billion – $426 billion disbursed = $15.5 billion profit .. 66 more words

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