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What managerial accounting tools could be used to determine whether it would be profitable to redevelop Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel, the inspiration for the movie “Dirty Dancing”?

The Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel in the Catskill Mountains in Liberty, New York, was the inspiration for screenwriter Eleanor Bergstein when writing the “Dirty Dancing” movie screenplay. 373 more words

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The Valuation Of Your Business

Do you enjoy a good fight? Just ask someone the value of his business – after he’s given you his subjective (and occasionally delusional) view of the “truth,” just question him about it, and the battle is on. 203 more words

Drawbacks of Austerity Measures

Austerity measures are used by governments to reduce budget deficits and government debt. Typically, governments achieve this by implementing a number of policies that simultaneously reduce spending while raising revenues. 362 more words


present value

Calculate the present value of $76,000 lumpsum payment 10 years from now given the interest rate is 10%

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Richard Jeni -- Coming to America


Stand up comedian, Richard Jeni, discusses the calculus behind immigrants moving to the country. In the calculation of the net present value of migration, movers are expected to weigh the costs and benefits of a move. 26 more words

Labor Economics

present value

find the present value given the following

future value = 15000

interest rate = 12%

years = 12

compounding= annual

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Capital Budgeting

Complete the following homework scenario:

  • Required:

    Compare the results of the three (3) methods by quality of information for decision making. Using what you have learned about the three (3) methods, identify the best project by the criteria of long term increase in value.

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