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What information is relevant when deciding whether to laser tattoo fruits and vegetables instead of using paper or plastic stickers?

Every piece of fruit and vegetables sold in U.S. grocery stores has a small sticker on it. These stickers include food type, origin, and whether it was grown organically. 321 more words

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Become the Landlord of Your Stocks

“Why do you buy stocks?” Unfortunately, many people do not truly understand how to answer that particular question. If they were honest with themselves, many stockholders would respond by saying, “Because they are going up in price,” or maybe, “My neighbor told me to buy stock XYZ.” However, if somebody asked the same question regarding the purchase of a real estate property or an apartment building, would the answer be the same? 652 more words


What information and tools would Delta Air have used when it decided to invest in an RFID-based luggage tracking system for preventing lost bags?

On average, it costs an airline $70 to get a lost bag back to its owner. The airline industry as a whole lost $2.3 billion to mishandled luggage in 2015. 363 more words

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Case Solution for Magic Timber and Steel: Investment Evaluation with Net Present Value

Case Solution & Analysis for Magic Timber and Steel: Investment Evaluation with Net Present Value by Scott McCarthy.

Complete Case details are given below : 183 more words


October 1, 2016 - CFPB Complaint

On August 16,2016 I filed a complaint with the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau regarding the deceptive nature of the Loan Modification application process.

America’s Servicing Company responded with a ridiculous (often non-sensical) bullet point style reply that can hardly be considered a response but rather a constructed narrative that continues the deceptive actions documented in this blog.   772 more words

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A Valuation Nightmare

Did you notice the news story that shook the foundations of our global economy last week? Although it didn’t receive much attention in the popular press, one doesn’t need to possess a PhD in Accounting or Finance to appreciate the potential threat that now confronts us. 371 more words

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Buying vs. Leasing - use Net Present Value!

When starting or expanding a business, the decision to either purchase or lease equipment can be tricky.  An important concept called Net Present Value (NPV for short), teaches us that money actually has different values over time (e.g., it has “time value”).   172 more words

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