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Net Present Value & Net Social Value=Why We Need Finance People on Our Nonprofit Board.

Nonprofits need more people, money and resources. As a nonprofit leader I often heard how important it was to strategically choose board members according to what we needed. 424 more words


case study 6 Prime Emerald Inc.

Prime Emerald Inc. is an upscale rug manufacturer in Flint, Michigan. Recently many Prime investors have petitioned for the rug manufacturer to acquire a foreign retailer in China “Rug Emporium” despite the economic state due to their client base and recent need of cash flow. 210 more words

Academic Writing

May 3, 2017

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The Pew Research Center, a nonprofit think tank in Washington, D.C., released a major report Monday on America’s shrinking middle class. 776 more words

What information is relevant when deciding whether to laser tattoo fruits and vegetables instead of using paper or plastic stickers?

Every piece of fruit and vegetables sold in U.S. grocery stores has a small sticker on it. These stickers include food type, origin, and whether it was grown organically. 321 more words

Teaching Accounting

Analytic Self-Management & Attention Portfolio Analysis


Attention is scarce while possible demands on attention are innumerable. A fire alarm setting off in a building, allowing most occupants to exit safely, places about the same amount of demand on their attention as would a false alarm triggered due to a problem with the wiring. 941 more words

Become the Landlord of Your Stocks

“Why do you buy stocks?” Unfortunately, many people do not truly understand how to answer that particular question. If they were honest with themselves, many stockholders would respond by saying, “Because they are going up in price,” or maybe, “My neighbor told me to buy stock XYZ.” However, if somebody asked the same question regarding the purchase of a real estate property or an apartment building, would the answer be the same? 652 more words


Capital Asset Trading: Net Present Value Explained

In any form of investment, even when there is a certain amount of risk involved, the rule of thumb is to make wise decisions. A move in any direction is guided by a set of parameters to eliminate flat guesswork as much as possible and prevent disastrous outcomes. 209 more words

Capital Asset Exchange And Trading