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Plugin to only allow users with certain role to deactivate records

As variant to a recent post I did, here’s another plugin to manage the Activation/Deactivation of records. In this post, I’ll describe a plugin that will control these actions in Contact Entity by only allowing users with an specific role. 427 more words

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Plugin to restrict users to deactivate only their own records

As we know, MS Dynamics CRM Roles does not have a direct privilege to allow or restrict users to either Activate or Deactivate their own records. 488 more words


Checking if a user has System admin role

Find below a C# method to check if an specified user(Sent as parameter) has System Admin role. The method will return true if so. Otherwise, it will return false. 161 more words


Serializing object in Plugin CRM 365

As part of our migration process, I had to upload several plugins that were made for CRM 13 into a CRM 365 Online organization. After firing one of them, I received the next error: 378 more words

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Reading unsecure and secure Configuration in Plugins

Sometimes, we need to send custom parameters to our plugins such as server URLs, method names, API Controllers, etc. As we all now, hardcoding code is not a good practice due to the security risks it causes. 541 more words


Learning WPF, CSharp(C#) with me | Part #2

Part #2

Subject: Why each trainer stick to console based development when my intention is to learn how to make “real” applications?

Hi guys,

Have you taken a training for development recently? 807 more words

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Learning WPF, CSharp(C#) with me | Part #1

Part #1

Subject: A Simple File Listing Utility using WPF & CSharp (C#)

Okay guys

Here I am once again! This time trying to learn WPF with C# to build my own small utilities to make my “Admin work” a lot easier. 1,065 more words

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