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Share record with User or Team

Sharing records it’s a great way to allow users to see data. Several ways exist to fulfill this requirement, some of them are the access teams and share buttons. 136 more words


Creating a console application that connects to MS Dynamics CRM

As developers, sometimes we need to execute CRUD operations outside CRM to validate certain components or a specific behavior. Hence, a console application is needed. To create a console app that connects to CRM, you need to follow the next steps: 396 more words


Creating a view with C#

Advanced find is a great feature, it allow us to create complex views over different entities very easily. However, it has several limitations that lead us to create views in code, as with this approach, there are much less limitations. 304 more words


Get Entity Metadata

Sometimes due to certain requirements, we are asked to get the Metadata of certain Entities. As this request can hit the performance of our organization, we have to manage this type of requests with caution as well as specifying the total information we want to get. 171 more words


Regular expression to check for special characters in a string

Today, I had to create a filter in which I detect if a text contains special characters. The goal of this was to ensure that the text being captured in a text field only contains letters and numbers.  143 more words


MS SQL Northwind & Pub databases | 'sp_dboption'

Hi guys

Today I am going to upload two SQL scripts using which you could build Northwind & Pub databases against latest versions of MS SQL Server. 67 more words

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How to connect MS SQL 2008 R2 to Visual Studio 2015

Step 1:
Right click on your Project > Add > New Folder. Name the folder “DatabaseHelper”

Step 2:
Right click the DatabaseHelper Folder >  119 more words

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