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Consent based data sharing - Taming GDPR at the design level

Have you been receiving emails lately from almost all the services you use, that they have updated their privacy policy and rolled out new features supporting GDPR? 1,192 more words

.NET Programming

Unified domain profiler | Software

Hi guys

Trust me! throughout the last may years, I made few dozen attempts to “learn” C# systematically. Due to my ever growing responsibilities as IT manager & Oracle applications lead support, always something else came in front as more important and I kept losing the progresses I have ever made with this interesting development stack. 162 more words

.net Programming

Associate multiple records

As a variant to a recent post I did, here’s another method to associate records, difference is that this will associate multiple number of records in a single transaction… 35 more words


Associate records in plugin

When creating N:N relationships between entities, CRM allow us to associate records. This is a great functionality to track and reference records through entities. Although this can be done manually, find below a method to associate two records programmatically: 33 more words


Assign role to a Team

Same as Users, Teams can be used to assign roles. This is used mostly for Owner Teams, which should have the right privileges over the records that they own. 40 more words


Assigning multiple roles to a single user

As a variant to a recent post I did, here’s another method to assign roles to a user, different is that this method will allow you to assign multiple number of roles in a single transaction. 29 more words


Assign role to User

Sometimes we need to manage roles programmatically with plugins to fulfill our customer requirements. This is great to allow Users to see data and append privileges. 49 more words

.Net Programming