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Creating a Mathematical table generator using WinForms

A simple Mathematical Table generator using C#.net

Here you have a sample code to make a mathematical table generator(first 10-iterations)

To make the following code run, 135 more words

.Net Programming

A simple calculator using Winforms C#.net

A simple calculator using C#.net

Here you have a sample code to make a calculator with basic functionalities like Add,Subtract, Muliply, Divide,etc.

To make the following code run, 429 more words

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ASP.NET Core 1.0's DNX and MSTest


DNX is .NET’s new cross platform Execution Environment that was developed next to ASP.NET core 1.0 (formerly known as ASP.NET 5)[1]. I came across multiple sources (here for instance [2]) that claimed you can’t write tests for code based on DNX with MSTest. 687 more words

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Unit Testing made easy with Dependency Injection

Synopsis: An example in which we walk through a case in which Dependency Injection made writing automatic tests, and in particular unit tests, a delight. Which also makes the discipline Test Driven Development much more an option. 1,640 more words

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Increase productivity with XML documentation


This post was originally a guest blog which you can find: here. Let’s talk about commenting code for a second. I was triggered by this rant… 840 more words

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Case Study 1: Stand Alone Satellite Office Solution

Integrated Into Sponsor’s Clinical Data Management (CDM) Environment

The Scenario:

The Sponsor was in need of a data management team to function in an integrated manner as an extension of the Sponsor’s CDM team. 166 more words


Simple HttpClient function to handle all Http Methods

With MVC 5 and WebApi, HttpClient¬†provides a simple way to make API calls to another application. Here’s a¬†sample function that can handle all Http methods. 290 more words