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Yield keyword in C#

Yield interacts with the foreach-loop. It is a contextual keyword: yield is a keyword only in certain statements. It allows each iteration in a foreach-loop be generated only when needed. 350 more words

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How to Get or Set values from / to registry keys in C#


I’ve done a little update, now this class provides six functions:

  • Read to read a registry key.
  • Write to write into a registry key.
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TreeView Explorer Control For Windows Applications


What is the MBTreeViewExplorer? This is a simple TreeView derived control that uses the Windows Explorer interface. It provides no added functionality aside from the standard… 420 more words


Object-Oriented Programming

What is Object Oriented Programming?

It is a type of programming in which programmers define not only the data type of a data structure, but also the types of operations (functions) that can be applied to the data structure. 736 more words


How to Check Local IP Address

Check IP Address Is Local Or Not

The following code snippet will tell you given IP address is Local or not. 69 more words


Real world example of Dependency Injection based on run-time values

Synopsis: This is a  real world example from my work in which I solved a Dependency Injection problem, where the dependencies are based on run-time values, with an Abstract Factory.  1,421 more words

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Real world example of Dependeny Injection

Synopsis: Real world example in which Dependency Injection is used to be able to replace a class without recompiling. Github: https://github.com/DannyvanderKraan/LogInService.git


I was  trying to wrap my head around… 1,894 more words

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