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VB.Net | Appending an existing XML file

VB.Net | Appending an existing XML file

XML is widely used by .net oriented programming. It is vast and learning XML could be requiring loads of dedication. 553 more words


WPF ListBox with arbitrary positioning and custom shaped items.

Start a clean WPF application and build along! Note: I am not going over the basics of WPF, sorry.


I thought it would be original to start my blog with a question. 965 more words

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VB.Net | Get IP address of a computer against hostname | Fun projects

Credits: http://stackoverflow.com/questions/19713868/returning-ipv6-instead-of-ipv4-in-vb

How to?

Open Visual Studio IDE (We are using VS 2012 Express and the .Net framework is 4.5 by default, hence if few things do not work at your setups, please cross check the specs we specified) and create a Windows form application. 187 more words


VB.Net | Active Directory | Windows Form Application for listing users & details in a grid view

Have you read our previous post about finding last logon date time value for a domain member computer or user yet? If not, please read about it… 104 more words


VB.net | Active Directory | Get last logon for computer/user account

Ever wondered how to fetch the last logon details for a domain member computer or user? Using .Net Microsoft has made it pretty easier for the developers to populate the active directory attributes to desired data repositories, however getting the last logon date time value still remains a complex stuff (for beginners like us), especially when your domain consist of multiple domain controllers and they are spread across different geographical areas and subnets :) 964 more words