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Congratulations To Facebook! Now It's Time to Invest In Our Future

-by Ed Weisberg

A sincere congratulations to Mark Zuckerberg and his team, both present and past, who conceived and built Facebook.  As I write this, they are sharing in the great financial return on their vision, and investment of time, effort, and sweat.   566 more words


The Sustainability Dilemma: Can You Have Both High Visibility and High Effectiveness?

-By Ed Weisberg

We all recognize that becoming more sustainable is an ongoing process.  Every element of our business has room for improvement, and each step has tradeoffs in regards to economic return, impact on the environment, and leading our customers and vendors by example. 692 more words


Helping Cities and Towns Achieve Sustainability

by Ed Weisberg

Over the past few months, GXT Green has been contacted by city officials from Florida to California looking for information on how our products might be able to make their towns more sustainable.  515 more words


Preparing for the Ireland Project

In less then a month I will be departing for a 3 week project in Carlow, Ireland at I.T. Carlow. Myself and 4 other students from the Nova Scotia Community College will be working with 5 other Canadian students from Holland College in PEI, 5 students from IT Carlow in Ireland, and 5 students from Hanze University in the Netherlands. 351 more words

Fin MacDonald

Results are In! Economic Success and Sustainable Business Practices Continue to Grow Hand in Hand

– By Ed Weisberg

The MIT Sloan Management Review and Boston Consulting Group just released their third annual survey and report on sustainability and innovation in business.  426 more words


What Color is Your Footprint?

Here’s why stepping up your sustainability strategies could have you seeing green.More companies are clearly moving toward sustainability and mitigation of their carbon footprint. In fact, … 429 more words


Why Buy Carbon Offsets? - by Ed Weisberg

In talking with GXT Green clients, the first question that many companies ask is the most obvious one: Why should they buy carbon offsets? How can a company justify the added investment in carbon offsets? 507 more words