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Install VSCode extensions from VSIX Offline

VS Code looks for extensions under your extensions folder .vscode/extensions. Depending on your platform it is located in the following folders:



ThinScript is an experimental programming language that compiles to JavaScript, WebAssembly, and C. It’s meant to be a thin layer on top of WebAssembly that makes it easier to work with: no dependencies and fast compile times. 23 more words


JS -> WASM (Webassembly)

Browsers will still have native JavaScript VM along-side wasm. There is no reason to compile JS to wasm because you would have to also include a whole javascript vm. 328 more words


How to integrate sikuli with Visual Studio?

Sikuli (http://www.sikuli.org/) is an automated testing tool based on image recognition to identify and control GUI components. In the next blog post you can find how to integrate Sikuli in Visual Studio coded UI Test: 9 more words


Setting up WebAssembly


can dynamic languages be compiled

C# 4.0 has many of these features, except that it is compiled to IL (bytecode) and interpreted using a virtual machine (the CLR). This brings up an interesting point, however: 404 more words