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Net neutrality is dead [Update]

(Source: thenextweb.com)

The Federal Communications Commission (FCC) today voted to end Obama-era net neutrality protections. Voting along party lines, the ballots were cast as expected with the Republican-controlled FCC ending the Title II classification and effectively handing control of the internet to ISPs like Comcast… 302 more words


Don't Panic- Revoking Net Neutrality May Be OK

The Federal Communications Commission voted on Thursday to end “net neutrality“.  Because “net neutrality” was a protection enacted during the Obama era,  and because Trump has done so many bad things, it is easy to assume the worst.   916 more words

Using adapter pattern to parse HTML with C# and AgilityPack

Recently I faced with a business requirement about extracting informations from some html pages and display them in a local application.

The principal problem that I found was that the result were in html format and I needed to transform that in a c# object, in order to be able to manage the informations in my application. 588 more words


Learning Node.js for .NET Developers

  • ISBN:1785280090
  • Author(s):Harry Cummings
  • Publisher:Packt Publishing – ebooks Account
  • Publication date:2016-06-24
  • Edition:—
  • Binding:Paperback
  • Volume(s):—
  • Pages:248


Key Features
  • Learn the concepts of Node.js to gain a high-level understanding of the Node.js execution model…
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Computer Science

Net Neutrality and owning a small business especially those of Metaphysical, Witchcraft, Psychic natures.

And just something I’d like to talk about as a shop owner, most of us are fairly small businesses, doing what we love and believe in. 339 more words

Writing a CRUD Application With WPF, Entity Framework and SQL Server

Scenario Environment
  • .NET framework : At minimum version 4.
  • Visual Studio : The VS2015 community edition (the project was first developped using MS Visual Studio C Sharp Express Edition).
  • 250 more words