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Storing Time Series in Redis

Last time, I explored how to store time series in Microsoft Azure Table Service. This time I’ll do the same but in Redis. It’s is a very popular key-value store (but not only) and I highly encourage you to review it if you still don’t know it. 675 more words


What is a literal field in MSIL?

All text in quotes was taken from the book is “Expert .NET 2.0 IL Assembler” Serge Lidin [1]:

“The literal fields are not true fields because they do not occupy memory allocated by the loader when the enum is loaded and laid out… 126 more words


Array initializers and related MSIL code

Yesterday decided to look how MSIL works with LINQ statements. And I have used array initializer to set values for the tested array in my investigation. 141 more words


Using isolated storage for application-specific data in C# .NET Part 3: storage location

In this post we looked briefly at how to work with directories in isolated storage. In this post we’ll look at where isolated storage files are saved on disk depending on the isolation type: by user or by machine. 245 more words


Visual Studio : Unable to locate NuGet.exe

Error – Unable to locate ‘C:\…..\.nuget\NuGet.exe’

Under .nuget/nuget.Targets in your project, change:

false …


true …


[HOWTO] Impersonate Calls to OData Service Reference

While working with OData controllers I came accross a challenge concerning authentication. The used authentication mode is Windows Authentication.
I wanted to invoke an OData controller through a service reference from another OData controller with the user of the original call. 162 more words


Test Driven Development – MOQ, SignalR

xUnit.net is a free, open source, community-focused unit testing tool for the .NET Framework built to support Test Driven Development.

xUnit.net include supports for running xUnit.net test from within visual studio. 716 more words