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Web API: Supporting data shaping

Usually while building high availability Web API’s, where you know that typically your business objects are quite complex with a lot of properties returned as a part of the object, to the client, one would ideally like to give the client the ability to be able to request a specific number of fields. 797 more words


Assembly location in ASP.NET

Just and interesting note that I’ve found while updating the ConfigEx library: the assembly DLL file in ASP.NET application might be located in place different from what we expect. 105 more words


Short-Circuiting and Non Short-Circuiting Conditional Operators

Working with logical AND (&&) and OR(||) operators, in most situations we use the short-circuiting versions of conditional operators (&&,||). Short-circuiting effectively means that if the overall logical result has already been determined, then the remainder of the logical expression is not even evaluated. 184 more words


Compiler Error Message: CS0016: Could not write to output file

recently  i’m faced this error when i’m install a  IIS web service

my web service using .net framework 2.0 version

The error Screenshot:


step 1 .Register ASP.Net with IIS… 66 more words


My Conversation with a Frustrated Developer

I decided to publish a conversation that I had with a frustrated developer…

Frustrated Dev: Oh, and do you have a lead on any Xamarin jobs? 386 more words

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Finding all WMI class names within a WMI namespace with .NET C#

In this post we saw an example of using WMI objects such as ConnectionOptions, ObjectQuery and ManagementObjectSearcher to enumerate all local drives on a computer. Recall the SQL-like query we used: 287 more words


Event Sourcing Examined Part 1 of 3

In this 3 part series we will look at what event sourcing is and why enterprise software for many established industries use this pattern.

A name that’s almost synonymous with Event Sourcing is Greg Young. 873 more words

Event Sourcing