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.NET Standard

The .NET framework has been branched into several implementations to match the constraints of the target platforms, e.g. Compact Framework for Pocket PC, Mono for Linux and the full .NET Framework for Windows. 220 more words

Introduction to CouchDB with .NET part 18: Mango indexes and queries continued


In the previous post we started discussing a new feature in CouchDB 2.0, namely Mango queries. Mango queries and Mango indexes are also based on views but these views are created for us, we don’t need to worry about them. 1,563 more words


Measure your code's performance during development with BenchmarkDotNet

A common programming challenge is how to manage complexity around code performance – a small change might have a large impact on application performance.

I’ve managed this in the past with page-level performance tests (usually written in JMeter) running on my integration server – and it works well. 1,234 more words


AutoCad primitives to PDMS primitives

While working with C# and trying out some different methods to parse through text files h3nrik essentially wrote something that can produce results that might be useful… 41 more words



[ plural noun ]

Dreams & hopes.


Git lesson: cherry-pick command (possible in VS2015)

How many of you have been used cherry-pick in Git?

Cherry picking in git means to choose a commit from one branch and apply it onto another. 34 more words


Want to learn WPF? Get a book

I’ve said it before. In my opinion, WPF is the single contemporary programming technology (disclaimer: among those that I’ve considered myself) that really requires a book to learn it. 269 more words

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