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NuGet Cheat Sheet

I find the Nuget UI to be a bit clunks at times, and there are some functions that it simply doesn’t support so these days more often than not I’m using the command line. 93 more words


Visual Basic - First Program: Hello World

First program, very simple.
What the program does is show a MessageBox with the following text “Hello World”.

60 more words


Very Simple Windows (.NET) GUI Tool for Mongo DB

So, the place I’m working at the moment, after reams of technical justification to demonstrate why MongoDB is the right choice for the project, then getting the go ahead to use it, I then find getting them to buy a $99 MongoChef license involves jumping through so many hoops you’d think you worked at Sea World. 153 more words


Azure SB Lite ... finally on Nuget !

Finally my Azure SB Lite library is online on Nuget but … it was a long story :-)

The last month, I decided to put this library on Nuget for all people that don’t like to compile source code from CodePlex and want to use it immediately. 188 more words

New Month’s Resolutions: August 2015

It was an exciting month. Time to review my July’s resolutions and to write the new ones.

– Continue work on SparkSharp [pending] … 150 more words