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The restless globe

Trick(y) Question: Which is the fifth largest ‘country by population’ in the world today, and will be the third largest by 2050?

Answer: After China, India, USA, and Indonesia, the fifth largest today is ‘all the peoples of the world who are living in a country that is not the one they were born in’. 778 more words


WebAPI: Get Parameter Binding using [FromURI] with AngularJS $HTTP services

A HTTP GET request can’t contain data to be posted to the server. What you want is to a a query string to the request. Fortunately angular.http provides an option for it params. 96 more words


10 Commandments for Unit Testing

Ten Commandments for Unit Testing

  1. Refactor SUT to limit LOC required to setup a unit test
  2. Limit a unit test to 10 LOC or less…
  3. 73 more words
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Chinese Character: 网 wǎng ”net” (Kangxi Radical 122)

⑥ Kangxi Radical 122: 网 wǎng ”net” ☞


网 (罓罒⺳) ~ wǎng ~ ”net” radical (122)
aka: Kangxi Radical Net / 罒 aka: 四字头 295 more words

Chinese Character

99.99% available ASP.NET and SQL Server SaaS Production Architecture

Production Architecture for a SaaS web application built using ASP.NET and SQL Server that guarantees 99.99% availability and super performance


You have a hot ASP.NET+SQL Server product, growing at thousand users per day and you have hit the limit of your own garage hosting capability. 4,792 more words

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