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Messaging with RabbitMQ and .NET review part 8: routing and topics


In the previous post we looked at two-way messaging in RabbitMq. This messaging type corresponds to the Remote Procedure Call (RPC) messaging pattern. RPC is slightly different from the previous MEPs in that there’s a response queue involved. 1,852 more words


Entity Framework: AddOrUpdate is a Destructive Operation


Although we’ve been using it for over three years at my job developers are still incorrectly using Entity Framework’s .AddOrUpdate(). I’ve also seen incorrect usages of in open source projects as well.  1,521 more words


Net (2)

-If the holes in the net were smaller, we’d catch more fish.
-But they’d be too little, with no meat. It’s the same with ideas.



The god cast a handful of seed silver-swirling across the night sky. And then they were the net of stars that catch our breath, our thoughts, our dreams, and leave us sleepless for wonder of the darkness beyond them.


Entity framework multiple await asynchronous operations

A second operation started on this context before a previous asynchronous operation completed. Use ‘await’ to ensure that any asynchronous operations have completed before calling another method on this context. 96 more words

Microservice architecture


The idea of distributed, componentized applications goes back a long way. Most notoriously, it emerged in the form of the SOA trend. Now, it’s back — as micro services architecture. 415 more words