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Sexual torture of Palestinians by israeli authorities. Did the USA teach them to do this or was it vice versa?

Sexual torture of Palestinians by Israeli authorities

A new academic study in the peer-reviewed medical journal ‘Reproductive Health Matters’ has revealed dozens of cases of “alleged sexual torture or ill-treatment” of Palestinian male prisoners detained by Israel. 1,261 more words


Jewish mentality: israel's war on Palestine's water supplies

No pipes, no water

The Aquabat Jaber refugee camp. It is twinned with the French city of Besançon which has a programme for increasing the supply of clean water to the camp. 1,027 more words


Total absense of humanitarian concerns by israel in regards to Gaza

Why is Israel tightening the Gaza blockade?


Due to lack of building materials being allowed into the Gaza Strip, there has been little progress in the reconstruction of Gaza. 840 more words


israeli forces raid Palestinian orphanage for 5th time

Israeli forces raid Palestinian orphanage for 5th time

Israel occupation forces caused much damage during when they inspected the orphanage

Israeli forces kidnapped teen orphan following fifth raid on Palestinian orphanage in Old City of occupied Jerusalem. 133 more words


Rise in torture of imprisoned Palestinian children by israel


Committee: ‘Overwhelming majority’ of Palestinian minors in Israeli custody are ‘tortured’

By Ma’an
October 18/19, 2016

RAMALLAH — The “overwhelming majority” of Palestinian minors held in Israel’s Megiddo and Ofer prisons have been tortured during their detention and interrogation, the Palestinian Committee of Prisoners’ Affairs said Tuesday, amid a marked increase in the incarceration and mistreatment of Palestinian children by Israel. 605 more words


Tail wagging dog: Top Clinton Donors Condition Their Support on israel's Security


In a hacked email released by WikiLeaks on Wednesday, Hillary Clinton’s campaign chairman, John Podesta, answered an innocent question from his daughter with a revealing answer about what motivates two of Clinton’s biggest supporters to stand by her candidacy: Israel. 497 more words