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Where does the U.S. get these lunatics from? Michele Bachmann: Carolina Flooding Is God's Wrath For USA's israel Policy

Michele Bachmann: Carolina Flooding Is God’s Wrath For US Israel Policy

With parts of North and South the Carolina experiencing devastating floods, former Rep. Michele Bachmann is weighing in by suggesting that the flooding is a sign of God’s wrath for President Obama’s foreign policy. 210 more words


Clashes with israel's army & jewish terrorists leave 500 Palestinians injured in 3 days

Clashes with Israeli Soldiers and Settlers: Nearly 500 Palestinians Injured in 3 days

At least 499 Palestinians have been injured in clashes with Israeli soldiers and settlers across the occupied Palestinian Territory since Saturday, the Palestinian Red Crescent said on Monday. 312 more words


Random Musings

Random Musings

In the spirit of not letting a good crisis go to waste, before all the facts in the Oregon college shootings were known or even before the bodies of the victims were cold, President Obama wasted no time chiming in and offering his two-cents worth of opinions, platitudes and down right untruths in his never ending advocacy of gun control and even hinted at possible executive action on the matter; not to be outdone, Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders and the rest of the Democratic candidates followed suit and their faithful followers in the main stream media provided convenient sounding boards for the plethora of disparate and sometimes absurd opinions. 1,134 more words

Report from Jerusalem: "Israeli mobs are attacking Palestinians in the streets"

Writing from Jerusalem, Sai Englert describes the situation there and calls for protests and increased BDS campaigns in solidarity with Palestine. For the last nine days, Israeli authorities have banned many Muslims from the Al-Aqsa Mosque in occupied east Jerusalem, one of the holiest sites in Islam. 773 more words


"It Is Very Heavy Here Right Now"

By James M. Wall

A personal friend of mine, a mother of three children, wrote from Jerusalem today:

“As I’m sure you are aware, the situation here is not good.

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Middle East Politics

PM: Close Shops Whose Owners Ignored Stabbed Woman

Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu said Tuesday that he wants Arab shopkeepers in Jerusalem’s Old City who ignored and taunted a Jewish woman who had been stabbed to stand trial. 277 more words