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The Joy of Sec: Realmd

Recently, the esteemed Jonathan Frappier (@jfrappier) posted an article on setting up Kerberos for use with Ansible. My Kerberos senses started to tingle…

While Jonathan was referring to Ansible, it made me remember that this question comes up a lot when trying to use Kerberos with Linux clients. 713 more words


Quiesce or resume all Netapp cdot snapmirrors

Get-NcSnapmirror | ForEach-Object { Invoke-NcSnapmirrorQuiesce -Destination $_.DestinationLocation }


Get-NcSnapmirror | ForEach-Object { Invoke-NcSnapmirrorResume -Destination $_.DestinationLocation }


Netapp cdot blink drive

anystor::system health alert> storage disk set-led -disk anystor-04:5a.01.5 -action blink

anystor::system health alert> storage disk set-led -disk anystor-03:0b.01.5 -action blink


Spreading the love: Load balancing NAS connections in ONTAP

I can be a little thick at times.

I’ll get asked a question a number of times, answer the question, and then forget the most important action item – document the question and answer somewhere to refer people to later, when I inevitably get asked the same question. 995 more words


Are You Asking Too Much of Your NetApp Filer?

Organizations are asking the present day NetApp Filer to do many things: host home directories, store machine generated data, host virtual machine images and even databases. 740 more words