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StorageShort: Are You Ready for the New Recovery Time Objective?

As long as there has been applications, there have been applications that need zero, or near zero downtime. These are applications where the life of the organization, or even human lives, literally depend on its operation. 235 more words


Visio by DPTPB: NetApp AFF A300 Quad-Path SAS cabling sample drawing

Experimenting with SAS Quad-Path cabling and my new  V2 stencils. AFF A300 with four DS224C shelves 192 more words

Visio By DPTPB

Should a Backup Appliance be Part of your Backup Refresh?

Backup needs a refresh to keep up with recovery demands of modern application and increasingly expectant users. They expect an “always-on data center.” IT professionals are already overwhelmed with day-to-day tasks. 243 more words


Visio by DPTPB: Rack Stencil (V2)

April 24, 2017 Visio by DPTPB release update notes

Shape placement and spacing with the original V1 DPTPB rack shapes has been a manual process. Fairly easy to do, but still required some effort. 634 more words

Visio By DPTPB

Visio by DPTPB: V2 stencils, finally done :)

April 24, 2017 Visio by DPTPB release update notes

Finished with updating remaining DPTPB stencils to follow “V2” design, where all data associated with the shape is now within top-level shape and rear view shapes have connection points to match rear view rack shape.  548 more words

Visio By DPTPB

StorageShort: How is the App Explosion Impacting Backup Service Levels?

Most data centers are reporting a dramatic increase in the number of applications they have to deploy, support and protect. Driving this phenomenon is the improvements in developer tools that created the whole Dev/Ops movement. 225 more words


Introducing: NetApp Newsroom

In case you hadn’t noticed, the NetApp community blog got a much needed face lift/modernizing this past week and has been re-branded as the “ 71 more words