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When New Ideas Don't Work Try Old Ones

For SounDevotion Competition Round 85

This round featured Dexed, a great DX7 VST. Though I learned synthesis on a 4op Yamaha, 6 operators make a world of difference I wish I had a long time ago, to a point that I priced TX802s…. 63 more words

Single Tracks

August Netaudio Revue

I’m pleased this month to have the assistance and discerning ears of Lee and Simon, two of my intrepid contributors, who have consented to give some stuff a listen. 1,168 more words


June Netaudio Revue

I’ve got a ton of stuff to listen to, but I have managed to get to some lately and am starting to catch up! Here’s the pick of my recent listening. 1,243 more words


Mini roundup: Great new albums by Earlyguard, Altus, Robert Scott Thompson

I am quite honoured to be given the opportunity by some of today’s most talented electronic artists to review their new recordings, and here we have three of the best ambient acts in the world, well-established and with each release getting better and better. 773 more words


Make Your Own Taste Mix 1

Ladies and germs, I have truly joined the future. Go have a listen to my first mix/podcast. It’s kind of a combo because I thought it might be fun to do a bit of DJ’ing, since I’m a baritone and all. 62 more words


March Netaudio Revue

A holiday in the sunny, geriatric climes of Gulf Coast Florida has recharged Make Your Own Taste, so this March allow me to unveileth unto thee a selection of lovely recordings that have come my way so far this year (or came to me sometime in the last year and I just got around to listening to them :<). 758 more words


February Netaudio Revue

It’s hard to believe, compared to this time last year, how many dang submissions I’m getting. I’m starting to lose the personal touch, so if you have sent something and didn’t hear from me, it’s because I’m drowning over here. 1,025 more words