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Maven'a Giriş

NOT: Bu hafta itibariyle(25.09.2016) Düzenli olarak Java SE,Maven , Hibernate ,Spring yazıları yazacağım.(Sözünü vermemekle birlikte Desing pattern ve jsp de yazabilirim)Şimdi konumuza geçelim.

Apache ailesinin(Vakfı) bir ürünü olan Maven ‘ı bu yazı dizisinde öğreniyor olacağız.” Maven Nedir?” sorusuyla başlayalım. 296 more words


Summary of Day 2 at Oracle Open World 2016

I started day two with brushing up my knowledge about NetBeans and how to work with it. I attended a tutorial session about a JPA modeling tool ( 822 more words


Missing plugins for your NetBeans nightly builds?

Do you use a Nightly-/Dev-Build of NetBeans or even a release candidate of 8.2 within the NetCAT-program and you are missing some of your favorite plugins? 116 more words

Why Doesn't XDebug Work? It Used To.

I found myself asking (again) why XDebug wasn’t working, after installing a new IDE. I’d set a breakpoint, debug the page, but never see the code stop. 168 more words


NB: How do I create an action which can be invoked by a macro?

Use @EditorActionRegistration!

@NbBundle.Messages({ "CTL_MyAction=Let's go", "macro-name=Let's go" })
	name = "macro-name", 
	mimeType = "text/x-java", 
	menuPath = "Source", menuPosition = 0, menuText = "#CTL_MyAction")
public class MyAction extends org.netbeans.editor.BaseAction {
 //... 30 more words