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Check Your Code With PMD (Part IV): Custom Rule Examples

Today, we’re going to write some more custom rules for the static code analysis tool PMD. New developers at an organization have to “learn the ropes” when writing code (e.g., “all servlet calls must be logged using the… 1,588 more words


Check Your Code With PMD (Part III): Using Custom Rules In NetBeans

In ourĀ previous post, we saw how to write a custom PMD rule using XPath expressions. Today, we will see how to use that rule in theĀ  1,089 more words


Check Your Code With PMD (Part I)

It happens to every programmer at some point: you check in some code, merge it into the current build, and… QA sends it back because of a stupid error that you should have caught in the first place, like an obvious NullPointerException or a fall-through case in a switch statement. 748 more words


The Builder Pattern (Part IV): Automated Implementations

In a previous post (The Builder Pattern (Part II): Implementation), we looked at how to implement the Builder pattern in Java. But… what if we didn’t have to write the code? 1,529 more words


{100DaysOfCode} 16. Java Mortgage Calc 2

This is Day 16 of my trip through #100DaysOfCode.

Yesterday I tried and failed to make a Java mortgage calculator using a GUI (user interface with buttons and stuff). 457 more words


How to do web scraping in Java - Part I

Web scraping is exciting. I never really used it, until I needed it for one of my projects.

We will be using Java in this tutorial to get the data from the internet. 206 more words

Membuat Aplikasi Sederhana Boking Lapangan Futsal di NetBeans dengan mengkoneksikannya ke Data Bases

oke, di sini saya akan paparkan sedikit bagaimana cara membuat Aplikasi yang memang Sederhana untuk memboking lapangan futsal yang di mana tujuan dari pembuatan aplikasi ini memang di khususkan untuk Admin bukan untuk user. 415 more words