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LDAP Authentication in IBM Netezza

Three authentication methods:

  • Local
  • LDAP
  • Kerberos

LDAP authentication differs from local authentication method in that Netezza system uses the username and password stored on LDAP server. 126 more words


Finding out active netezza host

# crm_resource -r nps -W

crm_resource: 2009/06/07_10:13:12 info: Invoked: crm_resource 
-r nps -W
resource nps is running on: nzhost1

Runaway query event

You can use the RunAwayQuery event type to monitor queries that exceed configured query timeout limits.


Outdated rows in IBM Netezza

Outdated is another name for deleted rows.


nzdumpschema in IBM Netezza

Use the nzdumpschema command to generate a shell script with SQL statements that duplicate a database by extracting its object definitions and statistics. nzdumpschema generates Table definitions, view definitions, database statistical information, and us… 42 more words


Callhome service in IBM Netezza

The callhome service is an automated notification process that detects problem conditions on the IBM Netezza appliances and reports them to IBM Netezza Support.

This is an optional feature and, if enabled, opens a PMR with IBM automatically. 76 more words


Query history database in Netezza

The below note will explain on how to build history database:


We have two types of History Databases

query history – A query database collects and stores the data that is most commonly needed to monitor and report on the query activity of a system. 68 more words