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Informatica: Get deployment groups older than 30 days.

How to get the information of deployment groups older than 30 days. As part of cleanup process one needs to know this information.

The below query will give the required information. 82 more words


Netezza – How to pull a list of tables with row counts

Pulling a list of Netezza records with row counts is fairly straight forward, once you figure it out.  Here is a sample of an easy way to do to. 13 more words


How to Identify Your Netezza Version Using SQL

I had a need today to find the version of Netezza, which my customer was using and without DBA access.  So, a quick way to determine the Netezza version of your environment is to run this SQL. 9 more words


Netezza – [HY000] ERROR

While altering a Netezza table this error was produce:

  • ERROR ERROR: Please issue a groom on table ‘<<TableName>>’, maximum table versions exceeded.

The error was resolve by running these commands on succession: 18 more words


Netezza –Does a Table Truncate require a groom?

I had a question today, while considering way to [potentially improve performance and stability pf my ETL’s.  Basically, does Netezza need to be groomed when truncating a table as part of a destructive load strategy?  64 more words


Netezza – How to add days to a date field

Here are a few examples of how to add days to a date field in Netezza:

Add a day to a Date Field

  • date(current_date + cast(‘1 days’ as interval)) as DATE_PLUS_1…
  • 16 more words