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Working with nzload (To Load file into Netezza)

Lets create a Profile file to pass all the values to the script.

Profile File:- (deceleration)



SRC_PATH=”/e/srcfiles/GBT” 478 more words


Identification of Right Netezza Data Management

In today’s information driven world, just about every person is well aware about the significance of the right management of data. However, merely being conscious about the advantages and importance of… 480 more words

Convert Julian date to calendar date in Netezza

Use the Below to convert julian date to calendar date in Netezza

TO_DATE(substr(Your_date_column,1,4) || ‘0101’,‘YYyyMMDD’ )+TO_NUMBER(SUBSTR(Your_date_column,5,3),‘999’)-1.


Convert Calendar Date to Julian date in Informatica. 22 more words


Netezza MDM – Why is it Important for Businesses?

Master data management systems have become mandatory for the success of all business over the past couple of years since they are so useful. Also known as MDMs, these are used in order to keep master data secure at all times. 263 more words

The Necessity for PureData Master Data Management

For all they are worth, master data management systems like PureData  are also the major reason behind the expansion as well as increased profitability of all businesses. 179 more words

A 95 Year Old Wholesale Distributor Harnesses Big Data to Better Serve Customers

What if your buyers and sellers could share inventory availability, location, cost and demand data in near real-time for the first time?

This wholesale distributor fundamentally transforms its approach to buying and selling its product lines and increases profitability by sharing purchasing and sale data across the enterprise. 466 more words