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Production and Distribution: The Film Industry - How Has It Changed?

Film production and distribution has changed dramatically since the beginning of the film industry.

 In 1895 the Lumiere Brothers showcased their home-made films in France – the first successful showing of film with a paying audience. 386 more words


Netflix Is Developing an Animated ‘Fast & Furious’ TV Series!!!

Netflix and DreamWorks Animation Television are ready to live life one quarter mile at a time. The streaming giant and animation studio are teaming up for an animated  377 more words


I can't spell dimestore

“Your memory serves you so badly.”

Level 42?

Yeah, and you, he said.

The irony is, I thought I was the gatekeeper, secrets and lies in pill form. 551 more words

Film Review - Annihilation

Trailers for this film immediately caught my eye, a psychedelic trip-fest of colours and sounds that screams “art and sci-fi are at it again”. It was a film I immediately knew I had to watch in the cinema to get the full experience, but even if I’d had the time to do so (life is hard, and full of stuff) I would never have got the chance. 954 more words


How Has Netflix Revolutionised The Way We Consume Films?

Film has always been largely a communal affair. You go to the cinema with a group of friends to see the latest blockbuster, you get your popcorn and fizzy drink and sit in a packed auditorium for two hours, sharing the magic of film with all those around you. 346 more words

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