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Summer Motivation/Buffy The Vampire Slayer

So summer is approaching quickly, way too quickly I was hoping to be a size 12 by summer but I am being honest here and that’s not gunna happen, I know I won’t drop 4 dress sizes in 4 months, well not by losing weight Ina healthy way however I am still looking forward to summer because with weight loss will come confidence. 246 more words


House of Cards, season 3

Thar be spoilers here.

I watched the first five episodes of House of Cards season 3 on the night of the 27th of March. I skipped my nightly routine of reading for two hours before bed to get up to five episodes. 364 more words

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Is Netflix Trying To Have Its Net Neutrality Cake And Eat It Too?

Last week’s vote by the FCC to approve new net neutrality rules was seen as a big win for streaming services like Netflix, as it prevents ISPs from throttling or blocking access to online content and from prioritizing any data. 428 more words

Conor Cawley: The Power of Relaxation

I’m lazy. I feel like I’ve mentioned that on this blog before but, if I haven’t, it’s because, well, I’m lazy. This laziness has been an integral part of my life. 518 more words


The Walking Dead [Netflix]

Since last year I have a subscription on Netflix.
When I saw the lists with documentaries, movies and series I don’t where I start watching. 349 more words


Netflix CFO to viewers in new markets: be prepared for the worst

Maybe first impressions don’t matter that much, after all: Netflix often underwhelms when it enters a new market, but wins consumers over by getting better in the following months, said the company’s CFO David Wells… 227 more words

Review: House of Cards Season 3 Episodes 7-9

Looking for earlier episodes? See 1-3 here or 4-6 here and join the discussion!

Back again, for the penultimate review of season 3 of  1,770 more words

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