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Dominate Like Netflix?

It’s interesting to me Netflix is still around and is mentioned in business articles as dominating. I remember getting DVDs in the mail from Netflix in the late 90s and early 2000s. 106 more words


Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix)

Wet Hot American Summer (Netflix) – Starts 31st July

TV series based on the 2001 film, about a summer camp set in 1981. It focuses on the councillors and camp staff who are all trying to get it one with each other, along with helping the kids in the camp with their camp based problems, and dealing with the rival posh camp located the other side of the lake. 21 more words

2015 Review

Module 5 Assignment: Blog Post on Red Queens and Increasing Returns (DVD’s vs. ODV (On-Demand-Video): A Case of Increasing Returns)

The current competition between DVD’s and on-demand-video services is a great example of increasing returns. Arthur (1996) defines increasing returns as “the tendency for that which is ahead to get further ahead, for that which loses advantage to lose further advantage”. 381 more words


Wet Hot American Summer First Day of Camp Review

Please forgive me Lord for I have committed a mortal peccadillo. For my transgression, I’ve repented and said ten “hail marys”. My sin, for which I am eternally condemned, was that I had never seen the cult classic  550 more words


In which I count down my top 8 TV shows of all time: No. 7 - Orange is the New Black

This will be a feature in which I count down my top 8 TV shows of all time and talk about the reasons why they’re in the list and what I love about them. 1,910 more words

Showgoers Syncs Up Netflix So You Can Watch Movies with Remote Friends

Google Chrome: Sometimes you just want to watch a movie with a friend who lives in another state. Instead of trying a countdown to sync up your viewing, Showgoers syncs up Netflix for you. 41 more words


Tails of the sea: Calgary dancer turned actress Allie Bertram plays mermaid in hit Australian series

It’s not the sort of thing covered at the Actors Studio, or even a high-school drama class for that matter.

But there are significant challenges when it comes to realistically portraying a mermaid. 1,084 more words