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Peace pierces the forest of illusion

An ancient Sanskrit verse, often called the Shanti mantra or the peace mantra:

असतो मा सद्गमय:
Asathoma sathgamayah
Lead me from the un-true to the true… 696 more words


Breathe easier.

Hello! Welcome to my brand new blog!

Right now, with the first notes of Spring in the air, the fireplace still roaring, and my kitties snuggled up in my bed, I’m really appreciating my neti pot to clear my stuffy sinuses. 211 more words


Entering Akash

You’ve heard, perhaps, of Akash. In Hindi, it means ‘sky’. It’s often translated as ether.

Akash, said my mother, has everything in it – all words spoken and unspoken, all your thoughts, feelings, emotions. 213 more words


Genie of the Neti Pot

Frances used the palm of her hand to cover the large opening of the little plastic neti-pot and she put a finger over the spout. Gently, so as not to disturb her aching head, she shook it so the little packet of salt would dissolve. 991 more words

Unrelated Stories

It's cold and flu season! (And I have a remedy!)

Yep, it’s here.  This girl is ready to see it leave immediately.

I am 35 weeks pregnant now and so any little tickle in the throat or sniffle is magnified a thousand times. 304 more words

Mom Stuff

Modern Day Saucha: Insta Cleanse

“Through simplicity and continual refinement (Saucha), the body, thoughts, and emotions become clear reflections of the Self within. Saucha reveals our joyful nature, and the yearning for knowing the Self blossoms.”  ~ Yoga Sutras 2.40-2.41…

385 more words
Life & Marriage

Yoga Kriyas and Welcome to the Digestive System

Yogi Sivadas’ teaching of yoga is classical and is also strongly influenced by Ayurveda, the ancient science of better health. He believes that most emotional, hormonal and physical imbalances and agitations of the mind are caused by bad diet, poor digestion and a sedentary and/or stressful lifestyle. 582 more words

Yoga In India