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Momma Aset

“You are insane, my son. I’ve always known that,” she told me.

It was a relief to hear her say so. I waste so much effort pretending not to be, especially to myself. 603 more words


Djehuty candles!

Votive candles for Djehuty (Thoth): A beautiful bright blue and dusted with blue glitter and a touch of gold glitter (the candles remind me of lapis), scented with pure essential oils of frankincense and myrrh, cedarwood, and lavender – a blend that lends itself easily to meditation, ritual, study, and creative work.   138 more words


Oh, for heaven's sake...

I wrote this whole long beautiful post about being a priest for this week’s KRT – and it looks like the draft is nowhere to be found. Damn.

Kemetic Orthodoxy

On Not Learning Lessons.

In ancient Egypt, there’s this funny thing called ma’at. Ma’at is a complicated topic. It can be defined as “universal order”, or “balance”; it can be conceived of as “justice” or “right action”; it can even be seen as a kind of law of returns in it’s own way. 913 more words



This is an older article I wrote when I first started researching Ancient Egypt in 2012.

Hathor, or Het-Hert, is the Kemetic deity associated with joy, music, love, motherhood, the underworld and a number of other aspects of life. 1,235 more words

Ancient Egypt


The following is an older article I wrote when I first started researching Ancient Egypt in 2012.

The feeling of sensual love, desire and ambition spring to mind while I’m learning about the Egyptian Goddess Bast. 1,993 more words

Ancient Egypt

Of Pillars and Pagodas

A Djed Pillar is an ancient Egyptian fertility symbol associated with the Netjer Osiris. A pagoda is an East Asian building for housing sacred relics. Neither one has anything to do with the other, but check this out: