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An affirmation for all the working devotees.

You are allowed to be busy.
You are allowed to have days when you glance at the shrine and realize you won’t have a chance to revert the offerings you left to sit overnight. 97 more words


Honey to the Soul

There has never been a part of my life that did not contain darkness. The junk and drama of human life. The emotional upheaval of the human experience. 322 more words



On Wednesday of last week, as I got into my car following class, I received a handful of well-awaited emails: the first lessons of my Kemetic Orthodox journey!   1,586 more words


Beware the Pigeon-Hole!

I recently had lunch with a handful of friends for the sake of discussing Wepwawet. It felt good to really dig into a conversation about Him with others who were interested in really engaging — something I’ve missed. 297 more words



You have two parents and two beloveds. Would you like to guess?

For the self-discovery;

For the connections and relationships;

For the self-improvement and crucial lessons; 49 more words


Why all the photos of altars?

I had a bit of a run-away train of thought this afternoon while I was buying a set of lenses to enhance my iPhone photography skills. 441 more words


Fighting for Her

Presently, I find myself in a position where I need to assert myself rather strongly in order to receive the professional respect I deserve, as well as resources and opportunities that were agreed upon at the outset of a professional undertaking. 190 more words