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I'm a Bad Kemetic.

I have been a bad Kemetic.

I have been a lazy priest. I have rushed my rituals and gone through the half-assed motions. I have made skimpy offerings of bread and cool water rather than digging through my kitchen to put together the food and tea I set aside earlier in the week. 639 more words


Music Monday: August 17

Today is a special day, so today’s Music Monday is a very special song: “Spit the Dark”, by Empires. I’ve probably already posted this, but this song is very special to my relationship with Wepwawet and since it’s a special day, it gets shared again.


Tell me about Anubis!

So I have a question for Anubis devotees and other polytheists who work with him (especially Kemetic polytheists): what is Anubis like, to you, in terms of personality, character traits, likes and dislikes, things he values/finds important, etc?   222 more words