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Millennium: "522666" (Season 1, Episode 5, 11/28/1996)

Somebody bombs a classy restaurant in Washington, D.C. where important dignitaries usually go to get sloshed. At first, the FBI thinks it’s some anti-Zionist terror group that’s behind all the mayhem; but just from seeing news coverage of the explosion on TV, Frank Black immediately knows that the perpetrator is really operating on much simpler impulses. 622 more words


Money - it's a drag.

Thanks to Pink Floyd for the title inspiration. ;)

Money is a fraught subject, especially when it comes to donations to religious organizations. Most polytheists and pagans are converts from “mainstream” religions, where collection plates are passed around during services each week, and tithing from one’s paycheck is to be expected. 603 more words


Welcome back to W'ab Wednesday

Note: this post contains opinion, not doctrine of any kind, and is intended as thought-provoking contemplation rather than instructional writing.

W’ab Wednesday is a series I started for writing about purity. 286 more words


The Return of the King

I felt completely lost when it came to the Mysteries of Wesir when I first became Kemetic. Wesir was hard for me to grasp, having quite a bit in common with the gods of the faith I had just left — died, resurrected, ruling in the place where dead people go — so maybe I steered clear of Him “accidentally-on-purpose”. 585 more words