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“Online Social Research”

This book draws together a collection of essays on online social research brought under three main themes: Methods, Issues and Ethics.

Published in 2004, the areas researched are very contemporary to the era and include… 407 more words


8 types of online community participants

Kozinet (2010) describes eight types of participants for online communities. This is a very useful knowledge to help really understanding the actors of an online community. 435 more words


Netnography #3: Vive la difference?

Although I have yet to become better acquainted with the principles of ethnography through some of the standard texts, Kozinets (2010:60) provides a useful starting point: 402 more words


Netnography #2: Entrée ... mine was the salmon coulibiac.

On entering the field, Kozinets (2010:75) advocates a participative approach, suggesting that a passive, observational netnography which ‘removes the opportunity to experience embedded cultural understanding’ will have a negative impact on the subsequent interpretation. 580 more words


Netnography #1. Communities?

Now I have Associate Membership of the Library, I’m able to borrow books. Yipee! I’ve decided to open with a few volumes which might inform my methodological approach or methods and have just completed ‘Netnography’ by Kozinets (2010). 450 more words


Virtual Ethnography, Online Market Research, and #Normcore

I’ve had an interest in online communities and virtual ethnography since my first year of undergrad. I remember that in those early university days, what fascinated me about anthropology was its ability to expose and interrogate difference. 768 more words

Digital Marketing

So many websites

It is not such an easy task to decide on which websites to use for the netnography. I think it would be easier if I was looking into researching some foreign destination. 84 more words