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Long time no see, dear blog. I am not ignoring you, just having my plate full of work, work and some more work.

So far I have enjoyed my time as a PhD student, even though the course load this semester has been kind of a pain (who’s idea was it to put three courses at once, huh?). 495 more words



The role of the netnographer

For the “Reddit” community, “Subreddit Netflix”, our group decided to be an overt and active community participant. We think we will get the best responds by introducing ourselves to the community and by telling them what we do, so that they can already recognize us. 790 more words


Data Collection and Data Analysis

Negative comments.  

Positive comments.    

Mixed/More critical comments.

//// (before name) = response to comment

////// (before name) = response to response.

We looked for sponsored videos on YouTube and went to the comment section to find positive, negative, but also more critical or mixed comments, we did the same in Reddit. 2,700 more words

Research Planning and Entrée

Research Planning

Mind Map

Research Question

How do the viewers respond to sponsored videos and advertorials?

YouTube and Reddit

(comment section)

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    – The YouTube comment section is something we will be looking into as well.
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5 things you didn’t know about Netnography

In the world of marketing research there are some online research methodologies that helps to do a deeper investigation about certain brand, products or consumers.  One of this methods, and the one that I find more interesting is the netnography, an online ethnography research to immerse in a particular environment. 158 more words

Social (Media) Innovation

In a post on my service co-creation blog, I took another look at a list of my 16 favorite innovation books. I categorized them and then thought about what gaps were exposed by my list and several others I reviewed. 112 more words

Social Media Marketing

Netnography: The Marketer's Secret Ingredient

Robert Kozinets, who coined the term “netnography,” examines the ways online ethnography was used by Campbell’s Soup to learn more about the behaviors and ideas of their customers. 116 more words