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Menguji Plus Minus teknologi baru Ethnography

Ada perkembangan baru di bidang etnografi sebagai metode riset dipicu keberadaan dan adopsi teknologi baru. Ada kebutuhan untuk menguji peluang dan tantangan media baru itu untuk riset etnografi, khususnya digital ethnography dan yang sekarang lagi trend Netnography. 199 more words

Power of the Human-Centric Brands

In digitalization nowadays, brands are embracing human qualities to attract customers in the human-centric era. This requires focus on customers’ concerns and desires through use of Digital Anthropology – which explores how humans interact with digital interfaces, how they behave in the context of technologies and how technologies are being used by humans to interact with one another. 675 more words

Half Rice : Unli Rice

Research update...

If you’ve looked at my Research Project page, you’ll have seen an overview of the project. I’m going to add a bit more detail here and will include a few links for those who may want to follow them up. 890 more words

Berkenalan dengan Netnografi

Bermula dari “conviviality” pada flatform sosial media, terutama Facebook, Twitter dan blog.  Selain bahwa pengguna secara berlebih dianggap membawa banyak mudarat (penarikan diri dari kehidupan sosial nyata), dalam praktik dan pengalaman saya, juga mengandung manfaat, terutama dalam mobilisasi, komunikasi, dan intraksi pada aktivisme digital yang menemukan conviviality nya di sosial media. 389 more words

Summer is for research: a report from the field

Montreal in the summer is uniquely beautiful, as in this photograph of the city landscape I took when crossing Jacques Cartier Bridge.

Summer is also the season for writing and getting research done before the start of the new academic school year, and for me it will be an especially busy one, as I am nearing the end of my doctoral studies. 88 more words



The data from the netnography research has been exported into three documents. This is due to the fact that we used the trial version of ATLAS.ti, and when trying to merge all datasets into one, it gave us the notion that it was not possible in the trial version to have more then 100 quotations in one file. 76 more words



In order to find adequate online communities to collect data from, we developed a list of search terms. Using these search terms would ensure that we find communities that directly address our trend and our research question. 2,843 more words