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3 Nettle recipes to tantalize your tongue

I can’t get enough nettle into my life. It is good for so many things: strengthening kidney function, mellowing-out over worked adrenals, it even brightens my skin and strengthens my hair! 735 more words


Nettle Soup

This is a slightly unusual recipe for me in that I am not recommending this dish on the basis of flavour but as a medicine for hayfever (it is ok but will never be my fave thing to eat). 1,136 more words


Banqueting Local Style.

So the Eat Local Challenge is going well so we decided to turn it up a notch.  It would be easier to undertake this challenge by lying low and eating the same old local food each day and squeeze past the month without too much discomfort, but the thing is despite being  the kind of gal that likes an easy life, I find myself creating situations for myself that add twists, turns and complications.  826 more words

Sarah The Gardener

It seems like progress

Now that it’s settled we’ve edged the keyhole bed (well almost…), planted it and watered it.

As you will see from the photograph and the “well almost…” my calculation of the circumference based on… 329 more words

Care Farm

Nettle Soup

This nettle soup is amazing! It’s a gorgeous rich, yellow colour and full of vitamin A, vitamin C and antioxidants!

I was inspired to go nettle picking today in the glorious sunshine!  167 more words


Lunch at Petersham Nurseries, Richmond

The weekend before last my foodie friend Anna was in London and we had a lovely long wine-fuelled lunch at quaint Petersham Nurseries in Richmond on the Saturday. 199 more words


Happy Birthday To Us

Join us at our first anniversary dinner on Wednesday 22nd April 2015 and celebrate a year of Stepney Supper Club. Once again our resident chef Celia has designed a menu to tantalise your tastebuds, using the freshest of seasonal ingredients. 98 more words