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Happy Summer Solstice Dearest Dinners!🌟⭐🌞☀️

What a magikal time of year this can be filled with wonder and a bounty of fresh, wild foraged herbs and vegetables! 326 more words

Melissa McLarty

Spinach custard - to serve with soup

Almost a year ago, I wrote about the most bizarre sounding dish… here is a repeat, just in case you fancy it:

   I mentioned that in the ‘miscellaneous’ section, right at the back, pages 727-730, of my Modern Practical Cookery, published in 1936, there is a recipe for spinach custard. 579 more words


No place for fussy eaters!

Although he was not born in Cornwall, my husband was brought up there from an early age and considers himself Cornish. I was looking through some old Cornish recipes, and I wonder how he as a fussy eater would mange many of them – muggety pie for example, which is pig’s intestines, cleaned sliced, layered with onions, covered with pastry and baked… I think I know the answer to that one! 378 more words


Urban Foraging: It's Not Just For Chipmunks Anymore

Urban food foraging is popular, and gaining more popularity, including in the Twin Cities. On Saturday, May 12, 2018, as part of our spring sale, Ingebretsen’s will be hosting events where you can learn more about urban foraging and end the day (and start the evening) with a happy hour at Urban Forage Winery & Cider House. 731 more words


Picking Nettles for a Spring Health Boost

It is a common mistake to fear this tasty, nutrient packed plant. At one stage or another many of us will have been stung by a nettle but with a good pair of gloves and a scissors you can carefully pick fresh nettles during Springtime to enjoy a welcome boost of energy. 278 more words


Fall and Winter Leaves II: Nettles

Nettles are one of my favorite greens, and one of the most nutritious plants around, so treating them with the respect and care that helps you avoid stings is definitely worth the trouble. 787 more words

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