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Picking Nettles for a Spring Health Boost

It is a common mistake to fear this tasty, nutrient packed plant. At one stage or another many of us will have been stung by a nettle but with a good pair of gloves and a scissors you can carefully pick fresh nettles during Springtime to enjoy a welcome boost of energy. 278 more words


Fall and Winter Leaves II: Nettles

Nettles are one of my favorite greens, and one of the most nutritious plants around, so treating them with the respect and care that helps you avoid stings is definitely worth the trouble. 787 more words

Urban Homesteading

Nettle Soup

“He who is afraid of every nettle should not pee in the grass.”

The common Stinging Nettle, Urtica dioica, was for many generations an important traditional food in Ireland, providing a free and tasty ingredient for soups, purées and sauces in the spring. 472 more words

Irish History

Nettle Soup

I turned up

not out of the blue

just a day later than I’d said

her folks put me in a room,

out back

away from the main house. 100 more words

Feeling soupy

Sometimes if it’s warmish, i don’t feel much like eating lunch, but think I should otherwise I’ll be hungry before the next meal and be tempted to snack on something naughty… which is why soup is good – except of course if the weather really is lovely and hot, in which case maybe not soup! 494 more words


Stinging Nettle Soup

Falling into stinging nettles was an occupational hazard of mine when I was 5 through to age 12. This was neither fun nor painless as I’m sure you can imagine but believe it or not every time I see stinging nettles now I am instantly transported to a happy place, a place where the tiny piece of wilderness that I used to play in at the top of my street was my own private universe!   329 more words