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Oh no

J caught my sniffles. And no one makes a netty pot for babies.


What will the neighbors think?

In our development, nearly everybody takes some degree of pride in the appearance of their home. Whether manicured lawns and landscaping, various lighting schemes or unique window treatments, the natural (looking) stone faced and vinyl sided homes each strike a unique pose among the neighboring properties. 1,093 more words


Fall Allergies- many hit early and hard

With the deep and long heat and humidity we had this summer patients started complaining in July and August about allergies that usually bother them in the Fall.  386 more words

Clear Your Sinuses For a Better Presentation

My sinuses are a problem for me and have been my whole life.  I had surgery on them a few years back and it really helped me breathe and sleep better.   31 more words

Neti Nasal Pots: Ultimate Relief for Nasal Congestion

Sinusitis and allergy sufferers worldwide are finding relief through the natural practice of ‘Neti’ or the cleansing of the nasal passages using a neti pot.  For those who suffer from these very common conditions, relief is often hard to find. 294 more words