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NetWalker PC-T1: Sharp announces mini tablet for Japan for next month

The iPad hasn’t landed in Japan yet, giving domestic competitors some room for their own announcements for tablet PCs. Sharp, for example, today unveiled the NetWalker PC-T1, which looks like a tablet variant of the… 149 more words


Introducing the i.MX515 ARM Processor from Freescale

Freescale Semiconductor continues to beat its drum about its own ARM based processor. The i.MX515 is the latest in the MX family of processors (formerly known as the DragonBall MX) that has been designed for the high-end consumer market, such as smartbooks, smartphones and game consoles. 369 more words



Some of you might know why i m saying its the new two way( its and inside joke amongst friends). I feel like its one of the gadgets for people who want to be cool or are just tech crazy. 39 more words