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VPN for Android Phones & Tablets

Please note that there are a lot of different manufacturers of Android phones and tablets, and some will have some variations in these instructions. The core steps should be the same on any Android phone running Android 2 to the most current. 457 more words

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Business Associates and The Covered Entity's Network

This week’s post is more from a security perspective and not as compliance-focused as we typically tend to be. I hope within most organizations there is a working relationship between the security and compliance teams because without it, effectively protecting the organization will continue to be an uphill battle.   546 more words

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VPN - Manual Configuration for iPhone or iPad

Follow these detailed steps to manually configure an iPhone or iPad to get onto the Brewster Academy network via VPN. 103 more words

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VPN - Manual Configuration for Macintosh

Follow these detailed steps to manually configure a Macintosh to get onto the Brewster Academy network via VPN. 234 more words

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Don’t Be Lulled to Sleep with a Security Fable. . .

Once upon a time, all you needed was a firewall to call yourself “secure.” But then, things changed. More networks are created every day, every network is visible to the others, and they connect with each other all the time—no matter how far away or how unrelated. 345 more words

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BA Fiber Network Upgrades

In May 2014 the campus was connected with 20 year-old 0.1 Gbit fiber.  Today our 10Gbit fiber backbone provides 100 times the bandwidth and the 1Gbit fiber that connects our outlying buildings is 10 times the bandwidth of what we had 15 months ago. 100 more words

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