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Don’t Be Lulled to Sleep with a Security Fable. . .

Once upon a time, all you needed was a firewall to call yourself “secure.” But then, things changed. More networks are created every day, every network is visible to the others, and they connect with each other all the time—no matter how far away or how unrelated. 345 more words

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BA Fiber Network Upgrades

In May 2014 the campus was connected with 20 year-old 0.1 Gbit fiber.  Today our 10Gbit fiber backbone provides 100 times the bandwidth and the 1Gbit fiber that connects our outlying buildings is 10 times the bandwidth of what we had 15 months ago. 100 more words

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The State of Enterprise Security Resilience - An Ixia Research Report

Ixia, an international leader in application performance and security resilience technology, conducted a survey to better understand how network security resilience solutions and techniques are used within the modern enterprise. 279 more words

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Mobile Wi-Fi Power Tools

As a digital nomad I find myself trying to work among a plethora of WiFi arrangements and issues. One of the most common frustrations is the act of connecting/reconnecting to a network, and had I taken the time a year ago to develop the following scripts, I would have more than made up for the spent time. 424 more words


How Not to Rollout New Ideas, or How I Learned to Love Testing

I was recently reading an article in TechCrunch titled “The Problem With The Internet Of Things,” where the author lamented how bad design or rollout of good ideas can kill promising markets. 652 more words

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Will You Find the Needle in the Haystack? Visibility with Overlapping Filters

When chasing security or performance issues in a data center, the last thing you need is packet loss in your visibility fabric. In this blog post I will focus on the importance of how to deal with multiple tools with different but overlapping needs. 1,216 more words

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