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Top 5 Things to Build a Network Marketing Business

I’ve had ups and downs with this whole network marketing ordeal and know that ultimately it’s what I am meant for. If you are wondering, what in the heck do I do, how do I build this…! 818 more words

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Stop Selling, Start Solving

One of the great problems with Networking Marketing is that it’s so freaking awesome.

How is that a problem? you might ask.

When ever something has the capacity to change lives as significantly as our industry can, there will inevitably be a small percentage of people that become a little zealous and through their excitement, literally start running around cramming their message down peoples throats. 514 more words

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Progress or excuses?

I heard a great quote the other day and I see it all of the time in this business. This business is NO different that a traditional business or a small business, it is just easier to plug into a turnkey system with little overhead. 484 more words

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Lame on a Friday

Yea, it’s Friday and yes I am being lame sitting on my couch, drinking a latte while enjoying the silence of no one being in my place. 890 more words

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Jessica Higdon's 4 Step Facebook Strategy

Jessica Higdon and her husband Ray, are fast becoming some of my favourite network marketing trainers. I think I love them as much as I do, Eric Worre. 1,318 more words

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Are You Looking For The Best Job In The World

Every now and again, we humans come up for air from our super busy modern lifestyles and ask the simplest of questions.

“Is this all there is?” 544 more words

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Facebook Ninja Marketing Tips

How To Find Leads In Facebook & FORM

One of my mentors told me that network marketing is made up of 3 key elements – 1 – meet people, 2 – expose your business and 3 – ask them to join. 1,227 more words

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