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You Are The Storefront Of Your Business

When I get a friend request on Facebook I do not automatically accept. Instead, I look at that person’s profile. I am hoping to see posts that show me a little bit about who they are and what they do and like. 456 more words

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Free Facebook Business Leads – From A Guy With Over 13,000 Friends.

I was recently chatting to a small business guy who gets all his business from Facebook. As he doesn’t pay for any of those leads, I got curious, because I know there are a lot of people out there trying to build traditional small businesses and Network Marketing businesses with a very low budget for marketing. 414 more words

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Six Minutes to Success #2

Here is part 2 to this series.  I hope you all find this video useful.  Feel free to share your thoughts.

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My New Business Partnership



FREE International Vacation prizes valued over $3000+???!!! FREE Condos, Resorts, in over 3500 locations from USA, Africa, Asia Pacific, Australia, the Bahamas, the British Isles, Canada, the Canary Islands, the Caribbean, Central America, Egypt, Europe, Israel, the Mediterranean, Mexico, New Zealand, Pacific Islands, and South American???!!! 20 more words

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Your Effort Equals Your Success

Your Effort Equals Your Success

Are you waiting for your moment to shine? You know, that moment that your business explodes overnight and you finally get the recognition you’ve been wishing for all along… And here you are still hoping and wishing. 346 more words

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Should You Be Using a Script?

Should You Be Using a Script?

When I was new to network marketing, my upline gave me several scripts to use when talking to prospects and potential customers. 917 more words

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How to be successful in Network-Marketing the 10 key steps - Step 2

How to be successful in Network-Marketing the 10 key steps

Step 2

Remember Step 1 was – Make a decision to take personal responsibility for your life… 269 more words

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