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My Blog is Moving!

One of the most exciting and stressful things of becoming a professional blogger is being one who is self-hosted. At least for me it has been. 28 more words

Network Marketing

Attraction Marketing and The Joneses

Last night I sat down to watch a movie. I opened the guide to see what was on that I could watch without having to use too much brain activity. 746 more words

Network Marketing

The Truth About Network Marketing

In direct sales, we tend to get more No’s, or straight up ignored, especially in the beginning. The Law of Averages for newbie is typically 1 in every 10 will show interest in your product or business opportunity. 427 more words

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Netiquette: How To Market Without Spamming

Is there a such thing as netiquette? Yes and your friends are getting fed up!

How can you effectively market your business on social media without annoying your friends? 208 more words

Network Marketing

Understanding Compensation Plans in Direct Sales/Network Marketing

In the video inserted into this blog, I discuss how and why you should understand your direct sales compensation plan. This information will help you calculate your earnings, promotions, and map your way to your goals. 183 more words

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What To Do When A Leader Leaves Your Company? Exit Ettiqutte

It’s inevitable that people will have to make choices in their life that not everyone will accept. The decision to leave a company is never easy especially when you are a well known leader or have a large following. 447 more words

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