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Lost your motivation...Get it BACK!

Someone sent me a message talking about their lack of motivation.  It really got me thinking and I thought what a great topic to blog about :) 398 more words

I Am a Network Marketer?! - My Deep Realization

It wasn’t until recently that it hit me, that I had signed on to a network marketing system. What is network marketing? Well, since I myself have recently came this this realization, I don’t know enough to describe it to you in detail. 281 more words

Excuses Never Prosper

I have been disobedient to God lately. That doesn’t sound like the happy clappy missionary I know y’all think I am, but it’s the truth! How have I been disobedient? 1,113 more words

Expert Secrets - Russell Brunson

Russell Brunson just launched his new book called:

“Expert Secrets: The Underground Playbook for Creating a Mass Movement of People Who Will Pay for Your Advice…” 121 more words


Why should you choose a Powder over a Tablet/Pill or Liquid

Why should you choose a Powder over a Tablet/Pill or Liquid, for an “All In One” nutritional supplement?”

To begin, the delivery system by which vitamins, minerals and countless nutrients are introduced to the intestines will have a profound effect in how much and how soon ‘usable nutrition’ ends up in your bloodstream. 857 more words

Getting Results is the goal

I’m writing this down thinking, if I should just make this blog more of a compilation of my at the moment ideas rather than trying to make articles I couldn’t make consistently. 160 more words

Network Marketing

SeneGence Growth

I want to take a sec and talk to yall about our company. There has been AMAZING growth over the last year.. no one could have imagined we could grow so quickly, 2,030% growth! 298 more words