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Top 10 Apps for business

It’s fast becoming a classic line;

“All you need is a phone and Facebook to be successful!” 

Sorry but it’s just not true. That might be all you need to get started, to promote to your warm market of family & friends, but if you’re really going to make a go of this online entrepeneur thing,  you really need to up your game.

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Direct Selling Momentum Ranks October 2016

What is Momentum? Momentum is the magic of Direct Selling – MLM – Network Marketing.  The “Holy Grail”.  Jeunesse was #1 for 30 Months Straight Now Congratulations to YoungLiving. 133 more words

Direct Selling

Implement These Two Marketing Tips

Welcome to Marketing Mondays.  Just like there are basic principles in science there are basic principles in marketing.  Just like a person knows the law of gravity instinctually, a person is also aware of the fundamental marketing principles.   273 more words


Are You Committing To Win?

Network Marketing can change your life and be the opportunity of your life. But there is a catch, you will get out of network marketing what you put in it. 420 more words

Network Marketing

Life Changing Camp Wine - My Story

It was the summer of 2009 and I was sitting in the dining hall when my life changed forever.

I was 23 years old and it was dinnertime at Windells Ski and Snowboard Camp near Mt. 804 more words


It's not really about your product or service. It's about the dream.

When people initially start a business, they base the product or service as the determining factor. While it is normal to base your decision on the product or service, it’s really not about your product or service. 326 more words

Together is better

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