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Networks: The new model for B2B business, a panel discussion

New business networks are unlocking the ability for companies to extend processes and insights broadly and affordably to customers, suppliers, and other partners. As a result, data-savvy B2B participants in these networks are better able to engage with their communities in new and innovative ways. 4,459 more words

Dana Gardner

A new theory of energy and the economy - Part 1 - Generating economic growth

How does the economy really work? In my view, there are many erroneous theories in published literature. I have been investigating this topic and have come to the conclusion that both energy and debt play an extremely important role in an economic system. 5,224 more words

Financial Implications

How increased inefficiency explains falling oil prices

Since about 2001, several sectors of the economy have become increasingly inefficient, in the sense that it takes more resources to produce a given output, such as 1000 barrels of oil. 3,532 more words

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Drie strategie├źn voor het omnichannel tijdperk

We leven momenteel in een ‘networked economy’ en dat heeft de voorwaarden geschapen voor groei, innovatie en optimalisatie. In de retailsector doen bedrijven hier al hun voordeel mee en zetten unieke ‘customer experiences’ voor hun klanten neer. 173 more words


Marketing 2015: omarm hyperconnectiviteit

Marketeers maken veelvuldig gebruik van netwerken. Ze brengen online sociaal gedrag van hun doelgroep in kaart via Facebook of Twitter. Daarnaast leren ze het gedrag van de doelgroep kennen via ‘connected’ producten. 157 more words


WSJ Gets it Wrong on "Why Peak Oil Predictions Haven't Come True"

On Monday, September 29, the Wall Street Journal (WSJ) published a story called “Why Peak Oil Predictions Haven’t Come True.” The story is written as if there are only two possible outcomes: 2,800 more words

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The Business Buyer Manifesto

As our own business grows, I find myself more frequently in the role of a business buyer. It is a stark reminder of why we do what we do at Artesian. 766 more words

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