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Wireless Dropping? Change your Scan Valid Interval

Is your Wireless dropping?  Update your driver of course and then try changing your Scan Valid Interval.   By default, most wireless cards are set to 60.   260 more words


Network Bandwidth Checker

This post concentrates on development of an automated Bash Linux tool for checking Internet connection bandwidth provided by Internet Service Providers (ISPs), periodically. The tool outputs data in .csv format so that “spreadsheet” software such as Microsoft Excel or LibreOffice Calc is able to read data and construct charts. 559 more words


Thoughts on ripping off the fear plaster

Last week I was trying to explain to my niece why doing things that you are afraid of is good. Why, she asked quite reasonably, … 415 more words


3 Tips to becoming an opportunity magnet at your next networking event

New to the networking scene? No problem, the purpose of this post is to distill some of the experience and working knowledge that I have accumulated over the years of trial and error. 690 more words


Tomato Cache Optimization with DNSMasq and DNS Benchmark

Want to speed up your internet’s resolution of websites?  One way is to flash your router with Tomato (Tomato is Linux core firmware for many routers that provides advanced features. 441 more words


Don't Be the Best, Be YOUR Best #BoredEduChat

It’s been a while since I’ve blogged.  It’s also been a while since I’ve done #BoredEduChat.  It emerged one day as I was…well, bored…and there were a few that we’ve done since then.   388 more words

Monitor your Hyper-V machines with this monitoring app

Want to monitor your Hyper-V machine’s resources?  TMurgent Technologies has an app that does just that. HyperV_Mon monitors physical, logical, virtual performance and more.