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Dynamic VLANs with 802.1x Authentication

VLAN configuration can be a large overhead on resources making sure the right device is in the right VLAN.

Constantly re-configuring switches trying to keep on top of users moving their PCs. 401 more words


Guest Post: 9 Things to Do Every Day While You’re Unemployed

You may be entering your first week on the job market, or you might be ending your first full year without steady work. But no matter how long you’ve been facing this experience, you’ve had a chance to learn at least one important fact: unemployment is no picnic. 633 more words


A Simple Concept, Remote Office, Small Business Virtualised Design

Today I am going to be doing something slightly different compared to what I normally do for these posts. I normally find a topic to talk about and provide you information about it. 467 more words


Tell me about yourself?

When someone you meet at a party wants to know about you, we often find a good story and try to tell it in a way they’ll enjoy hearing. 331 more words

Career Advice

If you don't market to the right audience you won't get the result you want.

I’ve just spent a day at a business to business exhibition in my local Town Hall. What a fantastic opportunity to promote local businesses to their peers. 414 more words


Stretching Exercises for Your Business

Webster says this about the word “stretch”:  “Stretch: To draw out to the full or fuller length, breadth, or extent”.

A few months ago, I had an index finger on my left hand that seemed to go numb quite often. 453 more words


LinkedIn & Personal Impact: Skills session with EY

This week Amy Moody, Student Recruitment Officer at EY, delivered a useful and thought-provoking session on LinkedIn and personal impact. Here’s a summary of what she covered…

594 more words
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