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Much more than a pat on the back

Have you landed an industry award or distinction? Congratulations! It shows real class to accept honors with humility, sharing credit with your work and home team. 278 more words

Calling time on conferences

Dr Dani Barrington is a Lecturer in Water, Sanitation and Health at University of Leeds and an Honorary Fellow at The University of Queensland 1,266 more words


Network Throttling Index

Did you know that Windows implements a network throttling mechanism that will restrict and slow network traffic when regular (not multimedia) traffic is transferred?

This traffic can be around 10ish packets per ms which is just over 100 megabits per second.    51 more words


Keep DNS services running well on your computer

If you enter ipconfig /displaydns at a command prompt you’ll see that Windows stores successful and unsuccessful name resolutions in cache.  By default, Windows will store this cache for 24 hours.  47 more words


Clearing the Bench New Mexico

Getting tired of judges who view the federal and State Constitutions as their personal Charmin rolls where your liberty and property are concerned?

In New Mexico, if a judge seeking to be retained during an election receives less than 57 % of the votes cast in his / her retention race, than the judge in question loses his / her spot on the bench, and returns to the private sector. 269 more words


Why should we hire you?

You pray for them to ask this question, it is your home run question.  This is the question that will allow you to show how much research you’ve done, how your skillset matches their needs, demonstrate your understanding of their problems, and your understanding of their problems that you can solve. 403 more words

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