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Bulletproofing Recreational Therapy

A book Review of Stephen Viscusi’s (2008) book, Bulletproof your job

  • Viscusi, S. (2008). Bulletproof your job: 4 simple strategies to ride out the rough times and come out on top at work…
  • 1,185 more words

Let's Eat 2 (Korean Drama) Impressions

Social skills are a must for any individual looking to advance anywhere in life. What is Let’s Eat 2? A drama with a focus on dining on delicious and tempting foods, but also a wake-up call for making social interactions meaningful. 340 more words

Korean Dramas

It's not really about your product or service. It's about the dream.

When people initially start a business, they base the product or service as the determining factor. While it is normal to base your decision on the product or service, it’s really not about your product or service. 326 more words

Virtual Machine with 2 NICs

In Azure Resource Manager (ARM), Network Interface Cards (NICs) are a first class resource.  You can defined them without a Virtual Machine.

Let’s take a step back and look at how the different Azure… 730 more words


Networking: A Different Approach

In person, unless I know you, I can be on the shy side. Therefore I find it incredibly difficult to ‘network’ or interact face to face.   468 more words


5 Easy Ways To Be Transparent Every Day

Transparency is something public relations professionals know very well; it’s being open, authentic and honest in all aspects of the industry. In the field, being transparent is crucial and can often be a determining factor in whether you receive a job or acquire a new client. 412 more words