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Bring a Connection Up in NetworkManager From the Command-Line

You can also use this for the VPN. Occasionally my taskbar freezes on one of my laptops, so this is a contingency to start my VPN if that is happening at the time. 6 more words


Network interface disabled by default in CentOS 7

After a fresh installation of CentOS 7, your main network interface may be disabled. Its name may be enp0s3.

Check its status with : 47 more words


NetworkManager dnsmasq Setup (Centos 7)

(name could be anything):



Setup Network Bridge Using NetworkManager (Centos 7)

After creating the bridge in NetworkManager, add the following to the ifcfg-eth-xxx for the actual adapter chosen in NetworkManager:


Then restart NetworkManager. May take a bit of time to DHCP the bridge.

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NetworkManager and team in RHEL7


In previous Red Hat Enterprise Linux releases, the default way to configure networking was using network scripts. The term network scripts is commonly used for the script /etc/init.d/network and any other installed scripts it calls. 162 more words

A method of 'masking' an OpenRC service (NetworkManager, in this case)

A Gentoo Linux user with an installation using OpenRC recently asked in the Gentoo Forums how to either a) disable NetworkManager so that it would not interfere with his… 1,166 more words


Fixing DNS Issues with Linux Mint 18

A problem that has been bugging me for a while on my Linux Mint 18, that the DNS is not working properly and on a random basis. 48 more words