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Taming KDEwallet

On opensuse forums, I often see complaints about KDEwallet (or “kwallet” for short).  It can be annoying at times.  In this post, I’ll indicate ways of keeping it under control. 1,218 more words


Installing opensuse Tumbleweed, Aug. 15, 2016

I’ve simplified my life, so I am no longer doing regular monthly installs.  But I still do occasional installs.

In this case, the occasion was a topic at opensuse forums: 1,107 more words


How to Convert NetworkManager to networkd

This post will describe how to convert NetworkManager to networkd.

I am using Fedora Workstation 24 image. If you are using fedora or projectatomic… 431 more words

Resolv.conf gets overwritten at reboot

If you ever encounter the behavior that the /etc/resolv.conf file is overwritten at reboot time, you should follow the next instructions to identify and fix the root cause. 382 more words


Μπλοκάρισμα του resolv.conf

Πολλές φορές, ανάλογα με το δίκτυο που χρησιμοποιοίμε, διάφοροι daemons (συνήθως ο dhcpcd και διάφοροι network managers βλ. wcid, NetworkManager) πειράζουν το αρχείο resolv.conf.

Για να το αποτρέψουμε αυτό, ακουλουθούμε τα εξής: 39 more words


Recent changes to Leap 42.1 and plasma 5

There have been several recent updates to opensuse Leap 42.1.  Toward the end of February, there was an update of KDE applications.  And earlier this week there was a frameworks updates. 581 more words


Tumbleweed install for February 2016

On Saturday, I noticed that snapshot 20160205 had been released.  So I downloaded that for this month’s install.


The install itself went quite smoothly.  I installed the KDE (i.e. 553 more words