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NetworkManager commands on a Raspberry Pi 3 - Setting up a RPI3 as a router and NAT gateway for 4G tethering and hotspot auto connect.

I am discovering that NetworkManager on RPI3 (more specifically the nmcli commands). RPI3 with iptables, routing and nmcli make apoweful gateway for ethernet lan devices to use a RPI3 to connect to a 4G hotspot or upstream WISP. 578 more words


Raspberry Pi 3 - Change from dhcpcd to NetworkManager configuration

Disable the following service for dhcpcd:

sudo update-rc.d dhcpcd disable

Empty the file “interfaces” in:

sudo nano /etc/network/interfaces

Install NetworkManager:

sudo apt-get install network-manager

Enable NetworkManager: 470 more words


DNS configuration with VPNs and Ubuntu 17.04: working again

I must have hit this bug on the upgrade from 16.10 to 17.04.

Result: DNS queries not working if not using FQDNs for my VPNs. 334 more words


Bring a Connection Up in NetworkManager From the Command-Line

You can also use this for the VPN. Occasionally my taskbar freezes on one of my laptops, so this is a contingency to start my VPN if that is happening at the time. 6 more words


Network interface disabled by default in CentOS 7

After a fresh installation of CentOS 7, your main network interface may be disabled. Its name may be enp0s3.

Check its status with : 47 more words


NetworkManager dnsmasq Setup (Centos 7)

(name could be anything):



Setup Network Bridge Using NetworkManager (Centos 7)

After creating the bridge in NetworkManager, add the following to the ifcfg-eth-xxx for the actual adapter chosen in NetworkManager:


Then restart NetworkManager. May take a bit of time to DHCP the bridge.

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