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Μπλοκάρισμα του resolv.conf

Πολλές φορές, ανάλογα με το δίκτυο που χρησιμοποιοίμε, διάφοροι daemons (συνήθως ο dhcpcd και διάφοροι network managers βλ. wcid, NetworkManager) πειράζουν το αρχείο resolv.conf.

Για να το αποτρέψουμε αυτό, ακουλουθούμε τα εξής: 39 more words


Recent changes to Leap 42.1 and plasma 5

There have been several recent updates to opensuse Leap 42.1.  Toward the end of February, there was an update of KDE applications.  And earlier this week there was a frameworks updates. 581 more words


Tumbleweed install for February 2016

On Saturday, I noticed that snapshot 20160205 had been released.  So I downloaded that for this month’s install.


The install itself went quite smoothly.  I installed the KDE (i.e. 553 more words


Another look at NetworkManager and Tumbleweed

I last looked at NetworkManager when it was at version 1.0.0.  It is now at version 1.0.6, and with some changes that persuaded me to do some more testing. 1,058 more words


Enable wake-on-lan with NetworkManager

This little tip enables wake-on-lan on our network interfaces so the computer can be awaken with a magic packet from other host in the same network. 111 more words


How to turn on the NetworkManager on Oracle Linux 7.

NetworkManager is a dynamic network control and configuration system that attempts to keep network devices and connections up and active when they are available. NetworkManager consists of a core daemon, a GNOME Notification Area applet that provides network status information, and graphical configuration tools that can create, edit and remove connections and interfaces. 246 more words