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Apartment tour: Neukölln

A completely beautiful and cozy little 3 bedroom apartment from Berlin, Neukölln


A Month In Berlin: Thoughts Thus Far

The last couple of months have been busy for me: I have left France and am currently spending a month living in Berlin. This is not my first time visiting the German capital and I like to think I know my way around certain bits of the city now. 291 more words


Green Smoothie!

Here is a receipt of a green smoothies. I never thought, that it would taste good, but it does.

250 g Salat

1 Apple

1 Cucumber… 23 more words


Smoothie Trend! Why do things the easy way, when you can make things complicated?

I never thought about smoothies! But when they became a trend or got hyped I was´nt surprised. I was never a friend of chewing! And I really don´t like cooking. 266 more words


The life of the real Housewives of Neukoelln

Something big is coming! We will give you an inside view! The life of the housewives of Neukoelln! Not rich, but real. Have fun!


eins44 Kantine Neukölln

For a while I was too depressed with the food scene in Berlin to blog about it, hence the (oops) two year hiatus from writing any updates. 407 more words


Brunch in Berlin: Breakfast Bandits, Neukölln

Even though I’ve never been to California Breakfast Slam because it was ridiculously slammed both times I’ve tried to go there and was extremely dissatisfied/disgruntled/kind of appalled both times that I gave its sister restaurant,  466 more words