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A Holy Trinity of the Highest Order: J GRGRY, Porter Ray & Thunderpussy Take Neumos into the New Year

[All photos featured in article are by Emma Pierce]

There’s this principle called the “rule of three” which suggests that things that come in threes are more memorable, effective, or enjoyable than other patterns of numbers. 1,087 more words

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A Big Lineup for a Bigger Night: A Peek at New Year's Eve with J GRGRY, Porter Ray, and Thunderpussy

Question: How are you closing out this bizarrely awful year?

Answer: With the best music Seattle has to offer at one of the best venues in the city, that’s how. 452 more words

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No One Can Handle a Soul: An Interview with J GRGRY

It’s been a couple of weeks since my last final exam, and since then, I’ve been holed up in my parents house in West Seattle hibernating, listening to… 1,860 more words


I’m Wet: A Review of Wet at Neumos

I walked into Neumos last Monday night and saw that the majority of the crowd was in costume, as expected on Halloween. What I wasn’t expecting was for a good amount of the crowd to also be sporting a bright red tote bag. 605 more words

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Problematic Favorite Preoccupations Take Neumos (For Another Try)

The last time the problematic favorite Preoccupations (formerly Viet Cong) were in Seattle, there was a bit of an uproar. With a band name like Viet Cong, protesters first tried to shut down the show altogether, and when that didn’t work, they took to protesting outside of the venue. 205 more words

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I Swallowed a Feather: A Review of Of Montreal at Neumos

Flashback to Halloween of 2015, and I’m choking on a feather at an Of Montreal show. I can’t breathe, I’m trying to keep up with the crowd, and am backing out of the dance pit to find a place I can regain my breath. 442 more words

Disappear Here: An Interview with Bad Suns

Underneath the sun-soaked palm trees and amongst the bustling streets of city folk, Bad Suns was born. Perhaps you’ve heard their sweet hooks played on your favorite radio stations, or maybe you’ve passed a stranger on the street humming the ever-so-catchy melodies in “Cardiac Arrest.” Regardless, you’ll know a Bad Suns song when you hear one. 926 more words