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Will the Real AI Please Stand Up? A search for structure in the AI world

Where is AI development going, and how do we know when we are there? The AI world is developing rapidly and and it can be quite challenging to keep up with everything that’s happening across the wide spectrum of AI capabilities. 831 more words

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Digit Recognition in python : SVM

Hello friends. This is my second post on my B.Tech project ‘Digit Recognition in python’ and this time I am going to discuss a kernel based learning algorithm, Support Vector Machine. 1,157 more words

The Basic Recipe For Machine Learning Explained In A Single PowerPoint Slide


Deep structured learning is one of computer science’s most intriguing disciplines. Essentially, it involves the creation of computer systems that can make reasoned decisions based on prior experience with learning data sets — in short, a computer that can “think” for itself. 297 more words


[WEB SITE] Brain Training And The End Of The Prozac Generation

More than 20 percent of Americans regularly consume prescribed drugs related to mental health issues, earning contemporary America the nickname, “the Prozac Generation.”  However, developing safe, targeted, and effective drugs for mental illnesses has increasingly become a struggle for the pharmaceutical industry. 345 more words

Object Classification on aYahoo image dataset

1. You need to have Caffe installed on your system to run the below tasks. If not follow the tutorial here to get Caffe up and running on your system.
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Microsoft Is Getting Close to Perfecting a Universal Communicator

Gurdeep Pall was confident Skype’s automatic translation program would work. But as Microsoft’s corporate vice president in charge of Skype prepared to hold the first public demonstration of the program last May, Pall found himself worrying about the room itself. 1,943 more words