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Processing video streams with TensorFlow and Inception-v3

I am currently working with TensorFlow and I thought it’d be interesting to see what kind of performance I could get when processing video and trying to recognize objects with I… 155 more words

Deep Neural Networks

Research: Using Neural Networks to Turn Sketches into Photorealistic Images

Wow: using neural networks to turn face sketches into photorealistic images. How cool is this? “A team of four neuroscientists at Radboud University is working on a model for inverting face sketches to synthesize photorealistic face images by using deep neural networks. 31 more words

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Prisma, AI for the People

Prisma is a russian app created by Russian developer Alexei Moiseyenkov released last month that uses neural networks and artificial intelligence  (as other applications before it) to create “paintings” from your pictures. 143 more words


Get Started on Machine Learning

Our future lies in AI/Machine learning, either your products are using them or you don’t exist in Future.

Now rather than giving more theory, lets dive in what you should do to get started with ML: 358 more words


Combining CNN and RNN for spoken language identification · YerevaNN

Last year Hrayr used convolutional networks to identify spoken language from short audio recordings for a TopCoder contest and got 95% accuracy. After the end of the contest we decided to try recurrent neural networks and their combinations with CNNs on the same task. 26 more words

Artificial brain

Research that aims to develop software and hardware with cognitive abilities similar to those of the animal or human brain. Research investigating “artificial brains” and brain emulation plays three important roles in science: 350 more words

Artificial Intelligance