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Facebook's Relationship With Artificial Intelligence and Fake News: It's Complicated

Facebook wants the public to know more about artificial intelligence as part of an effort to make the often-misunderstood technology less mysterious (and threatening) than it may currently seem. 1,154 more words


Deep Learning Neural Network with Keras

When I began to study Neural Networks, I realized the complexity involved in representing those large layers of neurons in code. But when I read about… 1,530 more words


Resources for a Beginner in ML

At the beginning of this past summer, I took it upon myself to start scouring the internet so that I could learn all that I could about machine learning. 480 more words

Machine Learning

The Role of Data in Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning

Oliver Schabenberger, EVP and CTO, SAS, on The difference between Statistical Modeling and Machine Learning:

We can… distinguish statistical modeling, classical machine learning and modern machine learning by the role of the data.

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On Record

Boy, have I got a story for you.

So yes, that’s me, in the screenshot above, calling the death of Apple’s relative lead in the app ecosystem wars – on 11 November 2016. 1,790 more words


Short review of Neuromorphic Silicon Photonics

Another day, another review. This time I come back to the short review series and with a paper close to my scientific and career background. I already posted… 1,011 more words

Machine Learning

Are Computers Really Getting Smarter?

You may have noticed a new set of terms that are getting very popular these days. Words like artificial intelligence (AI), neural networks, and machine learning. 86 more words

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