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Image Compression with Neural Networks

Google Research Blog just posted a blog post which introduces image compression model with Neural Networks. They explore whether machine learning can provide better results for image compression like it has for… 11 more words

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Baidu Releases AI Benchmark


SAN JOSE, Calif. – Calling for 100x faster processors, China Web giant Baidu released DeepBench, an open source benchmark for how fast processors train neural networks for machine learning. 601 more words


Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella on artificial intelligence, algorithmic accountability, and what he learned from Tay

Microsoft is quickly pivoting to position itself as a leader in artificial intelligence. In his second keynote on the subject this year, CEO Satya Nadella yesterday (Sept. 1,287 more words

Google says its new AI-powered translation tool scores nearly identically to human translators

Say hello to the new Google Translate.

Starting today, Google will rely more heavily on artificial intelligence when it translates language. The new method, called Google Machine Neural Translation, cuts down errors by 80% compared to its current algorithm, and is nearly indistinguishable from human translation on standardized tests, the company said. 252 more words

Smartphone Speech Recognition Is 3X Faster Than Texting

Speech-recognition software is not only three times faster at texting than human typists, it’s also more accurate.

Want to save some time? New research suggests you should be using your smartphone’s speech-recognition software to text, instead of your thumbs. 313 more words


Let's Get Metaphysical

(Featured image from newscientist.com)

Scientists are increasingly answering the questions normally left to philosophers: How do I know I exist? What is reality made of? 306 more words


The Information Age paper review: a new commitment

Hello everyone with an interest in The Information Age. I will announce today that I’ll start to post regular reviews of papers that I deem interesting developments in fields of research this blog cares about, namely to do with Information Technology, Computer Science and Data Science. 226 more words

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