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My First Data Analysis Tutorial (in R)

I have finally finished my data analysis tutorial (using R). I decided not to finish the version of the tutorial that used Octave.

Here is the link to the document containing the tutorial. 8 more words

Supervised Learning

Scientists built an AI robot that's figuring life out just like humans do

There are so many precious moments in a newborn’s life that parents love to capture on film: The first time their child sits up on her own, the first time she stands, her first cautious steps. 547 more words

NVIDIA Jetson TX1 powers machine learning

As the first embedded computer designed to process deep neural networks, the new NVIDIA Jetson TX1 is set to enable a new wave of smart devices. 315 more words


Nightcap - Nov 10

A.I. and cyber security are discussed in The Nightcap – Radar


Google makes its advanced AI machine, TensorFlow, open source

Google hasn’t been shy about sharing how it uses advanced neural networks (informally known as AI) in some of its products. The company has been teaching its machine learning tools a slew of new tricks in recent months. 303 more words


Neural networks, linear transformations and word embeddings

In past posts, I’ve described the geometry of artificial neural networks by thinking of the output from each neuron in the network as defining a probability density function on the space of input vectors. 2,208 more words

Neural Networks

Google: Machine Learning and Deep Neural Networks Explained (Video)

*Greg and Chris did an AMA on Friday, September 25th to answer people’s deep learning questions. Check out their answers here: https://goo.gl/jpbMy9

*To read more about machine learning, neural nets, and the like – check out the Google Research blog: 12 more words