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Practical Deep Learning (talk)

Yesterday at IT Tage 2017, I had an introductory-level talk on deep learning.

After giving an overview of concepts and frameworks, I zoomed in on the task of image classification using Keras, Tensorflow and PyTorch, not aiming for high classification accuracy but wanting to convey the different “look and feel” of these frameworks. 38 more words

Data Science

Be in cipherness and be at peace

Be in cipherness and be at peace, monitoring by artificial systems, #IoT, #AI  Realisation #meditation. #Peace, #spiritual #Ci. #Cipherness http://bit.ly/2gCoYnV


Inside the world's biggest and most important AI conference

Look into the sea of computer scientists shaping the future of artificial intelligence and the first thing you’ll notice is all the backpacks. Expensive and branded, the backpacks mark the… 870 more words

Predictive Analytics

Predictive Analytics is a way to crunch data so that people can make more informed decisions, a practice that has drastically altered the way the world conducts its research and runs its businesses. 2,554 more words


Logarithm of Sigmoid As a Neural Networks Activation Function

Previously, we’ve reviewed sigmoid function as activation function for neural networks. Logarithm of sigmoid states it modified version. Unlike to sigmoid, log of sigmoid produces outputs in scale of (-∞, 0]. 387 more words

Machine Learning

I'm a developer, why should I care about matrices or calculus? (talk at MLConference 2017)

Yesterday at ML Conference, which took place this year for the first time, I had a talk on cool bits of calculus and linear algebra that are useful and fun to know if you’re writing code for deep learning and/or machine learning. 63 more words

Data Science

Shortest path finder in Processing

Simon created a wonderful project in Processing – a path finder that looks for the shortest path to reach the green cell, avoiding the obstacles. Every time the path finder fails, it tries again. 79 more words