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AI v homo sapiens

There is a lot of angst expressed about the development of AI with neural networks enabling increasing levels of ‘autonomous’ thought such as to rival, or even, replace, our human brain capabilities. 701 more words


My Data Analytics book becomes Best Seller

Today, my first book, Data Analytics Made Accessible, became a top-seller in the data mining category. It reached #2 bestseller status on the Amazon website (see picture below). 74 more words

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Neural Networks (Part I) - Understanding the Mathematics behind backpropagation


Artificial Neural Networks (ANNs) are inspired by the biological nervous system to model the learning behavior of human brain. One of the most intriguing challenges for computer scientists is to model the human brain and effectively create a super-human intelligence that aids humanity in its course to achieve the next stage in evolution. 1,215 more words


Google Training AI to Detect Pedestrians

It’s not as entertaining as Deep Dream, but Google is training its AI to detect pedestrians. Quickly. “We present a new real-time approach to object detection that exploits the efficiency of cascade classifiers with the accuracy of deep neural networks. 60 more words


I Finally Get the Hang of Neural Networks

Almost ever since I encountered the artificial neural network in my ISM studies last year, I have had a sense of fear of working with this powerful but complicated tool. 305 more words

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The Real Threat Posed by Powerful Computers

Description: Elon Musk called artificial intelligence “our greatest existential threat,” and equated making machines that think with “summoning the demon.”

Source: http://www.nytimes.com

Date: July 11, 2015… 150 more words

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Google’s Inceptionism: Cutting Through the Hype

News about recent Google research has made splash headlines around the internet. The Google researchers call the result “inceptionism” and there is all kind of hype about dreaming computers. 2,325 more words