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In the beginning It was code

The code you wrote as a CS student is deterministic that given an certain input it will yield  an exact corresponding output (if the code is correct). 597 more words

Machine Learning

Google AI Now Lets Users Instantly Translate Text in 27 Languages With Phone Cameras

Thanks to artificial intelligence, traveling abroad has never been simpler.

The Google Translate app lets users translate text instantly. In the app, just point your camera at the text you want to translate and you’ll see it transform into your desired language live, right before your eyes—no Internet connection or cell phone data needed. 683 more words

Google's Neural Nets Can Now Translate Text Instantly, Practically Everywhere

No, you still can’t talk to dolphins or aliens. But with Google Translate, you can now talk in your native tongue across most corners of the globe. 361 more words


Article reading : Hippocampal place cells construct reward related sequences through unexplored space


“Dominant theories of hippocampal function propose that place cell representations are formed during an animal’s first encounter with a novel environment and are subsequently replayed during off-line states to support consolidation and future behaviour. 277 more words


App Allows you to "Deep Dream" Your Photos

Do you want to “Deep Dream,” or trippify your own photos? There’s an app for that.

And because this is the Internet, here is an Art Deco’d picture of my cat, Bojangles.

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Google Robots' Dream Psychedelic Dreams and Lash Out at Humans

The Wall Street Journal reported recently that a Google robot became “exasperated” and ended a conversation “by lashing out at its human inquisitor.” And Quartz… 1,192 more words


Google neural network webapp

Remember Day dreaming de-CODED.

Well, someone finally made a web-app for you to play around, weird-ify your own photos. It’s called Dreamscape. Go crazy!

Original post: Gizmodo

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