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New Stock Market Prediction Software SMFT-2 Released

Addaptron Software announced the release of Stock Market Forecast Tools SMFT-2. It is a new integrated system, the next generation of the software that intended to replace older SMFT-1 version. 262 more words

Stock Market Forecast

A look at Zeroth, Qualcomm’s effort to put AI in your smartphone

What if your smartphone camera were smart enough to identify that the plate of clams and black beans appearing in its lens was actually food? What if it then automatically could make the necessary adjustments to take a decent picture of said dish in the low light conditions of a restaurant? 729 more words

Breakthrough in FPGAs could make custom chips faster, larger

Today we are worshipping the gods of the algorithm, according to one prominent magazine. It’s not a bad comparison. Everything from search results to our machine learning efforts are the basis of a series of equations that purport to solve for something that feels almost ineffable, human. 759 more words

Machine Learning - Neural Networks (Part 1)

So this is my first blog post ever… Decided to start a blog because writing down what you learn requires you to understand it more deeply. 1,423 more words

Machine Learning

Microsoft is building fast, low-power neural networks with FPGAs

Microsoft on Monday released a white paper explaining a current effort to run convolutional neural networks — the deep learning technique responsible for record-setting computer vision algorithms — on FPGAs rather than GPUs. 476 more words

Matrices And Vectors

Paul has a succint online note on vectors and matrices. Vectors are basically a subset of matrices in that they are single row or single column matrices. 189 more words

Neural Networks