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Collateral Circulation of the Brain

2 Sources of Collateral Circulation of the brain

  1. extracranial source
  2. intracranial route


  • a=facial a. with ophthalmic a.
  • b= maxillary a. with ophthalmic a.
  • c = middle meningeal a.with ophthalmic a.
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CSF WBC Correction for Traumatic Tap

If peripheral WBC is normal, then use ratio of 1:500 or 1:750.

If peripheral WBC abnormal, then use the following formula:

  • WBCcsf = WBCblood x RBCcsf / RBCblood…
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Anticoagulation in Patients with Brain Metastases


  • Anticoagulate in patients with brain tumors and VTE except if risk of ICH is high: i.e.
    • melanoma mets
    • renal cell carcinoma mets
    • choriocarcinoma mets…
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