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Hello readers,

Today is a bit of a strange and different post from usual. It is an urge for you to read Neurotribes by Steve Silberman. 590 more words

Classification of Hydrocephalus

The first level of classification of hydrocephalus should be based on the point where flow of CSF is restricted.  These potential sites of restriction would include: 423 more words

Mirror, Mirror

Recently became acquainted with a clever little techie word – phablet. Never heard it before. Matter of fact, initially, I assumed she (“the teacher” who dealt the word) had simply taken the two words and slapped them together (#likeaboss). 388 more words


SEO Jedi

So I’m in the process of having my name legally changed. As a result, I employed the expertise of an SEO “Jedi” Specialist (who’d done great media work for me in the past) and placed the outcome of this delicate process in his care. 415 more words


The Internet as a Memory Source: How the Brain is Keeping Up

This article is a continuation from a previous article: Is the Internet Changing our Brains?, as a part of a Technology-based series.

The Internet has changed our ability to process information. 1,132 more words