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VA Stroke Updates

Powerpoint from presentation by Andrew Huffer and Kim Veilleux in July 2016. The powerpoint addresses updates to the stroke protocol, in particular with regards to tPA administration. 39 more words

Teaching Archives

The Mind: a Person, a Place, and Many Things

To recount a tale, construct a skyscraper, to live; not just survive.

Is this what we mean when we say “we’re alive”?

Is the world just an imperceptible speck in our mind’s eye? 572 more words


Measuring irrelevant memory

One of the projects I have been working on is to measure one’s irrelevant memory. Wait, what? Yes, irrelevant memory. Let’s say there is an object with color and orientation, like an ellipse with a color. 633 more words

Neuropsychology Board Game

For our neuropsychology module we were asked to create a board game. The aim of the game is to teach players about the different parts of the brain and their functions while also being fun. 141 more words

Eatbrain Recordings - Synergy - Helion EP - [Review]

If you had been living under a rock for whatever reason for the past couple of months and are totally unaware who Synergy is, well, I take this opportunity to enlighten you a little bit. 398 more words

Drum N Bass