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PTSD = Brain Shrinkage

I’ve been studying the brain with an expert, the inimitable professor, Dr. Milberg, whose directs the Geriatric Neuropsychology Laboratory (GNL)lab, the New England Geriatric Research, Education, and Clinical Center… 127 more words


Anosognosia : Recognizing a Problem at the Right Time

Recently, I presented a critique for my Brain and Behavior in Psychology course at Harvard. The critique and presentation was of my analysis of a medical journal article, … 149 more words


Post-traumatic Cerebral Vasospasm

3 phases after severe head injury:

1. hypoperfusion and cerebral ischemia (24h)
2. rebound hyperemia (24-72h)
3.  post-traumatic vasospasm (4-14d)

Methods to detect Post-trauma Vasospasm… 432 more words

Landmark Stroke Trials

Within 3 hours – within 4.5 hours – beyond 4.5 hours

Within 3 hours but thrombolysis contraindicated

Within 4.5 hours but thrombolysis contraindicated

Proximal artery vs distal artery occlusions… 1,723 more words

Medical Notes : VERTIGO

Akhir-akhir ini banyak sekali saya temukan pasien yang datang ke klinik dengan keluhan pusing. Teman-teman pun juga sering update status “pusing pala, pusing pala”. Apa gara-gara lagu “pusing pala berbie” lagi hits?  588 more words