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Dizziness - AAFP 2010

Non-vertiginous dizziness:
  • Sudden transient LOC due to global cerebral HoTN
  • Cardiac arrhythmias, AS, vasovagal, orthostatic HoTN, hyperventilation, metabolic causes (HoTN, med S/E, caffeine, nicotine)
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99 Priority Topics

Optical Fibers

Another area of my research this spring 2015 will be Optical Fibers.
I have selected this topic for my course Innovation in Engineering.

Laparoscopy, neurophotonics, stealth fiber, are the source of my initial investigation.

More to come…



Model based Cognitive Neuroscience : A practical perspective

Buoyed by the chapter written by Forstmann and E J Wagenmakers on the topic, I was motivated (finally) to write a post on it. More so, because i strongly believe in the idea of integration of two fields of cognitive psychology and mathematical psychology as voiced by the authors. 776 more words


Basics of Synesthesia

Synesthesia is a neurological condition, (not a disability, despite popular belief) that effects the senses.
Things like sight and sound, taste, touch, even emotions themselves are effected by synesthesia. 225 more words