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Chimiste ou cuisinière?

Eté 2015, me voilà à baby-sitter neveu et nièce au milieu d’une canicule bien appréciée et de quelques adultes indolents. Canicule ce n’est pas pour dire. 195 more words


#Brain article of interest: Cannabis and the brain

From Neuroscience News — ScienceDaily

Read the full article here-> http://ift.tt/1JzegmP


The psychology behind Polykinetics: An NLP connection

I am going to try to write this the best that I can, but if it doesn’t make sense at first, just bear with me and I am sure the deeper I dig into this, the clearer it will become… 649 more words


Non-reabsorbable sugar -> osmotic diuretic

inhibits water reabsportion in proximal convuluted tubule (mainly), as well as thing descending loop and collecting ducts

Water loss>>electrolyte loss… 173 more words

Peri-op Management


By My Skin(y)-Skin-Skin

Just what is the world coming to? Good things, I think! But why would Google need to engineer human skin? I think about our innovations today and they are consumer driven, medical, certainly some hugely beneficial,

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