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Algorithm for Treatment of ICP and PbtO2 from BOOST Trial

  • Algorithm for treatment of monitoring parameters in the BOOST trial.
  • Treatment options for each ICP and PbtO2 scenario

Scenario Type B:  decreased PbtO2, normal ICP… 34 more words

SAH Management Algorithm


  • In our practice, we prefer to start seizure prophylaxis in the setting of an unsecured aneurysm to abate potential deleterious effects of seizures on an already dysregulated brain.
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Checklist: Predictors of DCI

  • SAH Blood clot:  Volume, location, persistence over time and density
  • Poor clinical condition on admission and loss of consciousness at ictus
  • smoking (strong)
  • diabetes (mod)
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How Cortical Spreading Ischemia leads to DCI

  • cortical neuronal swelling
  • dendrite spine distortion
  • slow changes in brain electrical potential (spreading depolarization)
  • decreased brain electric activity (spreading depression)

Normal Neurovascular Coupling:  Spreading depolarization –> arterioles vasodilate –> hyperemia –> … 154 more words

Moving......A long wait, or a pain in the neck

 Since moving from down south, to the north-east, I am still awaiting an appointment to see a consultant neurologist as regarding my Cervical Dystonia, having been referred from my G.P., first of all I don’t  know which Hospital I am meant to be going to, when that will be, and how I can deal with the pain. 155 more words


Cerebral Microdialysis

Cerebral microdialysis

  • Microdialysis probes
    • typically placed in subcortical white matter via tunneling technique or a bolt
      • Tunneling more accurate targeting of penumbral or peri-lesional tissue…
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Algorithm for Management of CSF Leaks

Here is an algorithm for the management of suspected spinal CSF leaks published in 2015 (Continuum series).

  • CE = contrast enhancement; EBP = epidural blood patch; RIC = radioisotope cisternographic imaging; CTM = CT myelography; DSM = digital subtraction myelography; GdM = gadolinium myelography.
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