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HPGF, Book 4: Chapter 7-12 - Professor Moody reveals C-PTSD and PTSD 

A lot has happened since I last read Chapter 6 of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire. I’ve finally found the right combination of time, energy and mindset to continue reading! 1,097 more words

Trauma And Abuse

Brain Waves

The year is 1924.  A German psychiatrist by the name of Hans Berger has been conducting experiments to test for telepathy between human minds – working off of the recent discoveries of radio waves and electromagnetic waves.   822 more words


Too Many Voices

“It was with some trepidation that I sat down with a deeply schizophrenic young man whose mother had brought him to talk to me, and then driven off with a casual wave saying, ‘Have a nice time, dear!’ ” 6 more words


The Non-Hypnotizable

Meaningful human changes change our state of mind. Sometimes people cannot or will not change their mental state. These people are non-hypnotizable….

Read more at: The Non-Hypnotizable


2nd Asian Neurofeedback Conference 2016

The second conference of neurofeedback was held in Penang in July, if you missed it and  would like to know more about neurofeedback or biofeedback, kindly visit… 119 more words

Evolutionary approach to return to health

Many  illness may be prevented or reversed when we life in harmony with our evolutionary origins such as diet, movement, and circadian rhythm. The focus is to teach skills and not pills; since, many medications have long term negative side affects. 55 more words


This isn’t really an occulty post. Maybe a little bit. I’m not really feeling too hot because I had to get another tooth pulled. I suspect it’s from dry mouth that I get from one of my medications. 181 more words