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33 (Take 2)


It has been a strange few days. Actually, make that a strange two weeks. You know what? For good measure, let’s just say life has been strange since I last wrote regularly on Tic Tock last September. 535 more words

Hypnagogiasation in Holland

Had an amazing weekend with the team in North Amsterdam for The Psychedelics society of the Netherlands. Hypnagogiasation is like a Lucid Dream, entraining via the flicker rate of 8-12Hz helps induce a relaxed Alpha / Theta brainwave state in participants – they experience Entoptic patterns and visiuals. 62 more words

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How is Autism Different Between Boys and Girls?

Recent studies point to a huge discrepancy in the symptoms of autism spectrum disorder between boys and girls. Due to these differences, researchers believe that many females are misdiagnosed with other disorders when the true culprit is actually ASD. 488 more words

Mente Autism Device

Mente Autism - The History of Mente Autism

The Mente Autism device is an award-winning neurofeedback technology device that’s designed to calm the minds of children with autism. The device was developed by AAT Research Limited, which is a subsidiary of the Australia-based medical device and solutions company Neurotech International Limited. 467 more words

Mente Autism Device

5 Tips for Supporting Friends Who Have Kids with Autism

One of the best things about friends is that you can always rely on them when you need them. Whether you ran out of sugar and need to borrow a cup, need some help with babysitting when things get hectic, or just need a shoulder to cry on, friends are always there. 596 more words

Mente Autism Device

What is the Science Behind the Mente Autism Device?

The Mente Autism device is an award-winning medical device with CE medical certification that relaxes the mind. It was specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorder.  533 more words

Mente Autism Device

A Closer Look at the Brainwaves Affected by the Mente Autism Device

The human brain is a powerful and complex organ, and the electrical activity can be measured in the form of brainwaves. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second, with lower Hertz (the unit of measure, or Hz for short) being associated with slower brain activity and a slower frequency. 632 more words

Mente Autism Device