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Your Brain's Waves

 Did you know your signature brain wave activity is unique to you.? It has a distinct rhythm and pattern that has developed over time and through habit, much like your own unique fingerprint. 287 more words

Finding Your Peace of Mind: Guided Imagery in 3 Parts

Uncover Guided Imagery

There are a lot of people in the world that are constantly on the go, never allowing their bodies and minds to rest. 990 more words

Functional Medicine - One Goal

What about Soccer?

Information from Scientific American and Neuroscience Journals

It has become clear that impact sports like football and boxing can cause long-term brain damage. Now soccer is coming under scrutiny. 908 more words

Neurons that fire together...

Neurons that Fire Together Wire Together

  What does THAT mean for you? How can you retrain your brain cells to work more in your favor towards happiness and ease? 334 more words

Brain Mapping

Non-invasive QEEG Brain Mapping is analogous to a physician performing a throat culture on a patient with a throat infection to determine which antibiotic would best eradicate the infection.   166 more words

350orbust: Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Adieu

For those of you who have been faithful followers of my blog since it started in 2009, for my most recent followers, and for everyone in between, it’s time to make it official: I will not be blogging at 350orbust.com any longer. 699 more words

Climate Change