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Evolutionary approach to return to health

Many  illness may be prevented or reversed when we life in harmony with our evolutionary origins such as diet, movement, and circadian rhythm. The focus is to teach skills and not pills; since, many medications have long term negative side affects. 55 more words


This isn’t really an occulty post. Maybe a little bit. I’m not really feeling too hot because I had to get another tooth pulled. I suspect it’s from dry mouth that I get from one of my medications. 181 more words


Summer 2016 Infertility Update

We are 70 days into our infertility pre-treatment plan. I’m tempted to just leave this blog update at that. I thought I had more to say, but am struggling to find the words. 869 more words


What Is Neurofeedback Therapy & Can It Help You?

Despite all of the recent breakthroughs and advancements in modern healthcare, more and more people are seeking out alternative treatments for the health issues they face. 1,074 more words


Could inception be our reality soon?

You’ll often hear people say ” think about something positive” or just try block it out” when you have bad experience but as the old saying goes… 330 more words


Finding Balance With Neurofeedback

Help your four legged friends find balance with neurofeedback training – NeurOptimal® can help dogs overcome fear, anger and anxiety issues.

Last year we adopted a precious 6 year old border collie who we soon discovered was terrified of thunder, loud noises and car rides. 393 more words

Finding Space for Me

I started EMDR in addition to the neurofeedback.  Yes, the neurofeedback is helping, but I’ve had PTSD for so long, I am facing the possibility that there are limits to how much I will heal.  275 more words

Mental Illness