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What can the brain learn from itself? Neurofeedback for understanding brain function.

By:Dr. Kathy L.Ruddy

STEM editor: Francesca Farina

The human brain has a remarkable capacity to learn from feedback. During daily life as we interact with our environment the brain processes the consequences of our actions, and uses this ‘feedback’ in order to update its stored representations or ‘blueprints’ for how to perform certain behaviours optimally. 855 more words


Group Leadership Reflection Paper

Group Leadership Reflection Paper

By QABradford

ARP 648 Group Dynamics

San Diego State University



This paper examines the cumulative reactions to the ARP 648 course at San Diego State University in Group Dynamics, which culminates in a group leadership activity. 1,323 more words

The Most Stressful Time in My Life

What’s the most stressful time of my life? That’s hard to say!  I’ve had several stressful times:  I was given up for adoption, and that comes with separation stress no matter how well it’s done; my adoptive mother died two days before my 9th birthday; a brother committed suicide; the blended family was a wild ride, to say the least; as a young adult, I made a fair amount of really bad life decisions and a spontaneous, poorly planned move to a strange city (Hello, Memphis) knowing no one, having no job, and having to make my way without ready-made connections.   751 more words


I am (temporarily) not following any blogs right now, please don't take it personally! *Update added Feb. 24 regarding my prayer request*

I have been going through a lot of difficult issues lately, and I plan to write a post about it soon. But in the meantime, because I recently received an email from someone who had just noticed that I am no longer following her blog, and she wondered if she had offended me — NO, I have not been offended by any blogger! 603 more words

Neurofeedback Session #1 Recap

“For addictions and all their related issues, we start off the same way for everyone. We conduct a thorough assessment and develop a treatment plan. We discuss that neurofeedback, just like all types of treatment, works only if you are a willing participant. 400 more words


Neurofeedback Improves Baby G's Breathing

After a nearly 3 year blogging hiatus to deal with the insanity of life, I simply must share!

It’s 4:30 AM.  I am blown away by this. 665 more words

Anxiety and Your Brain

Do you worry a lot? 

Do you struggle with invasive, negative, self-defeating thoughts that you can’t seem to stop?

Have you tried counseling, meditating, even medication, and found sporadic, or little to no relief? 366 more words