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Sleep Disorders and Sleeping Problems

Symptoms, Treatment and Help for Common Sleep Disorders

Most of us have experienced trouble sleeping at one time or another. This is normal and usually temporary, due to stress or other outside factors. 330 more words


Wired for victory

Can a bunch of electrodes and a computer screen help you swim faster, sink your putts, and swish your free throws? By D.T. Max

A quiet mind is a winning mind. 147 more words


Slow and steady progress

Today was encouraging. We went to Neurofeedback. We began in May this year. Here is the picture of his brain waves from May:

The black line represents his hyperactivity and impulsive behavior. 159 more words

Rare Genetic Disorder DRD - Mimics Spastic Dipledga

It’s been a few weeks since I started taking Sinemet (Carbiodopa/Levodopa) to see if I had Dopa Responsive Dystonia a rare genetic disorder that mimics Spastic Dipledga. 555 more words

Dopa Responsive Dystonia

Don't Worry Be Happy - 9 Tools To Help You Kick Your Anxiety to the Curb!

9 Ways To Keep Anxiety From

Dominating Your Life

Anxiety comes in many forms. Some people get nervous about social events or large crowds of people. 1,669 more words
Functional Endocrinology Of Ohio

Concussion Recovery May Be Slower Than Current Estimates

The following report on some new research confirms a few things for me. The first is that previous research showing that younger athletes recover slower than older athletes is confirmed here. 431 more words

The Electromagnetic Field Of The Heart, HeartMath and The Global Coherence Initiative

A conversation with Dr. Deborah Rozman, co-CEO of HeartMeath Institute.
We discuss the development of personal heart-brain coherence and the Global Coherence Initiative.
122 more words