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Mente Autism Helps Expand Creative Concentration

Mente Autism has been helping individuals with autism spectrum disorder improve many behavioral characteristics. Parents have noticed that traits that have been described as problematic, such as lack of concentration, attentiveness, deficient sensory, organizational, and communicational skills, and others, improve over time and daily use of a Mente Autism device. 442 more words

Mente Autism Device

Families See Marked Improvement with Mente Autism Headband

Family members are often impacted by the behavioral troubles displayed by their autistic children. One of the most prominent issues they face is the emotional distress that results from daily challenges. 476 more words

Mente Autism Device

Tips for Parents of Autistic Children on Managing Stress or Frustration

Reports suggest that parents with autistic children may experience high levels of stress. This level of pressure is said to stem from the challenging behaviors that these children exhibit. 578 more words

Mente Autism Device

Can Neurofeedback Help With ADHD?

The short answer? Yes. Neurofeedback can help with ADHD.

Neurofeedback has been shown to improve impulsivity, inattention, and hyperactivity, which are symptoms associated with neurofeedback. 695 more words


43. 12th September 2018 - Diary of a Neurofeedback girl - 1

The festivities for the Jewish New Year, are over now and I walked into my first neurofeedback session today hopeful that it truly would be New Year, new me.  920 more words

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Research suggests that the amount and quality of sleep we achieve has profound effects on wellness. Nightly sleep is critical for the restoration of health. 344 more words


What is Neurofeedback?

by David Piltz

Emotional and physical health are often discussed in terms of symptoms and solutions to symptoms. For example, attention deficit disorder (ADD) is diagnosed by a list of chronic symptoms and then treated with the appropriate combination of medication, behavior modification and therapy. 404 more words

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