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Conditions Treated with Neurofeedback

What does training the brain help? When the brain works better, a lot of problems are reduced. The brain manages problems better and works more normally. 12 more words

Capital District Neurofeedback

Neurotherapy/ADHD/ Brain power

A few years ago I attended a work conference and one of the breakout sessions was on the brain. I don’t remember much about the session except that the brain does not like multitasking and the speaker advising that a lot of what is known about the brain was discovered in the last decade. 964 more words

Art in Flux & National Gallery X “Levitations”


I am one of four invited artists in this event very soon
Art in Flux & National Gallery X “Levitations” transformative media art,
Tuesday September 29, 2020, 6:30 PM – 8:00 PM BST… 75 more words

Science And Art

Pecha Kucha : The Art and Neuroscience of Lucid Dreaming

I gave a personal version of one of my favourite topics in De La Warr Pavillion in summer of 2016, here is a link to the presentation with slides and audio.

Science And Art

Neurofeedback - Reality or Myth?

One of the most popular methods in neuroscience and cognitive psychology is to correlate various behaviours, either normal or abnormal, with different patterns of brain activity. 1,985 more words

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