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Invisible Wounds: Ways to retrain traumatized brains

Tamara Dalrymple gets all kinds of people.

Athletes, musicians who want to improve their performance. People with low energy or anxiety or who have trouble concentrating. 693 more words


Neurofeedback Results: Anxiety and Professional Networking

After chatting to my supervisor today about a Hogwarts running club (yes it actually exists!), I realised time has flown by since I last posted here. 841 more words


Speech Annual Re-Eval

A few weeks ago, I had my annual speech re-eval.  The eval showed that I have made good progress in less than a year; however, I still need work. 207 more words



New Acquisition for the Office
Muse (n) The Muses were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, inspirers of poetry, music, etc.
Muse (v.i.) Ponder, reflect (on, upon); gaze meditatively (on scene, etc.). 308 more words

Affordable Non-Drug solution to Depression

Up until recently, there were four choices for persons with Depression. These were:

1. Do nothing, suffer and hope it’ll get better with time. This is the sad choice of many, and it doesn’t work. 885 more words


An Unexpected Gift...wrapped in plain paper

This weekend I took him horseback riding.  He loves horses and he loves to ride them. He keeps asking his Papi (my dad) when he can bring a horse here for boarding! 512 more words


I’m Doing Recovery and Neurofeedback

The past few weeks have been strangely different, in a good yet confusing way.

With some coaxing, reassuring, and love I gave into a few things and quit whole heartedly resisting. 730 more words

Eating Disorder Recovery