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Autism, Hypnosis, and Frequency

When I finished, Richie stood up from his desk and approached me, put one hand on his mother’s head, the other on mine, and smiled. He led me by the finger to the tablet on his desk and spelled “Thanks for you.”

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Neurotherapy for Epilepsy, Pain, Parkinson’s and More…

This breakthrough news comes from Bottom Line Health…

“People with Epilepsy, Parkinson’s Disease, Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or addictions may be able to learn how to ‘think themselves better’ by altering their brain waves to improve their symptoms. 652 more words


Neurofeedback for Anxiety~fast & comforting

Hey, here’s a really cool idea: NEUROFEEDBACK for anxiety

Do you carry around a lot of tension, stress, and anxious feelings in your body? Does your mind race and recycle certain thoughts? 338 more words

Living Healthy

Blogger Recognition Award

I said I wasn’t forwarding them because it was all getting a bit much (details), I am not churlish enough to not do them myself.   814 more words


Days Twenty-three to Twenty-seven

So, I was able to catch up after the family loss, but then last week I came down with a horrendous cold. I still made it to TMS, you just have to keep going, but I called out of work for most of the middle of the week. 393 more words


When Do YOU Run a Session?

Many readers are avid runners of NeurOptimal ®(NO) Neurofeedback.  Most know this system for use with physiological ‘issues or symptoms’ such as anxiety, sleep, or attention concerns.   844 more words


San Diego psychology chatter can slowly bring sunshine back into your life again

Have you been coming home from work tired and just needing to take a break? Are you feeling down and experiencing feelings of need for someone that will listen to you carefully and not judge your thoughts but will understand what you are dealing with every day and know how you have been feeling? 406 more words