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What is the Science Behind the Mente Autism Device?

The Mente Autism device is an award-winning medical device with CE medical certification that relaxes the mind. It was specifically designed for children with autism spectrum disorder.  533 more words

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A Closer Look at the Brainwaves Affected by the Mente Autism Device

The human brain is a powerful and complex organ, and the electrical activity can be measured in the form of brainwaves. Brainwaves are measured in cycles per second, with lower Hertz (the unit of measure, or Hz for short) being associated with slower brain activity and a slower frequency. 632 more words

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Mente Autism - How Is Mente Autism Changing the Face of Autism Today

The human brain is a fascinating and complex organ, and there’s still a great deal we don’t understand about it. Autism is a prime example of this because there still aren’t any concrete answers about what the disorder is or what causes it. 524 more words

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How to Talk to Children About Autism

One of the most common questions parents and guardians have after an autism diagnosis is “how do I talk to my children about autism?” Whether you want to have the discussion with an autistic child, siblings, friends, classmates, or any other child, having the knowledge, language, and tools to talk about autism spectrum disorder can ease the conversation. 624 more words

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Brain training: the good, the bad, the future.

Our brains are plastic. By that I’m not suggesting that they are literally made of plastic, nor do I mean it metaphorically, as if to comment that we are nothing more than vain consumerists (perhaps I’ll save that for another post). 1,181 more words


Everyday Tips for Raising Children with Autism

Parents of children with autism spectrum disorder face a number of challenges, and being prepared can help you address them more easily. For instance, doing research on autism spectrum disorder can give you a better idea of what to expect, but also how to connect with your child on a more meaningful level. 546 more words

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When is the Best Time to Use Mente Autism?

The Mente Autism device is a portable and affordable electroencephalography that measures and records brainwaves and then uses a special algorithm to transform those brainwaves into neurofeedback sounds that have the ability to calm the minds of… 536 more words

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