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ADHD Firsthand – A Look At ADHD From The Inside

We have all seen many reports and articles on ADHD from doctors, parents, teachers and other educators all speaking on their experience with ADHD through someone they are associated with. 830 more words



Are there mornings you wake up in so much pain that you can hardly move?  No matter how much sleep you get or how healthy your lifestyle, the pain from Fibromyalgia can be unbearable.  131 more words

A Human subject reports back from inside the experience of PandoraStar !

Thanks to Nick Morchang (www.morchangstudios.co.uk) for this concise subjective edit of participant’s experience

Science And Art

Behind the Mirror: Laurence Hirshberg on Neurofeedback and Neuromodulation

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“The question I had was, well I could teach people how to cope better, I could teach people how to manage that arousal better, but could I actually turn down that arousal so they weren’t having to deal with so damn much.” 178 more words

Getting Started with Mente Autism

Mente Autism is a professional-grade device that is proven to help to relax the minds of children with autism spectrum disorder effectively. Using EEG (electroencephalography) monitoring, Mente Autism is able to listen to a child’s brainwaves and analyze their unique cognitive signature. 474 more words

Mente Autism Device

The Advantages of At-Home Use and Portability of Mente Autism

Parents of autistic children are always searching for ways to better the treatments their child is receiving. They search relentlessly to find the best therapy for their autistic child because they want to provide the most exceptional care for them. 428 more words

Mente Autism Device