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NF - Not Funny

Most of you who read my stuff know I love to laugh and can find plenty to laugh about no matter the situation. Yep, tragedy is often close to comedy. 391 more words

Richard Armitage

When the invisible disability becomes visible

Something has changed quite recently. Something simple, yet from societies point of view, something quite life changing.

It isn’t my son. His needs and difficulties are exactly the same as what they were yesterday. 560 more words

Neurofibromatosis: Impacts of Malfunctioning DNA

“Neurofibro-what?! What’s that?”

I’d be a very rich person if I had a dollar every time I’ve told anyone about a genetic disorder that I, and many other people have. 860 more words

Cupid's Undie Run Comes To Denver

DENVER (CBS4) – If you’re looking for a pre-Valentine’s Day thrill, look no further than the Cupid’s Undie Run! Yes, as the name implies, you run in your underwear. 170 more words

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The Jack Effect!!

It is after 11 pm and I should be sleeping, but I am not. I got into bed and the spirit moved me to get up and write about a 10 year old hero! 565 more words


What if he is still doing this when he is an adult?

What if he is still doing this when he is an adult?

I think about the future a lot. In fact I think about the future too much. 605 more words