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Meet Holly!

Hi Pals!
I hope you are having a monster-tastic summer even if it has been raining here in Scotland! I know my pal Holly has. I hear she is not long back from camping. 475 more words

Charity Mascot

What if no-one ever understands him?

I am a parent. So by nature of the job description I worry for the future of my children. I worry about wars and disasters and car crashes and bullying and wether or not my children will be messed up by my parenting. 576 more words

'Ugly' is offensive and facist, and should be banned

I have been greatly saddened this week to see a word which I consider to be so offensive that it should be consigned to the dustbin of history, ‘ugly’, being used in two mainstream contexts. 545 more words

Face Equality

Meet Jon-Paul

Hello everyone!

I have been having such a fantastic summer so far I almost forgot to update you all! Too much sun isn’t good for us monsters you know! 484 more words


Am I doing the right thing?

Self evaluation is a very positive skill to have. All good parents stop and think at times ‘am I doing the right thing’ right from the very moment their child is born. 1,064 more words

Teaching, Homelessness, Politics, Research: Things On My Mind – Series #2

  • I find it very odd that we live in a political system and culture that requires ignorance and requires ignoring logic and evidence. One of the biggest (if not…
  • 786 more words
Thoughts And Perspectives

Meet Logan!

Hi Pals!

Have you missed me? I have missed you all! I am a very busy monster though and sometimes I need a rest.

But I am back and I have a very special friend for you to meet. 319 more words