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Imaging Schizophrenia Brain

Schizophrenia Brain

Larry H. Bernstein, MD, FCAP, Curator



Neuroimaging studies using fMRI and PET to examine functional differences in brain activity in patients with schizophrenia have shown that differences seem to most commonly occur in the frontal lobes, hippocampus, and temporal lobes. 750 more words

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Learning about Clinical Brain Imaging using R at SAMSI’s Computational Neuroscience Workshop

The following was written by Katy Wang, attendee from the University of California, Riverside, of the Undergraduate Workshop focusing on Computational Neuroscience.

Of the seven presentations at… 499 more words

Researchers have developed non-invasive palpation for the brain.

Many diseases involve structural changes in tissues, which are reflected in a change in their mechanical properties, such as elasticity. Using the sensitivity of their hands, and their detailed knowledge of the body, physicians, through an examination known as palpation, can assess the size and stiffness of a tumour, the presence of inflamed lymph nodes, or the size and position of the foetus in a pregnant woman, to mention a few examples. 505 more words


Neurobiology of ADHD From Childhood to Adulthood - Findings of Imaging Methods

The authors sought o review the pattern of morphological and functional brain changes in both children and adults with ADHD that emerges from the recent literature. 226 more words