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Choroid Plexus Blood Supply


Haines, Duane E. Neuroanatomy : An Atlas Of Structures, Sections, And Systems. 8e, 2012.

Review of I Know What You’re Thinking: Brain Imaging and Mental Privacy, Irish Journal of Psychological Medicine, February 2016

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I Know What You’re Thinking: Brain Imaging and Mental Privacy, Edited by Richmond , Rees  and Edwards

In 2010, Dartmouth University neuroscientist Craig Bennett and his colleagues subjected an experimental subject to functional magnetic resonance imaging. 651 more words

Medical Progress


Treating children with ADHD medication is hotly debated. It’s shown to be effective in reducing ADHD symptoms, but what are the long-term effects on developing brains? 608 more words

Digital Map of PCA Infarcts


Phan, MBBS, FRACP, T. G. et al. “Digital Map Of Posterior Cerebral Artery Infarcts Associated With Posterior Cerebral Artery Trunk And Branch Occlusion”. Stroke 38.6 (2007): 1805-1811.

Subcortical brain volumes in ADHD: the ENIGMA ADHD study

Many neuroimaging studies in ADHD have been published, each with its own contribution to science. However, brain imaging studies are expensive and therefore the sample size of studies is often small, which could result in not finding effects that are actually there. 676 more words

Digital atlas of MCA territory infarction

The color refers to the frequency of infarction at each voxel. The highest frequency of infarct occurrence is in the centrum semiovale and striatocapsular and insular regions. 31 more words