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Mystical machines

Your Brain Is Neither Computer Nor CEO

Through the lens of popular neuroscience (and even some not-so-popular neuroscience), brains have become abstract and hypercomplex entities—mystical machines, rather than down-to-earth organs composed of flesh and blood. 78 more words

Behavioral Economics

All the "Yes" you will ever need

I have been thinking this year about the Resurrection.  There is no way to avoid it, really, because at the First Presbyterian Church of Portland, Oregon (hereafter, “my church”) Easter is not a “day,” it is a “season.”  So on Easter day, when everyone else is wrapping up the celebration [1], we are just beginning “the Easter season.”  So the choir sings Easter-themed anthems and the congregation sings Easter-themed hymns and there are Easter-themed sermons and all that while normal people are drifting on to Pentecost. 2,913 more words

Ways Of Knowing

Interview with Neuroimaging Expert Prof. Antonio P. Strafella

Dr. Antonio P. Strafella holds a Canada Research Chair in Movement Disorders and Neuroimaging and is a Professor in the department of Medicine/Neurology at University Health Network and University of Toronto. 747 more words


MS in Neuroimaging at USC

Originally posted May 2018

Jack Van Horn – Associate Professor at the University of Southern California “Get a Master of Science in neuroimaging and the data science behind it at the University of Southern California!” 31 more words

Bioelectronic Medicine

Ultrasound Helmet Would Make Live Images, Brain Machine Interface Possible

Originally posted May 2018

Brett Byram at Vanderbilt earned a $550k NSF grant to use ML that will filter distortion from live images and create BMI using an ultrasound helmet and EEG


Bioelectronic Medicine

Tulane Immersion Day

Originally posted April 2018

Starting my research (ok stalking) of the amazing speakers at Tulane’s Immersion Day.  Great topics include Infectious Disease & Antibiotics, AI Collaboration with Atomwise, Neuroscience and Imaging, NHP Research, and tons more.  7 more words

Intelligence linked to brain size

Not a surprising headline until you consider that Dr Erhan Genç and Christoph Fraenz at Ruhr-Universität Bochum are reported as suggesting that people with higher scores on an intelligence test were found to have smaller brain structures. 498 more words