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How Memories Are Made

In honor of Father’s Day and the many wonderful memories I’ve made with my dad, I thought I’d write about a topic within both psychology and neuroscience that is quite beautiful and complex: what memories are and how memories are made. 1,459 more words

Candidate gene networks and blood biomarkers of methamphetamine-associated psychosis: an integrative RNA-sequencing report

The clinical presentation, course and treatment of methamphetamine (METH)-associated psychosis (MAP) are similar to that observed in schizophrenia (SCZ) and subsequently MAP has been hypothesized as a pharmacological and environmental model of SCZ. 290 more words


Parallel changes in serum proteins and diffusion tensor imaging in methamphetamine-associated psychosis

Methamphetamine-associated psychosis (MAP) involves widespread neurocognitive and molecular deficits, however accurate diagnosis remains challenging. Integrating relationships between biological markers, brain imaging and clinical parameters may provide an improved mechanistic understanding of MAP, that could in turn drive the development of better diagnostics and treatment approaches. 158 more words


Neuroimaging Shows Increased Activity in Bipolar Mania

In a recent study looking at the difference in neural activity between persons with bipolar I disorder who were experiencing mania, those with bipolar I disorder who were experiencing euthymia or a normal, non-depressed mood, and persons who did not have any psychiatric disorders and were considered “healthy controls,” researchers found some significant differences in two brain networks. 522 more words

Mental Illness

Biases in fMRI studies

Unreliability of fMRI Emotional Biomarkers

Brain responses to emotion stimuli are highly variable even within the same individual, and this could be a problem for researchers who seek to use these responses as biomarkers to help diagnose and treat disorders such as depression. 47 more words

Behavioral Economics

Choroid Plexus Blood Supply


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