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A brief comment on cerebrovascular innervation: Relevance to brain disease

The importance of making substantial progress in the understanding of the causes and the treatment of sufferers with Alzheimer’s and/or dementia, including vascular dementia, is obvious. 129 more words


MRI Scans Of Human Brain Show Impact Of Alcohol And Tobacco


Results from a brain imaging study at the Imperial College of London have brought us one step closer to comprehending how the of the mind works. 305 more words

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Category 6 Rest Day

Today… is a rest day.

I’ve had a migraine brewing since midday yesterday. Actually, I felt its precursors starting on Tuesday, but it didn’t become real pain until probably late afternoon yesterday, and now there’s a Category 6 hot, spiky rock perched right between my ears. 540 more words

Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome

Bipolar: an Old - New Disease of this Age

In antiquity, the mania and melancholia were considered disturbances of the soul. Until the early nineteenth century, no relationship between crises of mania and depression was established. 124 more words


Distinguishing true strokes from stroke mimics

Summary: This article provides the basis for a quick assessment of the likelihood of a stoke mimic, and therefore infers the likelihood of stroke. The score is not perfect. 190 more words