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Treating Hard To Control Headaches

Does your child get headaches?

Are they easy to control?


Headaches, including migraines, are much more common in kids than most parents imagine.  In fact, one study showed that up to 8% of kids have migraines, with many starting to have headaches by age 7 or 8 years. 626 more words

Pediatric Conditions

Activated glial cells cause pain and inflammation – more clues on the health effects of Smart Meters and wireless radiation

More on all-important glial cells.

From Medical Xpress

Pain-initiating function of glial cells identified for the first time
November 11, 2016

The sensation of pain occurs when neural pathways conduct excitation generated by tissue damage to the spinal cord, where the nociceptive information is extensively pre-processed. 764 more words

How the brain recognizes faces

MIT researchers and their colleagues have developed a new computational model of the human brain’s face-recognition mechanism that seems to capture aspects of human neurology that previous models have missed. 1,213 more words


Just another day

A day in the life of us…..

John applied for Social Security Disability and VA Disability benefits about 6 months ago. The VA was quick to deny him anything and everything so, we went to see our Vet Service Officer to appeal the denial. 1,113 more words

Fireside Reflections on My Latest Concussion, on Making Choices, on Plain Pitas, Etc.

Well, here I am again, in an all-too-familiar position, and one that I half-thought that I had left in the past: recovering from a seizure-caused concussion, my third—if my almost-entirely-unreliable memory serves me correctly—of the year. 881 more words

My calling. Maybe?

“You should totally watch this movie” my dad said, “it’s so beautiful!, especially when he says: the brain, is a miracle.” My parents were telling me about this movie called “Gifted hands: The Ben Carson story” on our way to church. 1,295 more words

Not So Invisible

I have always maintained that my ‘invisible’ illness is really not so invisible at all. I know why it’s called that, it’s just not altogether accurate. 241 more words