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Update on the Kid, #A101

What is there to update?


E is doing well with his botox/phenol. He is stepping like a champ, without his legs scissoring each other. 379 more words

How do I love with so much pain?

Hi, and thank you for at least taking the time to read my momentary choice of title.

I am brief and will try to remain so as not to bore anybody.. 353 more words

Noticing difference with regards to thinking

A friend remark about my previous post that she was not sure what I meant when I wrote about private thought (pondering) and public thought… 235 more words


Literally Measuring the Power of Imagination

“How We Create” Syntax/Synapse Series

With Meghan Meyer, Lydia Millet, and Jeffery Renard Allen

The Center for Fiction, NYC

This evening I attended the first program on Syntax/Synapse, a series discussing the connection between literature and neuroscience. 525 more words

Fiction Craft

What's this brain reward system you keep talking about?

Mesolimbic pathway by User:Slashme; Patrick J. Lynch; User:Fvasconcellos licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0

In my last post, I talked about the hijacking of the brain’s reward system and the role it plays in addiction. 646 more words