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Encephalopathy Work-up

Screening tests

  • Serum glucose, electrolytes, calcium/phosphorus, uric acid, lactate and pyruvate, liver, renal and thyroid function tests, blood gasses
  • Prolactin levels (10 to 20 min after suspected seizure, diagnosis seizure vs.
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Another One!!!!!

This is long.

I have just finished a paper.

ANOTHER ONE!!! in my DJ Khalid (kinda) voice🤸🏾‍♂️

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 Vibrational Sensory Loss

I am now routinely pricked with pins

Sensations disturbingly do not match


My right hand

right leg

become phantoms

Their volume dialed down

muted… 45 more words



It is the name for the computer modelling approach to information processing based on the design or architecture of the brain. Connectionist computer models are based on how computation occurs in neural networks where neutrons represent the basic information processing structures in the brain. 437 more words