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There's a new way to tell the difference between a normal memory lapse and dementia

Advances in medicine are helping people live longer lives. This creates a greater burden, however, when it comes to the diseases of aging—such as dementia, and its most common form, Alzheimer’s—that don’t yet have a cure. 311 more words

SFGH report pearls 8.26: HSV 2 meningitis

  • HSV type 1 is the most common cause of sporadic, acute focal encephalitis
  • HSV type 2 is the most common cause of aseptic meningitis associated with HSV…
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Infectious Disease

VA Morning Report Pearls: Neurologic Potpourri!!

Today we have a Pearl Potpourri of Neurologic Diagnoses to keep in mind:

  1. Diabetic Amyotrophy AKA Proximal Diabetic Neuropathy AKA Bruns-Garland syndrome – is a rare diagnosis in the category of diseases called lumbosacral plexopathies that are all generally rare and that have various causes.
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Pulmonary And Critical Care Medicine

Global Dementia Report for 2015 Released

Compliments of our friends over at Going Gentle Into the Night,  this article and infograph shows us how Dementia has severely increased in this year alone. 23 more words


Ohhh, fancy chart! We like those!

Boost your brain’s health with these Alzheimer’s and dementia fighting tips!


Indian scientist explains why we shouldn't drink Coke

In the first 10 minutes, a person consumes around 10 teaspoons of sugar (100 per cent of your recommended daily intake), and though the level of sweetness should make one vomit, the phosphoric acid cuts the flavor allowing one to keep it down. 210 more words



the earth is open as untangled energy
continues to radiate with or without human
connection with the walls of reality—
all these doorways nothing but eyelids… 218 more words