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Pain is in the brain

Chronic pain results from disease or trauma to the nervous system. Damaged nerve fibres with heightened responses to normal stimuli send incorrect messages to pain centres in the brain. 306 more words


Monthly oral methylprednisolone pulse treatment in progressive multiple sclerosis


There is a large unmet need for treatments for patients with progressive multiple sclerosis (MS). Phase 2 studies with cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) biomarker outcomes may be well suited for the initial evaluation of efficacious treatments. 160 more words

Non Classé

Patience and sowing seeds

It’s been quiet on the book sales front. However, I am still working behind the scenes gathering followers on Twitter and sharing information with people regarding cancer and brain surgery etc. 430 more words


writing and reading, two different worlds

Imagine waking up one morning in a house filled with books and discovering you had forgotten how to read. This may seem a very unlikely scenario but it happened to Canadian crime writer… 307 more words


Brain on Fire

Lets talk life lines.The blurred lines between mental health and insanity,normal and abnormal,psychology and neurology.The sudden realities of our immortality and how our bodies can totally turn against us. 458 more words


Neurocrine's neurological disorder drug effective in late: stage study

(Reuters) – Neurocrine Biosciences Inc’s experimental drug for tardive dyskinesia, a neurological disorder, was effective in a late-stage study, bringing it a step closer to becoming the first treatment to win U.S. 15 more words


Sex change hormonal treatments alter brain chemistry

Hormonal treatments administered as part of the procedures for sex reassignment have well-known and well-documented effects on the secondary sexual characteristics of the adult body, shifting a recipient’s physical appearance to that of the opposite sex.  333 more words