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Dear Migraine Link Roundup,

I thought I’d try to do a weekly link roundup with a theme. Migraines are making the timing of this a little loosey-goosey; however, it is appropriate that this week’s theme is migraine news. 422 more words


Why I object to Freud and psychoanalysis

It has to do with the problem of Freud–how he bamboozled so many people by taking advantage of the way people are. A huckster and charlatan–you bet. 274 more words

Scientific Method

Brainy Things

My birthday is still a few months away, and Christmas is even farther. Still, I would want to start building My Wishlist, not so much as a gift registry for the reference of my generous patrons :-P ;-) but more as a “To Save Up For/Buy” List. 175 more words

The A~ List

Answer to CC #13

Case challenge # 13 presented a 20-year-old white male with fever, conjunctival injection, cervical lymphadenopathy, cracked/red lips, a macular rash, swelling in his hands, a history of tonsillar abscess, and elevated inflammatory markers. 265 more words

Case Challenge

Fox 5: Friends of Parkinson's Hosts their Parkinson's Meet and Greet!

Executive Director, Jamillah Ali-Rahman, speaking to the attendees of the Friends of Parkinson’s Meet and Greet. 9 more words

Friends Of Parkinson's

'Instagram' for health care professionals

My husband recently told me about the free Figure 1 app which is a photo sharing site for health care professionals.

It is the kind of app that drags you in for hours – it’s so interesting (but if pictures of injuries/blood/surgeries etc are difficult to stomach, perhaps don’t download this app!*) 137 more words

Coffee Break