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The Neurology of Emotion

Many people ask “Why do we experience emotion?”, “How does a physical event cause emotions to occur?”, “What causes emotions to happen instantly?”, “Why are some people more emotional than others?”, “Why do some people have problems controlling emotion?”, etc. 10 more words


Police, Seizures, and Fear

There’ve been several stories in the news over the last while about two Canadian men arrested and subsequently charged for behaviour related to epileptic seizures, both in Edmonton. 432 more words

What happens in Batten disease, exactly?

What is it?

Batten disease is a very rare, fatal, hereditary neurodegenerative disorder. The symptoms begin in childhood, and they include vision problems, seizures, changes in personality and behavior, and problems with learning. 439 more words

Lamotrigine and Rash

Recently, I have been encountering rashes that may be related to lamotrigine therapy. Lamotrigine is often indicated as an anticonvulsant for epilepsy or a mood stabilizer for bipolar disorder. 271 more words


Ep. 48: Blindsight and the Undermind

Learn the shocking possibilities of what the brain can do without your knowledge. Blindsight, covert recognition, and automatic writing all fall into the same strange realm of The Undermind. 278 more words


Implications of Disturbed Sleep

Sleep is an essential life function. It is as important to our sound health as the meals we eat, the liquids we drink and the oxygen we inhale. 209 more words