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Humanizing the Mouse

March 20, 2015

By Medical Discovery News

In the 1986 horror movie “The Fly,” a scientist’s teleportation experiment goes awry when a fly lands in one of the teleportation pods and he undergoes a transformation into a part fly, part human monster. 434 more words

Linear SVMs - A Different Perspective

In contrast to kernel SVMs, linear SVMs are pretty versatile and lightweight. The required memory is usually neglictable and the cost function is convex, in case of the squared hinge loss. 502 more words

Can glia cells regulate neurons?

Glial Cells Regulation of Neurons

Answer by Jens Mowatt:

The term “glia” comes from the Greek word literally meaning “glue”. Scientists who first discovered them thought they were merely placeholders for neurons, cells to fill in the gaps.

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Brain function, educate, survival of the fittest—
Protect him, protect her, safety is key… safe now?
Learning, beguiling and boring, relevance? None
Neurons falling to sleep, deep in a coma………………. 37 more words


Love is good husbandry

Recently I attended a men’s conference. The focus was on being a better man, mate, husband and father. There was quality input by many speakers. My ‘show bags’ were full of reminders and some new things to implement. 497 more words



Neurons dwell inside the brain
where all thoughts appear the same.

Ideas born from a flash of light,
my mind motions to write.

The gates were breached, there and then… 7 more words


Mutation Morphs Mitochondria in Models of Parkinson’s Disease, CIRM-Funded Study Finds

There is no singular cause of Parkinson’s disease, but many—making this disease so difficult to understand and, as a result, treat. But now, researchers at the… 451 more words