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Synapses & Society.

If we liken the brain to a uniquely encased society, neurons would represent the citizens, while synapses stand for the communication between neurons. This electric channel of communication, almost like a telephonic network, exercises brain function. 121 more words

IBM creates world’s first artificial phase-change neurons

(Source: arstechnica.co.uk)

IBM Research in Zurich has created the world’s first artificial nanoscale stochastic phase-change neurons. IBM has already created a population of 500 of these artificial neurons and used them to process a signal in a brain-like (neuromorphic) way. 709 more words


The Rabbit Hole

My breath is shallow and my mind is lost. I try to focus but at what cost? I can’t hear and I can’t see, I just see a black tunnel and at the end is a silhouette of me. 330 more words

Brainwave: part 1

In third year at engineering college, we had an elective course called Neural Networks. Unlike today, deep learning was not a well understood field at the time and the field had been in eclipse for some time. 703 more words

SCience And Technology

Rhythmic brain circuits built from stem cells

The TV commercial is nearly 20 years old but I remember it vividly: a couple is driving down a street when they suddenly realize the music on their tape deck is in sync with the repetitive activity on the street. 499 more words

Stem Cell Research

Digital limits analogue future

Digital everything is trendy at the moment.  I am as guilty as everyone else: my research group is using digital cameras to monitor the displacement and deformation of structural components using a technique called digital image correlation (see my post on… 393 more words

Growing New Neurons Neurons are specialized cells whose job is to send and receive information in the brain and nervous system....


Growing New NeuronsNeurons are specialized cells whose job is to send and receive information in the brain and nervous system. As they grow, neurons extend a single transmission cable — called an axon — from one side of the cell. 183 more words