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Mirror neurons

Oh! My dictionary has become food for ants.  Did they enter the bookbinding to learn some new words and mock at me?

I literally had to struggle to kick them out of my book. 154 more words

Psychic Science

Neurons fired

And patterns created

Am I the master or merely a slave

Of my thoughts and impulses

Neuroplasticity: you can teach an old dog new tricks

I think that neuroplasticity is a concept that if we all knew how to utilise, we would all be the creators of our own reality. We would be empowered with the knowledge of how our brain works and would use this to shape our thinking and create high performing brains. 700 more words

Building Yourself Up


Reach around her waist to touch the keys of the piano. What happened to all the things that were? Lean your head against her shoulder and sway to the composition of neurons inside your brain. 34 more words

Prose Poetry

Walking through exams

As a student, in the run up to exams, I used to enjoy going out walking in the hills on my own.  This approach to exam preparation probably surprised my fellow students.  188 more words

Engineering Soapbox

2am thoughts should never be disregarded... 

I’ve been thinking lately about those poignant thoughts you have in the dead of night – the ones that not only wake you up, but also make you want to take immediate action. 475 more words

Thoughts On Things Below The Surface...

Why deep breathing may keep us calm

(Source: www.channelnewsasia.com)

How the mind and body regulate breathing and vice versa at the cellular level has remained largely mysterious. Until now.

NEW YORK: For generations, mothers have encouraged children to take long, slow breaths to fight anxiety. 848 more words

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