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A New Glimpse Into Working Memory

When you hold in mind a sentence you have just read or a phone number you’re about to dial, you’re engaging a critical brain system known as working memory. 78 more words



Here is my  poem “Melancholy” published in Us magazine, Pakistan.


Neuroplasticity and 80 Billion Neurons

You’d thnk with 80 Billion neurons in the brain (that’s a scientific fact) firing off randomly, that we’d be lit up like a Christmas Tree – which is what you’d probably see in a brain scan. 378 more words

This Week’s Top 3 Science News (18/4 to 25/4)

Prion derived chronic wasting disease discovered in Europe

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) has been detected in free ranging reindeer in Norway during a routine test. CWD is a lethal, contagious, neurological disease in cervids caused by a prion protein, similar to creutzfeldt-jakob disease in humans and bovine spongiform encephalopathy (BSE) in cows that lead to the mad cow disease outbreak in the 1980’s and 90’s . 720 more words

Top 3 Of The Week

Your Brain is The Most Mysterious and Complex Entity in The Known Universe

It’s a computer, a thinking machine, a pink organ, and a vast collection of neurons, but how does it work? The human brain is amazingly complex, in fact, more complex than anything in the known universe. 672 more words


African plant protects against Alzheimer’s disease and other neuro-degenerative diseases.

Cata-manginga leaves and bark from the Voacanga africana tree have been used by African healers for years to decrease inflammation and ease the symptoms of mental disorders. 390 more words