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Protein Atlas of the Brain

The “omics” research has drawn a lot of attention in recent years. Although the human genome has been quite thoroughly investigated, a lot yet remains to be elucidated for other “omic” areas – e.g. 387 more words


Getting A Good Night’s Sleep Is More Important Than You Think

Chances are if you’ve ever turned to someone in a time of need ‘sleeping on it’ is one piece of advice you’ll have heard. And for good reason too. 527 more words


Today, we had a moment of near connection. We were close to bonding, on an almost molecular level. Our sudden, chance, meeting was hot, nearly flaming with intensity. 800 more words


"You're Asking the Wrong Questions!!" ~ Spirit. (That does make THE difference.)

This has been an interesting couple of days in my personal world.  It has been a long time since I have had a “review” of where I have been (evolution wise) to where I am presently.   2,430 more words

The Shift

The Builder of Life

Everyone has wondered the question at some point or another, but rarely do we spend the true time such a question deserves. Life is quite literally what you make of it. 261 more words

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First Brain Surgery Aired on Live TV

This article has been reproduced from National Geographic News (Content may have been edited). 

A 49-year-old Ohio electrician who has long suffered from Parkinson’s Disease is recovering well from his brain surgery, the first ever televised live in the United States. 795 more words