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How not to forget again

Forgot the car papers in hometown while traveling back to Gurgaon, it had put me in a state of contemplation as why this happened with so important matter like car papers and not to repeat this mistake again.There are few observable things: 463 more words

Universal interstices

Ever when there were two galaxies

on the way to each other

not knowing at all

and then collided or rather really hit each other… 81 more words


Optogenetics: a light at the end of the tunnel.

The story of optogenetics — how neuroscientists are using light to activate, and deactivate, brain regions to investigate their function. PhD student Paul Humphreys reviews recent progress in the field. 549 more words


Brain building

The Loneliest Neuron

There it lives, the loneliest neuron. The neuron that lies furthest from the outside world. Furthest from the inputs from your senses; furthest from the outputs to your muscles. 97 more words

Behavioral Economics

After you get over the physics of the nervous system, you land in its chemistry: neurotransmitters. In my class, the neurotransmitters in block quotes were the backbone of our study. 234 more words



Are there optical communication channels in our brains?

This is interesting.. “Many organisms produce light to communicate, to attract mates, and so on. Twenty years ago, biologists discovered that rat brains also produce photons in certain circumstances. 24 more words