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Memory Lane; How Science is Planning to Make a Few More

I love learning about the brain.

I’m continually unearthing new research revealing fresh discoveries that must make the neuroscientists who discovered them leap up and down like seven-year-olds when you tell them you’re taking them to the local ice cream parlor for a double scoop. 858 more words


Unlocking the Brain, Earth's Most Complex Biological Structure

Your brain is essentially what makes you … you. It controls your thinking, problem solving and voluntary behaviors. At the same time, it continuously helps regulate critical aspects of your physiology, such as your heart rate and breathing. 1,013 more words

No News is Good Snooze

You want to become a master of multitasking? Boy, have you come to the wrong place!

But you can still better yourself by reading this column, because I am indeed a responsibility-juggling virtuoso. 782 more words


Your foot doesn't fall asleep because it's tired

The brain is a very strange and complicated thing.


Optogenetics without the genetics | KurzweilAI

via Optogenetics without the genetics | KurzweilAI.

Allows scientists to stimulate neurons with flashes of light without requiring genetic modification

March 24, 2015

The new technique, described in the journal Neuron, uses targeted, heated gold nanoparticles.

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Understanding a Complicated System

Have you ever studied so hard your brain hurts or feels tired? How delicate is our brain? Why does a person with a traumatic brain injury drift in and out of consciousness? 737 more words


The One Thing You Need to Grow Your Adult Brain

Your fully developed adult brain is very different from that of a child or teenage brain.  The generation of new neurons in the adult brain was once thought to be impossible. 506 more words

Adult Brain