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Scientists make stem cell-derived nerve cells damaged in spinal cord injury

The human spinal cord is an information highway that relays movement-related instructions from the brain to the rest of the body and sensory information from the body back to the brain. 792 more words

Stem Cell Research

Only so long ago, (ie January) I started my Neuro100 class with the wonderful Professor Wasserman as our guide. If there’s anything I’ve learn in these three months, it’s that everything we want to know and ever have known was because someone asked a question. 618 more words


The Sub-Counscious Mind.

Video games are made up of bits of binary codes, and humans and the whole universe is made up of atoms, what if a far superior being made a video game and we are the game or program, so would that means we are living in a trance. 1,807 more words

Various brain cells. Various gene expression profiles. (Laboratory meeting)

This article is written by Edward Alain Pajarillo, MSc, Ph.D. Research Associate @ Florida A&M University.

I have chosen 3 interesting articles to present in our laboratory meeting today. 886 more words


Experi-Mental: Researchers hiding under beds, prostitute monkeys and rape fantasies

Hello readers, today I’m just going to do a short blog on five findings/experiments that are either interesting due to their morally questionable methods, or their really weird and interesting findings. 1,261 more words

Gone walking

Background and lock-screen pictures have become a feature of modern life.  Your computer and mobile device were probably delivered with some pre-loaded scenes from nature and some of us personalize our devices by up-loading photographs taken on holiday or a recent excursion into the countryside.  234 more words

Engineering Soapbox

Intelligence Development Explained

What is Intelligence?

Brains are made of those small weird looking cells called the neurons.  All those neurons are able to interconnect with each other making a huge network of neural circuits. 1,005 more words