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The God Theory - It's not exactly what everyone thinks.

I’m going to start by saying, that I am not religious.   I have always believed that organized religion is a way to control the masses and make money.   1,344 more words


The Human Brain

I learned some great info listening to a TED Talk this morning focused on the human brain. As the title of the talk suggests, “The Unknown Brain” includes a bunch of discussions centering around new information regarding the brain and personal anecdotes related thereto. 189 more words


Inspired By Talking With My Friend

No one is an island
We move between others,
not speaking
or interacting
but we
and they
are all parts of the whole.

A smile in passing, 78 more words

Living Simply

Science and the Beauty of Life

On the topic of a flower, Richard Fraynman once said that everything we know about it though science only adds to its beauty. He explains that knowing about how the flower developed its colors to attract bees to pollinate it adds mystery to the flower. 355 more words

Philosophy 5

The Secret Life of Scientists and Engineers: Mayim Bialik

Neurons are my shiiiiiiiiiiiittttttt! Explosion.

But seriously. Yeah, Brain and Mind Studies had me learning everything there is to know about how we think and how we feel and everything in between. 63 more words


A cool new neuroscience channel!

Check it out:

Hosted by Alie Astrocyte (if that’s not her real name, I don’t want to play on this planet anymore), NeuroTransmissions is a new YouTube channel dedicated to explaining concepts of neuroscience to people who aren’t professionals in the field… like me! 7 more words

Not just all in your head: the genetic basis of intelligence

Intelligence is a familiar concept to all of us: IQ tests aim to quantify it, exams to classify people according to their level of it. In a society where many things, from university places to income, depend on intelligence, knowledge of what it is and why some people are seen as cleverer than others is of considerable interest. 1,922 more words

Cerebral Cortex