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Can DoB or Something Similar Boost your Self-esTeem?

My Dear Friends,

Today, I wish to draw some psychological mileage from  my DoB March 4, 1979. I have a few observations:-

1) March 4th… 250 more words


Is the 'mind' something of the physical realm?


Is the ‘mind’ something of the physical realm? Or is it something immaterial, like Descartes and Plato suggest?

For the materialist or physicalist theory of science mind, and also consciousness, is just a product, or emergent property, of neuronal activity, thus finally of matter/energy. 67 more words



“My CPU is a neural net processor, a learning computer” – Terminator from T2.

Well, Qualcomm started creating such a thing back in 2013, and Tom’s Hardware just posted an article that Qualcomm will start putting these NPU circuits (which mimic human neurons) into their first chips – The Snapdragon 820 utilizing their Zeroth Platform. 32 more words


Art, creation and innovation- Is it all in the brain?

A lot of creative people believe innovation to be an in-born trait embedded in the DNA, which, on proper nurturing and availability of conducive environment, prosper into artistic excellence. 579 more words


Neuron collection: 3 new neuron quilts

Last fall I made a little purple neuron which caught the eye of Jennifer Wells (aka Jenthulu) on Twitter. After SfN14, she asked me if I would make her a new one as well as another one like… 245 more words


NEW: hAstroPro Human Astrocyte+Astroglial-Neurons Co-Culturing Kits

Neuromics now provides ArunA Biomedical’s  first of  their kind human astrocyte-glial or astrocyte-glial-neuron co-culturing kits to meet your exacting specifications. Whether you require a pure astro-glial or mixed culture, we are proud to be the first offering you the right solution. 378 more words


No neuron attached

Today as usual I decided to go to Starbucks to work. Home office concept is ok but I believe the law of separation of places. … 211 more words