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Who in their Right Mind...?

If you are an educated person, you probably believe that your sense organs and brain are responsible for the experiences you have. If you were a little adventurous, you might be willing to grant that computers could have conscious experiences if they were programmed in such a way that their processes mimicked the way synapses fire in a brain. 259 more words


The End of the Gregorian Calendar?

The usefulness of the Gregorian Calendar is coming quickly to an end. And why not?

After all, the Gregorian Calendar, which we use today, was a replacement for another calendar system called the Julian. 599 more words

Futurism And The Tomorrow Mill

A journey within

“Evolution is a tightly coupled dance, with life and the material environment as partners. From the dance emerges the entity Gaia.”

James Lovelock

The living and the not so living… 386 more words


Pushing the envelope- Part II

Last week, I wrote about pushing the limits of science by thinking outside the box.  In that sense, “thinking outside the box” is used quite figuratively to indicate how traditional thinking will not lead to new ideas, and constant innovation is necessary to achieve breakthroughs. 496 more words


Pushing the envelope - Part I

“Thinking outside the box” has become a bit of a cliché. But in science it is more important than ever. As the base of human knowledge propels ahead with lightning speed, it takes a special set of skills and knowledge to be on the cutting edge of innovation. 483 more words


Exercise and the ADHD Child

Just as the human body is designed to be active, the brain also needs activity (physical not just mental activity).  Exercise can boost learning power and relieve ADHD symptoms three different ways. 432 more words


Brains work via their Genes just as much as their Neurons

It’s not headline news that our brains are the seat of our thoughts and feelings. The brain is a body’s decision-maker, the pilot of its actions and the engineer that keeps all systems going. 161 more words