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An Often-Ignored Type of Brain Cell May Be the Key to Aging

As we age, a multitude of changes occur in our bodies at the genetic level. A gene is essentially just an instruction manual for building a particular protein. 656 more words


You Like Hamburgers? Thank Evolution

It’s hard to believe, but you and mice have a common dad. Long ago on the evolutionary chain, mice and humans were a single species. And, as it turns out, that’s when the killer instinct to eat meat began to develop in our brains, about 100 million years ago. 526 more words


Why do I pace? Does getting active make me smarter?

I’m one on these people that when I’m faced with a vexing problem, requiring a creative solution, I pace. Not only do I pace, but I often take my shoes off, and to make matters worse I can even be found throwing a squash ball gently against the wall. 302 more words

NONFICTION -- A Day in the Life

{Ed. Note — the following is from the writer’s own site,

https://meltingneuronstoink.wordpress.com/ — a truly amazing high-speed journey through life.}

Throughout the course of my life I’ve experienced the true extremes of the spectrum which can be offered as teaching in the challenges we may be forced to overcome and learn from – or in some cases – expire from. 995 more words

Twisted Sister

Pain is Not Just a Matter of Nerves

Summary: Researchers reveal the role glial cells play in the sensation of pain.

Source: Medical University of Vienna.

The sensation of pain occurs when neural pathways conduct excitation generated by tissue damage to the spinal cord, where the nociceptive information is extensively pre-processed. 706 more words


Babies Exposed to Stimulation Get a Brain Boost

Summary: Contrary to popular belief, exposing children to stimuli early can help to boost their development, researchers report.

Source: NTNU.

Many new parents still think that babies should develop at their own pace, and that they shouldn’t be challenged to do things that they’re not yet ready for. 2,203 more words