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How Sleeping Memories Come Back to Life

It’s almost a good thing that we’ve never been entirely able to figure out how human memory works, because if we did, we’d probably just forget. 840 more words

How Hunger Controlling Neurons Regulate Bone Mass

In an advance that helps clarify the role of a cluster of neurons in the brain, Yale School of Medicine researchers have found that these neurons not only control hunger and appetite, but also regulate bone mass. 617 more words



Million of neurons

thousands of them

attached to us


a chemical reaction with physical pain

also known as ‘heartbroken’
In fact, I’m not broken… 22 more words


The Birth of New Brain Cells

Researchers have developed an enhanced imaging technique that can detect small fluctuations in the rate at which neurons are generated in the brain. PET imaging of new neurons in the brain promises to advance our understanding and treatment of depression. 42 more words


Scientists discover neuron-producing stem cells in the membranes covering the brain.

Unexpected cells have been found in the protective membranes that enclose the brain, the so called meninges. These ‘neural progenitors’ — or stem cells that differentiate into different kinds of neurons — are produced during embryonic development. 63 more words


A novel link between movement control and genetics

 A small molecule in cells that was previously believed to have no impact on animal behaviour could in fact be responsible for controlling precise movements, according to new University of Sussex research. 588 more words


How the brain changes in Alzheimer's Disease: a new view

Arne Ittner, UNSW Australia and Lars Ittner, UNSW Australia

Most people have heard of Alzheimer’s disease, the most common form of dementia. The disease has no cure and few, but inefficient, treatments. 778 more words