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Extrato de árvore asiática protege contra o Mal de Parkinson em modelo animal

Extrato de árvore conhecida como tramazeira (Sorbus aucuparia) protege contra a degeneração de neurônios produtores de dopamina em modelos in vivo para o Mal de Parkinson. 349 more words


Neuroprotection of the Preterm Infant

Neuroprotection can be one of the most important aspects in the care provided to preterm infants and their families. If not done correctly, it can cause lifelong struggles to those involved. 24 more words

The Drink That Heals Your Brain

Did you know that green tea can grow your brain?

        A polyphenol called EGCG in green tea has been linked to neurogenesis, the production of new neurons in the brain. 233 more words


Eurotherm 3235 Trial

The long-awaited Eurotherm trial was published in NEJM in autumn 2015. The premise of the study was to examine the impact of induced hypothermia on outcomes after traumatic brain injury. 270 more words

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The remyelination dogma

The myelin sheath is a major component of the white matter of the vertebrate brain and spinal cord.  It serves as an electrical insulator along nerve axons that accelerates conduction and enables higher brain function [1].  975 more words

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