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Lungs, peep and TBI

“…PEEP has no significant effect on cerebral and systemic hemodynamics…” Interesting reading about the effects of peep !

Effects of PEEP on the intracranial system of patients with head injury and subarachnoid hemorrhage: the role of respiratory system compliance.

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Cochrane Review - The Lund concept for severe traumatic brain injury

Published in 2013 this Cochrane Review of the Lund Concept for Severe Traumatic Brain Injury by Muzevic and Splavski could not find any high-grade evidence to support the practice associated with this concept. 168 more words

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Review - Severe traumatic brain injury management and clinical outcome using the Lund concept

In the reviewers own words: “This review covers the main principles of the Lund concept for treatment of severe traumatic brain injury. This is followed by a description of results of clinical studies in which this therapy or a modified version of the therapy has been used.” 48 more words

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PSP treatments in or near human trials

When a patient or caregiver asks me if anything can be done for PSP aside from palliative measures, my ready answer is that there’s a lot of research now into specific treatments that might slow or halt disease progression. 527 more words

Cochrane Review - Steroids and TBI

The most updated review by the Cochrane Collaboration on steroid use and traumatic brain injury. The vast majority of patients stem from the CRASH trial. 49 more words

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CRASH Trial on Steroids and TBI

Well known and must-read paper on the use of steroid cover in TBI patients. It is by far the largest trial on this subject and still forms the basis for today’s recommendations that steroids not be used in this patient group. 51 more words

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ProTECT III -Progesterone in TBI, Another Step Towards Futility

ProTECT III, the results of which were published alongside those of the SYNAPSE-trial in the December 25 2014 issue of NEJM, demonstrates no patient-important advantage conferred by the administration of progesterone (albeit very early in this particular study) to TBI patients. 40 more words

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