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On Empathy & Time

Hi friends.

My work life has been bananas lately, but today I took a little bit of time to read one of the most recent… 523 more words


Clock of the Week

WESTBOROUGH, MA September 15, 2017  Much has been published about the utility of the clock drawing in making preliminary assumptions about the cognitive health of an individual who may be referred for neuropsychological assessment.   93 more words
Cognitive Neuropsychology

Empathy and Shame: What Make Humans Not-So-Unique

What do a man, a whale, an elephant and a gorilla have in common? Or what makes these four different than the rest of the animal kingdom? 1,164 more words


"Why" You Do the Things You Do...

Carl B. Forkner, Ph.D.

Have you ever wondered why you question yourself when you do something? …wondered why you did something the way you did? …wondered why you responded or related to someone the way you did? 967 more words


The Science Bit

It’s no use me pushing my spectacles up my nose and saying, “Erm yes, if you take your thoughts and replace them with other thoughts, life will be rainbows darling.” 505 more words


Not So Scientific Results

I am ashamed at the unscientific process that has been labeled as medicine and assigned as diagnostic care for me. I am aware that some amount of interpretation is necessary from a doctor when receiving tests results, but I was hopeful that it would be mostly numbers and a small bit interpretation instead of this skewed nearly useless information I have received. 1,026 more words

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