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CTE found in teenage brains by B.U. team

WESTBROUGH, MA January 18, 2018 The scientists studying the damaged brains of older athletes have had the opportunity to study brain damage in athletes who died from other causes.  350 more words
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紐約市哥倫比亞大學心理學家 Edward Smith 係2011年發表咗一篇學術文章去支持呢個講法。佢邀請咗40位喺近六個月內被飛💔嘅志願者參與實驗。志願者會被邀請進行功能性磁力共振掃描(functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging,簡稱 fMRI),期間佢哋需要望住前度嘅相並回憶分手經過。結果發現,佢哋回憶時腦部負責疼痛嘅區域會被激活。

另外一份2010年嘅研究指,人掛住佢哋重要嘅另一半時,腦部被激活嘅區域同吸食可卡因嘅人等待吸食下一口毒品一樣。換句話講,對另一半嘅思念,就有如戒毒人士經歷戒斷症狀(withdrawal symptoms)。


參考資料1:Breaking up with someone can feel like physical pain… 6 more words


Is neuropsychology a definitive explanation?

Hello everyone! Please forgive me in advance, as this is my first post ever to Reddit, and my first experience with asking "the whole internet" a question that I have a serious curiosity about. 472 more words


Walking Towards Hope - a book review

One day in October of 1997 Paul Beckingham, his wife Mary and one of their young sons were taking a Kenyan boy back to his home on the edge of Nairobi. 527 more words

Faith And Life

Why Gender Matters p.122

What’s the relation between love and sex? The neurochemical basis for both love and sex in females involves the hormone oxytocin, the same hormone released when a mother breast-feeds her newborn baby. 881 more words


Clock of the Year - Vote for your favorite of 2017

WESTBOROUGH, MA It is time once again to select the “Clock of the Year”.  Voting will go on for the next week.   There are 10 clocks featured this year each one drawn by a patient undergoing rehabilitation at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Westborough, MA.  198 more words
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