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Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy – Companionship & Competition

Last month I talked of the two ways in which C.R.T. can be given – “Comprehensive” and “Modular”. My personal opinion is that a combination of both helps individuals most. 394 more words


P for Pea Plants

“Just like two peas in a pod,” they say, when they see two people who are really close, or even people who are really similar to each other. 860 more words


Research Everywhere

Research is something which is extremely popular now and has been for some time. Without research, the human race would not have progressed at such a rapid pace, and we might still be busy relishing the miracle of fire. 1,281 more words


Faces of Biopsych

We all have different shades when it comes to our personality. And most of us are used to wearing masks for the world to see, for various reasons which are subjective to our experiences in life. 759 more words


Elements of Biopsychology

The inception of psychology can be referred to as a miracle for humankind because this subject focuses on the behaviors of the individuality of humans. But one can only imagine the numerous facets this subject seems to have as it spans out, covering each aspect of the world. 953 more words