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Do emotions live in brain? Brain development and self soothing

I recently had a fascinating conversation with my good friend, who is a Cognitive Neuroscientist – she knows a lot about brain and she can explain it to someone like me, who doesn’t know much. 441 more words


What Really Matters [Laughter]

Hola mi gente,
There is no greater reward than sharing. No gadget, no toy, nothing glittery will save you from yourself. I believe life’s greatest challenge is being able see the suffering in the world and still commit to living with compassion, humor, joy, and… 315 more words

strong little room

rife left yesterday for a quick overnight camping trip with a friend—this being the friend he has expressed interest in, and who he crossed some boundaries with. 1,002 more words


Continuum of Life to Death

How did matter in the universe get to conscious life stuff. Is being alive just complex organization of matter. I have often thought about these issues when I think about patterns in organic molecules and biochemical systems in life. 5,256 more words

Philosophy Of Science

Into the Silent Land, by Paul Broks.

The “Silent Land” in question is the brain. Paul Broks is a neuropsychologist, who spends his days talking to and helping people with brains damaged by stroke, injury, or other trauma. 112 more words


What The Split Brain Reveals About The Nature Of Consciousness

“Conscious experience is at once the most familiar thing in the world and the most mysterious. There is nothing we know about more directly than consciousness, but it is far from clear how to reconcile it with everything else we know.” 3,418 more words