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FREE Relaxation & Mindfulness smartphone apps, that may be suitable for people with brain injury

There is a real wealth at the moment of smartphone apps aiding people with practising relaxation and de-stressing techniques. I confess that, when I have searched for these on online stores, I have at times felt almost “overwhelmed” by the number of apps available on the topic, with many of these offering great functionalities and extensive lists of options and modalities to suit different needs and preferences. 1,006 more words


An Introduction

Now that’s a crunchy tone.

Hello, everyone. I thought I would make my first post about some of the things I hope to accomplish with this blog. 813 more words


'Nothing more to be done,'

I was helping out at a clinic a couple of weeks ago, and I ended up observing a consultation with a lady diagnosed with a ‘functional cognitive disorder’ – this basically means that there is no structural, neurodegenerative, toxic or metabolic cause, and that the problems experienced can be resolved through psychological therapies. 488 more words

Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (rTMS) for the cognitive rehabilitation of traumatic brain injury (TBI) victims: study protocol for a randomized controlled trial

Interpretation: Austin Steiner

Although I like to think our society is full of forward thinkers with strong beliefs in inclusivity there is still significant stigma surrounding psychological disorders. 292 more words


"Reading People's Diaries" reading diary

Like a lot of the hobbies and obsessions I have, my reading pattern can pretty much be described as feast or famine. I either binge whatever activity I’m on at the moment (reading, cooking, eating, yoga, shopping) or avoid it like I’m allergic. 435 more words