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A Headache to Read

Concussions…they hurt.

There are over 300,000 concussions in the United States every year (SITE). This is a very pressing issue that is only just beginning after people have aged and seen the effects of repeated blows to the head. 778 more words



The human brain is a sneaky little organ. It is constantly carrying out processes relevant for both perception and function, without telling you a thing. 621 more words


Down to the Last Final!

My sophomore year of college was undoubtedly the most difficult year yet. Taking college-level general biology and chemistry all year with an additional 28-credits worth of classes was nothing short of a challenge. 140 more words


A Brief Intro To Your Brain

Today there is a new computing frontier – business analytics.

Some people may be interested in the relationship between our brains and the new Artificial Intelligence that is impacting the business and research worlds. 170 more words

Balance is Delicate

It has nearly passed 5 months since I decided to break myself from all work, volunteer commitments and studies. I realised what this is now – a sabbatical year. 533 more words

Cognitive Dissonance: A Story About Growing up poor in NYC

I was born in the middle of Manhattan. The money per capita in the area is dense. I obviously don’t know what that means, if it means anything. 435 more words

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