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Why? and How?

Somewhere deep in the recesses of consciousness, the way we go about shaping designs and the way we conceive solutions to neuroscience hypotheses are similar and basic. 181 more words


Building a Social Brain

Because we are a social species, humans have evolved a fundamental need to belong that encourages behaviors reflective of being good group members. From this perspective, the need for interpersonal attachments is a fundamental motive that has evolved for adaptive purposes. 210 more words


Development of the Adolescent Brain and Social Cognition

Adolescence is a time of considerable development at the level of behaviour, cognition and the brain. This article reviews histological and brain imaging studies that have demonstrated specific changes in neural architecture during puberty and adolescence, outlining trajectories of grey and white matter development. 46 more words


The Social Brain in Adolescence

Social cognition is the collection of cognitive processes required to understand and interact with others. The term ‘social brain’ refers to the network of brain regions that underlies these processes. 106 more words


The Biology of Adolescence

Adolescence is a time of transformation that is characterized by discrete changes in behavior, cognition and the brain – some of which are likely pubertal dependent, and others which are not. 130 more words


Interpreters, Compilers, and Learning


Computers can only execute programs that have been written in low-level languages. However, low-level languages are more difficult to write and take more time. Therefore, people tend to write computer programs in high-level languages, which then must be translated by the computer into low-level languages before the program can be run. 351 more words


How Concepts Develop in the Brain

Thanks to Carnegie Mellon University advances in brain imaging technology, we now know how specific concrete objects are coded in the brain, to the point where we can identify which object, such as a house or a banana, someone is thinking about from its brain activation signature. 106 more words