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Pics or It Didn't Happen? It May Be Truer Than You Realize.

Two studies reveal what really happens when we rely on our cameras.

Larry Rosen Ph.D. Rewired: The Psychology of Technology

According to estimates from LG Electronics, more than 1 trillion photographs will be snapped this year, 90% of them using built-in smartphone cameras. 1,031 more words



I constantly get asked ‘what makes man so enthusiastic over women and why do we generally feel attracted to them’. Well, the question is both biological and psychological. 780 more words


5 Tips For Better Sleep

I have been considering recently the amount of time I spend in front of a screen at night time and how this might negatively impact my sleep. 407 more words


HR Use Your Brain

My day is hardly ever complete without reading and sharing a thought-provoking HR article on my Twitter feed. I have various reasons for sharing – mainly because I’ve enjoyed them and think my peers will too. 865 more words


Hello, World!!

When learning a programming language, there are thousands of tutorials and books that we can begin. However, everyone, regardless of the selected language (C, Java, Ruby, Python, …) begin with the same example: a small method that prints “Hello world” on your screen. 65 more words


Wine-Culture: How consumption and culture interact

Social and cultural norms, expectations and rules effect not only human behaviour but also have an impact on neurological functioning. This is what a lot of psychologists and neuroscientists are dedicating their lives to study. 471 more words


The terrorism system. Understanding of groupal behaviour

Going through the APA (American Psychological Association) Journal I discovered a great article related to my field, anti terrorism. Not so long back I worked in my last case against terrorism operating  as a “Deception system” as I am doing now (in minor scale) in South East Asia, therefore this well – written article reminded me that understanding terrorism is one of the remaining lectures that world population have never attended yet. 2,044 more words