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Scientists are now able to make human neurons from white blood cells

Fresh or frozen human blood samples can be directly transformed into patient-specific neurons to study disorders such as schizophrenia and autism, Stanford researcher Marius Wernig has found. 776 more words

Researchers discovery an independent role for astrocytes in cognition

The majority of the cells in the brain are no neurons, but Glia (from “glue”) cells, that support the structure and function of the brain. Astrocytes (“start cells”) are star-shaped glial cells providing many supportive functions for the neurons surrounding them, such as the provision of nutrients and the regulation of their chemical environment. 455 more words

Impact of Abuse - Abhijit Naskar on Parent Pump Radio

Going deeper into the impact of Abuse on the developing brain of a child.

What does neuroscience say about the effects of abuse on a developing brain? 48 more words


Superslow Brain Waves May Play a Critical Role in Consciousness

Signals long thought to be “noise” appear to represent a distinct form of brain activity.

By Tanya Lewis

Every few seconds a wave of electrical activity travels through the brain, like a large swell moving through the ocean. 502 more words

New research shows a map of neuronal activity that gets encoded in the hippocampus with learning

by Nicolas Scherger

Dr. Thomas Hainmüller and Prof. Dr. Marlene Bartos of the Institute of Physiology of the University of Freiburg have established a new model to explain how the brain stores memories of tangible events. 684 more words

Impact of Neglect and Isolation on Child Brain Development - Abhijit Naskar on Parent Pump Radio

“Neglect is in reality, a form of implicit abuse.” Abhijit Naskar says to Jacqueline Huynh on Parent Pump Radio.

What does neuroscience say about the effects of neglect & isolation on a developing brain? 41 more words


Bursts of brain activity linked to memory reactivation

By Hilary Hurd Anyaso

Leading theories propose that sleep presents an opportune time for important, new memories to become stabilized. And it’s long been known which brain waves are produced during sleep. 504 more words