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Total recall: the people who never forget

by Linda Rodriguez McRobbie

If you ask Jill Price to remember any day of her life, she can come up with an answer in a heartbeat. 6,559 more words

The Neuroscience of Music, Behavior, and Staying Sane in the Age of Twitter

Neuroscientist and author of This Is Your Brain On Music Daniel Levitin talks about information overload.

When it comes to music and the human brain, Daniel Levitin’s expertise is hard to top. 177 more words



A couple of days, I attended a poetry reading and it is somewhat an unusual thing of me to do because, come on, who has time for such things? 572 more words


Comfort food

After a long excruciating, tedious trip all anyone looks forward to, is a delicious meal made by their mother. It’s warm and familiar. It’s something we can just dive into because we know that it would be just perfect and comfortable. 528 more words



“The artist must bow to the monster of his own imagination”-Richard Wright

According to the OED, my favorite writer’s resource, the word “monstrous” refers to not only a large, ugly, and imaginary creature, but to something which is extraordinary and/or unnatural. 507 more words

"CC Hart"

Why Narcissist are better than you...Wait, are they?

A central aspect of narcissism is grandiosity. That is, narcissists tend to think highly of themselves. In particular, they tend to have a positive view of themselves compared to other people. 87 more words


How to Manage the Angry Brain

The fourth communication taboo to avoid is uncontrolled anger.  Anger can range from mild irritation to out of control rage.

When anger is managed well, it can provide a healthy release, a motivator for change, or a self-empowering strategy.   605 more words