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Comfort food

After a long excruciating, tedious trip all anyone looks forward to, is a delicious meal made by their mother. It’s warm and familiar. It’s something we can just dive into because we know that it would be just perfect and comfortable. 528 more words


Why Narcissist are better than you...Wait, are they?

A central aspect of narcissism is grandiosity. That is, narcissists tend to think highly of themselves. In particular, they tend to have a positive view of themselves compared to other people. 87 more words


How to Manage the Angry Brain

The fourth communication taboo to avoid is uncontrolled anger.  Anger can range from mild irritation to out of control rage.

When anger is managed well, it can provide a healthy release, a motivator for change, or a self-empowering strategy.   605 more words


The Social Skill of Gossiping

Smugly looking down from the moral high ground – and secure in the knowledge that we don’t share their character flaw – we often dismiss those who are obsessed with the doings of others as shallow. 698 more words


How acid warps your thoughts and feelings

From Cosmos Magazine, January 27, 2017 (Image: Mesaj via Flickr)

Eight decades since Swiss chemist Albert Hofmann first cooked up the psychedelic drug lysergic acid diethylamide – LSD or “acid” – and half a century on from its heyday during the 1960s counterculture, how LSD messes with our brain is still little understood. 24 more words


Listen with your eyes: one in five of us may 'hear' flashes of light

A surprising number of people experience a form of sensory cross wiring in which light flashes and visual movements are ‘heard’, research finds.

One in five people is affected by a synaesthesia-like phenomenon in which visual movements or flashes of light are “heard” as faint sounds, according to scientists. 470 more words


I believe that it is about time people realize the stark difference between being alone, enjoying one’s solitude, and being lonely. Both these terms, ‘Solitude” and “Loneliness” are often used interchangeably, but the true meaning and feeling are far from being similar. 114 more words