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Perspective Changes Everything

No matter what it is that you are doing with your life right now, at one point or the other, you may have experienced a moment in which you were not completely engaged with the task at hand, or maybe your mind wandered off to a variety of places. 642 more words


I'm not crying; it's just been raining on my face

Humans and turtles have many things in common: we both possess four limbs, two eyes, a shell around our most vulnerable secrets, and tears that are attractive to butterflies and… 1,603 more words



What exactly is common sense? Mark Twain hit a bull’s-eye with his definition: “Common sense is the simple knack of seeing something the way it really is and doing something the way it should be done.” That just about covers it. 215 more words



Thought suppression is a commonly used strategy. People often try to block out or put the lid on unwanted thoughts and feelings in order to limit the influence those thoughts have on their behaviour. 112 more words


Face: Edge and No Edge

I’ve been reading The Age of Insight by Nobel Prize winning neuroscientist Eric Kandel. In this fascinating book about art and neurobiology, he relates visual techniques of artists to the brain’s processing of visual information. 145 more words

Personal Stories

Face Processing

My readings of vision research ended years ago, with the works of Kuffler, Hubel and Wiesel about low and intermediate visual processing in the primary visual cortex. 197 more words

Personal Stories

What After The Friends With Benefits?

The entire concept of friends-with-benefits relationships is widely popular among college students, especially in the United States; according to a survey about 60% of the youth have reported to have at least one friend with benefit at some point in their life. 340 more words