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Nature of Man, Nay Human! - New Talk

“Humans are not evil – humans are not good – humans are just humans – a unique combination of both good and bad.” – What is Mind… 35 more words


The Tribal Myth of Reincarnation - New Talk

“Once you die, that’s it – game over. Death is the ultimate cessation of the individual Self.” – Principia Humanitas

In this talk, Abhijit Naskar discusses the primitive origin of the idea of reincarnation out of the lack of comprehension of death. 11 more words


New study shows brain implants can affect mood

A new military-funded study is investigating the use of brain implants to regulate mood.  Specifically, the research shows that not only can stimulation affect things like concentration, but it can go one step further and provide relief from severe mood disorders. 8 more words

Medical Devices

Why I’m Grateful for Gratitude

Reasons to harness the benefits of gratitude 365 days a year

By Due Quach, November 22, 2017

When we spend most of our lives rushing from here to there maximizing productivity, we end up living in autopilot mode. 957 more words


Tracking readiness to perform surgical operations via brain imaging

A new study is looking at the use of surgery simulation in training future practitioners.  It shows promise for tracking surgical readiness via brain imaging, specifically cortical activation.  23 more words


Using computer games to combat risk of developing dementia

A new study has shown that the use of speed-processing training can be effective in reducing the risk of developing dementia.  This brain exercise is in the form of a computer game called “Double Decision”–and its use has some very promising results. 8 more words