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“They’re not dangerous if you raise them right. The same can be said about dogs”
New research suggests dogs which have been deemed ‘dangerous’ and banned by the government may have been wrongly stigmatised because they are prized by bad owners. 159 more words


Beyond Einstein’s brain: The Anatomy of Genius

When Albert Einstein died in 1955, his brain was removed, weighed and measured, preserved in formalin, photographed, and sectioned for microscopic study. Although we often think of technologic breakthroughs as coming from corporations or industry sectors, ideas come from individual brains. 135 more words


Pheromone puzzle

A couple of weeks ago I attended a presentation given by Lisa Stowers from Scripps, entitled “Decision-making in the nose: a molecular rationale for the unpredictable nature of female behavior”. 384 more words


Exciting cells and controlling heartbeats – could optogenetics create drug-free treatments?

A laser-controlled brain or a heart that beats in time to a disco light display sound like some of the more vivid imaginings of science fiction writers. 983 more words


The Dark Side of the Mind

“It is a man’s own mind, not his enemy or foe, that lures him to evil ways.” – Buddha

Wicked. Cruel. Shameful. Perverse. Dark.

Yes, there are times in our life when these adjectives can be used to describe our most private thoughts. 113 more words


Want to Keep an Aging Brain Sharp? Try the Stairs

Want a healthy brain even when you get older? Try the stairs, research says.

The brain is a very complex organ, made up of many different areas and many types of tissues. 245 more words


BrainPhys™: A New Way to Culture Neurons

This is a sponsored article by STEMCELL Technologies. The article was written by Sam Lloyd-Burton, PhD, Senior Product Marketing Manager, STEMCELL Technologies and edited by Sandhya Sriram, Biotechin.Asia. 709 more words