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On an average, 4 out of 5 of us have always come across individuals who can go to any extent to get someone’s attention in particular, may it be yours or of someone you know. 319 more words


Morphic Resonance

Several years ago, I came across a fascinating theory by molecular biologist Rupert Sheldrake called ‘Morphic Resonance’. In essence, this theory states that memory is collective. 698 more words



Have you ever felt great fear of being without your mobile phone?

Recent studies confirm an increasing syndrome named nomophobia which means “no-mobile-phone-phobia”.

Fear, anxiety, distress and panic attacks are symptoms that some people experience when not having their phone. 344 more words


Primates Paralyzed Leg Restored With Spinal Stimulation | NEUROnomics

By Kristen E. Strubberg Editor-in-Chief

The central nervous system is at once brilliantly adaptable and confoundingly vulnerable. The brain can rewire itself to overcome deficits but minor insults to the spine can cause a seemingly insurmountable cataract in the electrical flow of information up and down the spinal cord. 478 more words


Decision Making (.....& ptsd)

Below find a link to the High Stakes video, a one hour SBS Insight program in which I join many people discussing how people make high-stakes decisions in the face of life and death. 234 more words

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Fantasy Epiphany

I am 30 and I feel a thousand years old. I mean I feel ancient but not old and this is in a good way. I feel the vastness of my thoughts and feel that they can’t possibly be contained in this small body. 369 more words


Mapping the Neurological Processes of Learning and Deciding

Researchers have mapped the neurological processes behind how new information can influence a person to change their mind, providing new insight into the mechanisms of learning. 131 more words