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Detecting Concussions with New FDA-Approved Blood Test

The FDA just approved a new blood test, the Banyan Brain Trauma Indicator, that measures proteins released from the brain into the blood after a head injury. 43 more words


Experiments Reveal What Birds See in Their Mind’s Eye

Songbirds known as Japanese tits communicate using human-like rules for language and can mentally picture what they’re talking about, research suggests.

by Brandon Keim

Hear a word, particularly an important one — like “snake!” — and an image appears in your mind. 690 more words

Cannabinoids are easier on the brain than booze, study finds

Kent Hutchinson of the CU Change Lab is one of authors of this new research on the effects of Marijuana on the brain.

by Cay Leytham-Powell… 712 more words

New evidence that traumatic brain injury increases the risk of dementia 3 decades later

by Tessa Gregory

Traumatic brain injury (TBI) has been associated with dementia, but the association has not been studied over a long period of time. Anna Nordström and Peter Nordström from Umeå University in Sweden recently published a study in PLOS Medicine that investigates this gap in knowledge. 191 more words

The AHA Moment in Coaching

As coaches, we are ultimately concerned with what we (perhaps somewhat arrogantly) call transformation. I have seen newer coaches struggling to create that “aha” moment of truth and realization for their clients on every single call (and feeling they have somehow failed if it doesn’t happen). 921 more words


Mind-controlling molecules (ampulexins) from wasp venom could someday help Parkinson’s patients

After being stung by a parasitic wasp, the American cockroach loses control of its behavior, becoming host to the wasp’s egg. Days later, the hatchling consumes the cockroach alive. 326 more words

Potential Drug Target for Bipolar Disease Identified

Bipolar Disorder (BD) is a multifactorial brain disorder in which patients experience radical shifts in mood and undergo periods of depression followed by periods of mania. 848 more words