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How Neurons Talk to Each Other

A new paper offers an overview as to how neurons ‘communicate’ with one another. Neurons are connected to each other through synapses, sites where signals are transmitted in the form of chemical messengers. 161 more words


So You Want to Learn Science? Pt 2 - The Brain, a Beginner's Manual.

In Science (and elsewhere) there can be so much to learn that we may often forget things, miss them entirely as we go along (just a few months ago I googled, ‘what even is fire?’, I kid you not) and face difficult problems that can seem insurmountable at first, so it helps to make our learning as efficient as possible. 3,596 more words


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Can entrepreneurship defeat terrorism?

Terrorism is the frontline of our century. A wide diffusion across the entire planet thanks to media in the age of information and communication is the goal of every terrorist organization: their strength is not in numbers, new weapons, and battles to win, but fear.  192 more words


Left Brain, Right Brain, Red Brain, Blue Brain

[En español]

With the first presidential debate of 2016 quickly approaching, it’s a good time to consider whether your brain has already cast its vote. 2,213 more words



Anger is a natural and mostly automatic response to pain of one form or another (physical or emotional). Anger can occur when people don’t feel well, feel rejected, feel threatened, or experience some loss. 285 more words


Self Portrait Homunculus

I’ve been reading about art and the brain in The Age of Insight, by Nobel Prize winning neurobiologist Eric Kandel. He relates brain physiology and anatomy, and recent brain mapping studies to the way humans perceive and appreciate art on conscious and unconscious levels. 160 more words

Personal Stories

Perspective Changes Everything

No matter what it is that you are doing with your life right now, at one point or the other, you may have experienced a moment in which you were not completely engaged with the task at hand, or maybe your mind wandered off to a variety of places. 642 more words