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Psychology of Magic

When you type in ‘magic’ on YouTube, you get about 1,780,000 results. Results of people who want to see magic tricks, who know that they are being deceived, that they are being tricked, and yet want to continue watching these magic tricks. 603 more words


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Experience the benefits that come with understanding, training, and nurturing your mind.   701 more words

Science And Meditation

The Theory Of Interior Spaces.

In many Asian countries people have no qualms about spending big bucks for a Feng Shui consultant to evaluate their offices or houses with flow of energy to make sure this will increase or affect their fortune.  654 more words


Sleep Researchers Hack Into Nature's Alarm Clock

Why are some of us able to pop up with no problem at sunrise while others grudgingly give in to the snooze button’s tinny tyranny? The answer may be as basic as two simple elements: potassium and sodium. 119 more words

Latest Research

Body Language Myths

Prevailing myths about non-verbal communication

Post by Joe Navarro M.A.

The first myth claims that because we know so much about body language now, it is easy to spot a liar. 790 more words


Suspect Profile. How do we do it?

IRIANS solves cases globally focusing now in Mumbai (India) and South east Asia. The process of how the cases are solved follows a pattern of suspect profiling. 589 more words


Meetings For Staff Wellbeing

With meetings left right and centre it is no wonder teachers get sick of them, but how often do teachers get to attend a meeting with very little agenda and a focus on teacher wellbeing? 584 more words