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Nature Walks Are Good For You

A recent study shows that walking through a park can sooth the mind and change the workings of our brains to improve mental health. People who live in the city have a higher risk for depression, anxiety, and other mental illnesses than people living outside urban centers. 152 more words


The Calm Clarity Weekend Retreat is next Weekend!!!!!!

What if the negative effects of stress can be prevented? What if you can boost your ability to bounce back quickly?

What if you can learn proven techniques to build resilience and enhance your well-being in just one weekend?  676 more words

Science And Meditation

Is the brain a computer?


Gary Marcus recently caused a bit of a storm in the Twittersphere with his New York Times article Face It, Your Brain Is a Computer… 6,222 more words


Brain cells and our perception of the world

After encouraging you all to watch ‘Inside Out’ (Disney Pixar movie)which explains in a very understandable and simple way the role and function of each and every emotion , I would like to invite you to read this article about the research done by Daniel Salzman PhD who, along with some of his colleagues, is able to define the exact working process that take place on the relation among emotions and Neuroscience. 995 more words


Neurotransmitter Dopamine May Increase Risk-Taking Behaviours in Healthy Individuals

In the field of neuroscience, the neurotransmitter dopamine has been widely studied and discovered to be associated with a variety of behaviours. Over the years, It has been discovered that dopamine is involved in reward learning, exploratory behaviour, and even motivation. 255 more words


Chapter 2 (continued): The building blocks of the nervous system

In the last post I covered most of the main players within your average cell, and indeed within neurons. This time we will polish off the content second chapter of… 3,680 more words


The Criminal's Up - downs emotional levels.

As per my experience in the detection of deception field into the criminal world, police stations and prisons, I found this article a clear example of what inmates can really experience while being under extreme control, being able to fake any kind of emotion and being retractive making our role even more complicated. 428 more words