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Neuroscience & Its Evolving Role In Market Research

Neuroscience has a key role to play in the Market research domain. There are a variety of techniques which have been shown to be be effective in multiple industries. 190 more words


Blood: The blueprint to control brain?

Blood: Neurons calling, I must go

Blood ebbs and flows throughout the body, carrying various hormones and nutrients and catering to the needs of the entire body. 1,066 more words


Does Marijuana relate to Schizophrenia?

Observing several states at the US which are legalising the consumption of Marijuana, experts investigate even deeper on the effects of this drug in the current population. 53 more words


Neill-Dingwall syndrome's first stem-cell derived in vitro model created

Growth retardation, short stature, microcephaly (abnormally small head size), vision problems, impaired nervous system, abnormal photosensitivity and premature ageing are the basic symptoms that characterise the rare neurodegenerative disorder… 323 more words


Creativity in Human Resources

Human resources play a pivotal role in the smooth functioning of an organization. HR is essential in integrating the employee’s skill set into the existing culture & work ethic prevalent within the organization. 160 more words


Why do I like this colour?

The colour preference selection has been examined along the past decades by Psychologist in several ways. Conclusion are not final yet but everything pattern seems to indicate that colour selection depends on our psychological perception of the same colour. 69 more words


When Taste takes the backseat

Separate brain circuits for taste and calories helps explain the preference for sugar

Debunking popular assumption that sweet tasting and thereby high calorie foods are preferred by the brain, an interesting new study by Yale University researchers, has found that the brain responds to taste and calorie counts in fundamentally different ways. 231 more words