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Grant writing!

It’s time to help write another grant! In this case, it’s one I actually want. One of these days I’ll write a little tutorial on how I like to do my writing, I think it’s a good system, but then again what works for me may not work for you. 458 more words


15: Artificial Intelligence (1) – Introduction

Artificial intelligence (AI) is no longer just a theme used in science fiction. Google’s AI, AlphaStar, beating human players at a strategy game makes films like WarGames (1983) appear a reality. 295 more words

Covid Forces Nielsen To Shelter Neuroscience Group / RBDR / RBDR

Do you regularly watch RBDR, whether once or up to four times a week? Do you find it informative and entertaining? Help maintain and continue our video based on what you can afford (e.g., $5 or $10 for an individual, perhaps $25 to $50 from a business per month). 104 more words

RFL Communications

Life is But a Dream

Life is a dream and we are the dreamers.

Premise #1: We are multidimensional beings who exist simultaneously in many reality frames.

Premise #2: 558 more words

Community Of Practice

Notes on introduction to Lacan's theory about what anxiety is and how to manage it

I learnt that according to Lacan, anxiety refers to a sensation that feels like expectant dread.

He describes anxiety as the sensation of the desire of the Other, when we don’t know what we are for the Other what they want from us, who might be a boss or caregiver or some unknown person who suddenly calls or rings the doorbell etc. 290 more words


Pieces of the Past: How Unprocessed Trauma Leads to Disassociation

by Jennifer Newton Martin, LPC

In my last blog I discussed how recent Neuroscience has shown that the brain has neuroplasticity. This means that the brain is continually reworking how neural pathways function, ramping up pathways that are used frequently and diminishing ones that are not. 412 more words

Psychological Concepts