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Neurosis cured only by death

“I remember a very impressive case of this, a girl about twenty-five years old who had a compulsion neurosis. She proved to be absolutely inaccessible. She lived things, she did things, but she did not know what she was living. 248 more words

Ultimate Set List & Tour: Mastodon with Neurosis & O'Brother

I had an idea recently to expand upon the Ultimate Set List category. I thought that if I were to put together a “dream tour” scenario into the aether, that maybe, just maybe, it might come true. 245 more words


Manchester Assimilation : For Baudrillard

On one plane of reality we must be extremely careful in describing the phenomena of Manchester Arena last night; when you put together the extrapolations of various concepts (human worth, children, vulnerability, mortality, terrorism, human rights, the concept of the human tout court) we have ourselves an immoral attack (clock all the words I’m using) and of course our condolences go out to all those victims. 477 more words


Wells Valley - The Orphic (Review)

Wells Valley are a Portuguese post-metal band and this is their latest EP.

This EP features two new songs and a Pink Floyd cover, and is the band’s follow up release to 2015’s very enjoyable… 395 more words


Review: HARVESTMAN : "Music for Megaliths"


A band known to many. A band singular in vision and unity. A band willing to expand and ebb and flow and mix genres. A band that helps others express themselves artistically through their record label… 553 more words


Assimilation: Against Reduction and the Subjective notion of Criteria.

Deleuze still looms, and his lessons should prevail now more than ever, especially his intolerance for any sort of ‘looking away’ or recourse to reduction. One of the biggest fallacies (accretions/neuroses) within the history of philosophy is that there can be a criterion (or criteria) that phenomena will comply to, as if the criterion were somehow the essence, and the phenomenon were simply returning home to its logic (a naive realism of essential criterion/logic) . 242 more words