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How to move the f**k on 

Having experienced a fair few difficulties myself along the way, I consider myself to be somewhat of a connoisseur when it comes to the varying degrees of teenage angst. 519 more words

The red water bottle

I woke up at 6, had breakfast, drove down to the all night pharmacy to get the “important” medicine I would have run out of otherwise. 544 more words

Huntington's Disease

Alice the imposter

My web of lies

My memory isn’t that of an elephant, but surely I can’t have completely forgotten about that time when I told the humongous list of lies that got me where I am today. 740 more words


Angakok - Angakok (Review)

Angakok are a Sludge band from Belgium, and this is their début album.

Angakok play Sludge/Doom mixed with moments of Drone/Ambient respite.

This is Neurosis-inspired Doom that’s nicely heavy when it needs to be. 210 more words


The cow, the club, and the crazy person.

Three things happened this week.

Well ok, that is not entirely true.

A million things happened this week, but I am not sure you would want to hear about me washing bottles one hundred and fifty times (my fingers are permanently wrinkled and I am permanently wet around the stomach area (messy washer/crap sink, you tell me) or the dogs runny bum ( I can’t spell… 2,513 more words



So this is unexpected. I was summoned for a meeting with ..her. And of course I’ll go. But what could possibly be worse than breaking up? 226 more words


Woodlake HOA Hell and Gestapo Neighbors-Happy One Year Anniversary in VA to Us.

My friend Ron once made a wise statement about neighbors that’s stuck with me for over 20 years now.

“I want a house that’s far enough away from everybody that I can mow the grass naked if I want to.” 636 more words