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Are Neurotics More Creative?

According to a paper published in Trends in Cognitive Neurosciences, there may be a link between neurotic thinking and creativity. It appears that people who suffer from neurotic thoughts may have more active imaginations. 165 more words


As summer comes closer to an end, we look forward to months of wools, cashmere and heavier technical fabrics, even though we can’t get enough afternoons spent on our favourite patios or lazy evenings in the park. 77 more words

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How to Live Sporadically While Maintaining Average Health

A response to “At Least Two Types of People” by Anne Boyer.

    I’ve never been a three-meals-a-day eater. But if you take all the days                               I’ve spent forgetting food, tying my stomach in knots over a girl or                                 some enormous truth; and all the days I’ve spent running from it                                     once I realized the implications of thinness – if you take all of these                                 and knead them into days of only cookies and insatiable, bone-deep                       mechanical hunger, you might be left with the eating habits                                                 of a well-adjusted French woman. 302 more words


FYI...I'm Quitting PMS

I’m thirty(ish) years old; I’ve paid my dues. The fact that my brain reverts to that of a 14 year old girl’s 3-5 days a month is some bullshit. 361 more words


Pink Underwear

My girls and I went to a wedding yesterday. At the church a woman I don’t know pulled me aside and told me she could see my pink underwear through my tan dress. 140 more words


Is BPD a real disorder or should it be eliminated as a diagnosis?

Originally posted on Lucky Otter’s Haven on May 28, 2015

The myriad ways experts “see” borderline personality disorder. (click to enlarge)

There’s a great deal of confusion and disagreement in the professional literature about the nature of Borderline Personality Disorder. 860 more words

Narcissistic Personality Disorder