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Why I Blame Epilepsy For My OCD


You know when you have so much to write- right there- on the tip of your tongue, your pen, your fingers, but oh boy it’s deep. 1,197 more words

My Epilepsy

Mysteries of parents

As a child growing up I, like most people I suppose, accepted everything that happened to me at face value, as being the natural and normal order of things. 1,501 more words



In her most interesting book, The De-moralization of Society, historian Gertrude Himmelfarb suggests that a part of the reason that folks insist that morality is relative — to individuals or to cultures — is because we no longer talk about “virtue.” She also suggests that we have abandoned the term out of preference for the term “”values” because the notion of virtue has unpleasant associations with the Victorians. 846 more words

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Top Ten Bands A-Z: N

The A to Z  list continues to find the top ten bands/artists in the alphabet. N is here and needs help to complete the list. As usual your suggestions are wanted in completing this list. 24 more words


The stupid conscious things we do

I’m reading a book by Rosa Montero titled; The Flesh. It’s a novel about a mature, independent and intelligent middle-aged woman who ends up falling for a gigolo after an affair gone awry, and the questions this tortuous relationship unleashes. 181 more words


The Power of the Riff

In six years, The Power of the Riff has earned some notoriety as a music festival full of raucous fun and more great bands than you can shake a stick at.   763 more words


Mejor me fuiste

Hay versiones que me gustan más. Pero cuando la canta él tiene esa tristeza que no sé si es tristeza entera. ¿No se le escucha un tonito de burla a  Mateo? 756 more words