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bleak mid autumn

intrepid explorer of the human condition,
base camp neurosis low on oxygen,
rudely awoken he stumbles out meekly,
barefoot, ill-prepared with empty backpack

a skeletal system of bones grinding together, 19 more words

Instant Poem


Get familiar with your internal instrument board, map out and start tweaking the equalizer of your psychology. Once they are discernible move the needles a bit toward the lighter, brighter spectra. 63 more words

The Stalker

Become the stalker of your ’’me’’ relating to others. Every time you interact with someone keep track of your personal neurotic patterns—the interfering fears—that set you up for a trip up & impel you to abandon and lose track of the other for the sake of your demanding, insatiable ego. 31 more words

pages 10 & 11 and a do-over

two new pages…and then i had to do another version of this page:

for a laundry list of reasons that i put already in another blog. 293 more words


There is a fundamental difference between sharing things about you with others as a gesture of opening with them and neurotically shutting down and stealthily bombarding the other (about the special exploits of your special character) in order to hook them in.

Neurosis: A Messy Messenger

I’m going to begin with what anybody who knows me personally would call a statement of the obvious – I struggle with anxiety, more so in the past two years than ever previously.   1,536 more words


In terms of the personal struggle nothing will ever resolve itself. Their content may change but the same neurotic patterns will keep cycling through and flaring up. 111 more words