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ISA - Chimera (Review)

ISA is a one man death metal project from the US and this is his debut album.

Chimera contains 41 minutes of music that draws from a twisted death metal base, but builds progressive, technical, and psychedelic elements into it. 420 more words

Death Metal

Album Review: Serac by Caffeine

Hannover post-metal / doom act Caffeine release Serac on 25th May via Charming Man Records. Apocalyptic, monumental, devastating… think of Coliseum meet Doomriders meet old Mastodon meet Neurosis. 148 more words


"Field Study" Example: Memes as Cultural Critique: The Case of the BBQ Incident

by Matthew Wagner 

A video has recently gone viral, subsequently ‘memed’, and as a result, garnered even further attention. In the nearly 30 minutes long video, the woman filming (the white wife of the man setting up a grill) confronts a woman who is on the phone with the police attempting to report a group of black men for having a BBQ using a charcoal grill in a zone of the park (located in Oakland, California) designated for grilling, but isn’t one of the three (out of six) ‘grilling zones’ that allows the use of the charcoal grills. 460 more words


Neurosis Stream Remastered Version Of “Pain Of Mind”

Neurosis are streaming the remastered version of their album “Pain Of Mind” in full. That effort, which was remastered by Bob Weston, will officially be released on May 25.



Have you let go of things material and immaterial, just to see if you could. Have you pushed away, just so that they wouldn’t have the chance to. 268 more words


When the truth is too difficult and burdensome to accept fully it can be tempting to start doubting your perception, to start fiddling with the configurations, to adapt to less than optimal conditions as a tradeoff for remaining in the shadows. 48 more words


A Possible Answer to C-PTSD

C-PTSD might go away when we feel the feelings revolved around the trauma. When the abuse is faced head-on we shall be free, but it takes time and it’s a process. 413 more words

Healing And Empowerment