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“I realised I could write about a chicken shop as if it was a church.”

Guy Ganaratne interview

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“Simpson writes, “I don’t necessarily want to ‘heal,’ because I am not damaged, or diseased, or unhealthy. My response to the inter-generational trauma of settler colonial violence is correct and strong and vital… I want to have processed hurt and pain to the point where I can speak back to those words and harness the power of fear, hatred, and love into sustained mobilization—to the point where they don’t control me, but they are experiences I can draw on when it is useful to do so.”

White Witchery, Elissa Washuta

How To Heal

Pro Life Women Deliver Aid Truck to Texas Border.

But there’s a catch. It’s an article about a group called the New Wave Feminists and a group called ATTWN. The ATTWN women, on their part, exposed the hypocrisy of congressmen who stage fake photoshoots at detention centers for attention and fake virtue points. 629 more words


It made me think that there was something quintessentially male, American, capitalist, or all of the above about my reaction to failure. The constant need for forward progress, the reflex to suppress emotion in favor of action, a conviction that action alone would fix what was broken about oneself, that every setback would become a net gain, given enough time and hard work.

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How To Heal

Festival Preview: Nine Acts to Catch at Supersonic 2019

Now in it’s 16th year, Supersonic Festival – located in the heavy metal motherland of Birmingham – is widely regarded as the UK’s primary festival for experimental, heavy and weird music, whilst also being a bastion of inclusivity, with an ethos transcending tired genre tropes and instead focusing on intensity, innovation and authenticity. 1,007 more words