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Hayfever Sketch

At that moment in the long grass, or weeds, or whatever they were – but long, long, two feet at least – which combusted underfoot with great streams of pollen like the buckshot puffed feathers of baby birds, and the sun hung low like a swinging, lager-stained gut under a brilliant orange sweater, I realised this animal, not yet half a year old, had already tasted more of life than me; I saw myself finally, plainly, as the allergenic tears streamed over my cheeks and the mucus bubbled over my lips, as the shivering mirage of shifting neuroses I was, and am, and dived at once into the green … 88 more words



Your parents have nothing to their name except your grandmother’s so that is your inheritance – a 6 letter word you can’t pronounce but they swear is supposed to mean… 137 more words


The Disease Model versus the Wellness Model of Recovery

The Disease Model tells us the problem; the Wellness Model emphasizes the solution.


Establishing new parameters of wellness in mental health calls for nothing less than a reformation of thought and concept. 782 more words


The Neurotic's Court

No official state decree or police order holds me in my room, but I feel a sense of responsibility to remain locked inside, to prevent the spread of a novel disease, whose name saturates every news feed, bulletin, and information source available. 2,160 more words


Steve Von Till – No Wilderness Deep Enough

Neurot Recordings – 7th August 2020

Christopher Nosnibor

Stepping out from the Neurosis fold once more to deliver a fifth solo album since the turn of the millennium, Steve Von Till brings more grizzles bleakness across six lengthy songs. 262 more words



Younglawa (someone that is beautiful or the beautiful)


The Other Woman

The other woman is me,

a clone,

whom I betray everyday,

on her own she bleats whilst I give her nothing to eat.

In every way, she is not okay and I say okay and make her life worse anyway.