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As I lie awake after midnight, my brother is blowdrying his hair.


“The voice in your head, it’s all an imaginary thing. So just to be in the present moment has helped me a lot, on stage, in life.” …

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Labour of love

Today I spent 3 hours unbraiding my brother’s hair – undoing the plaits at the back before following up with cornrows at the front. It was a supreme distraction. We bonded better than glue.


CANTO: Cannabis Corpse, Neurosis, New Years Day, and More

Off to a good start this week.


The Reflection

No matter how much I retch, no vomit arrives but I try
anyway. I beat my chest until I am sure I am bruised and begin to tear the… 721 more words


My sister did something nice and my mum said she doesn’t regret having her.

  1. Sometimes I worry I’ll never like anyone again and I’m 100% okay with that because honestly I don’t know how to do it healthily.
    Honestly just makes me delusional and I obsess over everything.
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