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A Neurotic Dilemma: Celebrations, Birthdays and Why

I had role models for my neurosis. When my Dad died, my mom routinely said, “I’ll be dead in a year, you know when one spouse dies the other dies within a year.” A few years later, my mom was deeply concerned and sad; she was still alive. 223 more words


Review: Neurosis (Colombia) - Las Centurias de la Muerte

Neurosis (not the overlords of the primal ‘Riff’) are a Colombian deaththrash outfit that have been churning through the South American underground since 1987, and their latest release is a three track EP entitled ‘Las Centurias de la muerte’ (‘The Centuries of Death’). 187 more words


Frankenstein's Blindness: When You Fail To See How You're Making It Worse

I never thought I was a crazy person. I was convinced that I was level headed and that I would act rationally in any situation. Never in a million years did I think that I would find myself looking at a series of actions and decisions that I had couldn’t find a logic to, all I had was the knowledge that they were of my creation. 573 more words


Field Study: Dank Memes Melt Steel Beams

So, the last post introduced my idea to turn the method of ethnographic field study into one of the cyber space, basically transcending the idea of space. 568 more words


Wovoka - Saros (2015); LLNN/Wovoka - Traces/Marks (2017); LLNN - Deads (2018)

Wovoka – Saros (digital Locust Rising Music / CD Battleground Records, 14 April 2015)

LLNN/Wovoka – Traces/Marks Split LP (Pelagic Records, 16 June 2017)

LLNN – Deads (Pelagic Records, 27 April 2018) 947 more words


Neurosis Stream Remastered Version Of “Self-Taught Infection”

Neurosis are streaming the remastered version of “Self-Taught Infection” off their upcoming re-release of “Pain Of Mind.” That effort, which was remastered by Bob Weston, will be released on May 25.


A Structural Outline

The last blog post summarized my point that digital meme culture can be seen as a phenomenon of trancultural processes which assumes the position of a kind of universal self-medication process to counteract or perhaps cope with the excessive categorization habits involved in collectivist meaning-making or social identity formations. 655 more words