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“Free someone from a phobia or naurosis by gradually exposing them to the thing that is feared.”

Positive Psychology and the Wellness Model

The Disease Model focuses on the problem; the Wellness Model emphasizes the solution.

The disease or medical model of ‘mental’ health focuses “on a deficit, disease model of human behavior.” The wellness model focuses “on positive aspects of human functioning.” 1,692 more words

Mental Health

Book of Mormon Internal Evidence (19b): Korihor and the Modern Atheists

The four icons of the modern “new atheists” are Charles Darwin, Sigmund Freud, Friedrich Nietzsche, and Karl Marx.

Charles Darwin (1809-1882) 927 more words

Sunday Sermon


“My body is not a question mark, and pain is not a negotiation.” – Sinead Gleeson


Os sacrum

Latin: the holy bone used for sacrifice