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Brain Tumor: Risk Factors and Diagnosis

A collection or mass of abnormal cells in your brain is called brain tumor. Your skull, which encloses your brain is very rigid. Any unusual growth in such a restricted space can cause disturbances. 359 more words

Brain Tumor Surgeons

This Ghanaian Neurosurgeon resident just made history at Johns Hopkins Medical School

Ghanaian medical student, Nancy Abu-Bonsrah just became the first black, female neurosurgical resident at Johns Hopkins’ Hospital, and is now officially every African parent’s dream. 169 more words


The LEGO Fairy

I recently mentioned in a post on Facebook, I think it was, that a nurse in the neurology ward suggested that assembling LEGO sets of around 500 pieces would be useful in my recovery process since I was (and still am, though to a lesser extent) having trouble with fine motor skills. 555 more words

Young neurosurgeon makes history

People often make history for being the best in their field, so to make history before truly working in said field is something pretty special. Just ask Nancy Abu-Bonsrah. 149 more words

The Inspired Life

When Dreams Bridge Into Reality: OC Care+Cure

So you know this blog is always meant to be informative and about Epilepsy simply from my point of view. I never “promote” anything but community and sharing of experiences. 665 more words

My Epilepsy

Game changer

Many of us have “game changers” life is unpredictable. I have had more than a few….maybe I’ll go into those someday…

The game changer that is currently wrecking havoc on our day to day life is my back. 641 more words

Neurosurgery & Long-term Medical Effects of WWI

The case files of neurosurgeon Geoffrey Jefferson survive for patients admitted between 1927 and 1940 and inevitably a number of his patients were soldiers during World War One, and in one case the Boer War. 768 more words