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Where To Go?

As I said last time, my first task is to prepare a list of candidate clinics and my second task is to pick one.  There are many great hospitals and clinics out there and I find it a bit daunting on where to start.  375 more words

Abdominal Flank Bulge

IO craniotomy?

back after a bit of a layoff with a bit of an interesting, if maybe not ready for primetime procedure idea, via this Austrailian resus blog… 48 more words

Words do hurt

People say Stick and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me.

That is a lie. Words hurt.

Not only that but they sting and can separate. 155 more words


Dr. Harvey Cushing

This month, for the third edition of “Famous Names in Public Health!” I will focus on the medical side of healthcare by recognizing a figure who contributed significantly to the fields of neurosurgery and epidemiology, Dr.Harvey Cushing. 320 more words

Progress Report

A few months ago I was a dishwasher at Posto 9, and I held that absolutely miserable job for 8 months. Then I left to Colorado to start a life with my older brother. 390 more words


The Beginning of Everything.

A Story of Redemption, Growth, and Perseverance.

If I had a choice to be born and some divine force gave me a glimpse of what my life would be like, to be honest, I probably would have chose to remain in the blissful void of non-existence. 1,096 more words


I Am Now a Cyborg: Hear Me Whimper

Well, I did it! All went pretty much according to plan, and I now have a VNS implanted in my chest.

I’d like to claim that I’ve roared my way into cyborg status, but so far I’ve been in more of a whimpering state. 1,019 more words