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A Life In A Month - A Schwannoma Diary #6.

A lot can happen in a short space of time. A short space of time can seem quite vast…but it’s not in the scheme of things. 664 more words


A Flick Of The Switch - A Schwannoma Diary #5.

(originally published as “A Flick Of The Switch – A Schwannoma Diary #16” at Dean from Australia).

I’m home now.

It’s been five days since my surgery and four days since my Medtronic Intellis spinal cord stimulator was switched on for the first time. 642 more words

Dean Mayes

MacArthur Park - A Schwannoma Diary #4.

It’s a strange experience being a “guest” in the place where you work. Even after a few times, I’ve never entirely gotten used to it. The faces you see every day, the colleagues you work alongside…it feels like they see you differently. 403 more words


Electric Dreams - A Schwannoma Diary #3.

(originally published as “Electric Dreams – A Schwannoma Diary #14 at Dean from Australia).

I met with my neurosurgeon again earlier this week to review the series of MR scans and X-Rays that I had taken last week of my brain (I have one), my spinal cord and column and my hips. 460 more words


Something Radical - A Schwannoma Diary #1.

“I had in mind something a little more radical…”

Roy Batty (Rutger Hauer) to Dr. Eldon Tyrell (Joe Turkel), “Blade Runner”, 1982

(originally published as “Something Radical – A Schwannoma Diary #12 at…

943 more words


When Breath Becomes Air
By: Paul Kalinathi

Reviewed by: Marc A. Collins

This book is self-narrated and describes the life of Paul Kalinathi from his formative years until he passed away in only his fourth decade of life.

798 more words